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Now, we begin.

And indeed, greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. I come forth to abide with you from a place that is not apart from where you are. I come forth to abide with you because I love you. I come forth to abide with you because you are already all that I am and all that I could possibly represent to the mind of mankind. I come forth as a promise kept that I am, indeed, with you always. I come forward because the time comes quickly. And I come forth to gather my friends to myself who have already chosen to join with me in this age, to bring forth that of the Christed Consciousness from the depth of their own being; to walk this earth as the arisen Christ; to be that one through whom the Love of God is extended unto the plants and to the animals, and to every brother and sister that walks with you and yet carries the veil of fear; that walks the light, the temple of their heart. I come forth because I am asked to come forth of my Father.

I am in charge of the Atonement. That is, I am in charge of the process whereby this planet, this human consciousness, this third-dimensional realm, will begin to move toward a transition of vibrational frequency. Hm? Therefore, I come forth to any mind that prepares a place for me by choosing to relinquish the burden of trying to be conformed to a thought system, to a way of life that does not work — a way of life and a thought system that must be reversed completely, so that the heart leads and the mind follows; so vision is the guide, and the body is used only to bring forth into manifest form that seed of holy vision which the Father would place within you.

I come forth because we are one. I come forth because we are friends. I come forth for the simple joy of abiding with you, the Holy Children of God. For from the beginning, which is before space and time, already were we together as One Mind. And in an ancient moment, a useless dream was dreamt, a dream of forgetting, a dream of separation. But even in that moment, already did your Creator, the one that I have called Abba, Father, set the bridge in place that would one day become activated in the depth of your soul, by which you would come from the world of your making into the truth of the Kingdom … that the very words I once explained to the world would become your words, that would become your truth, your reality, your remembrance … that after all dreams have been dreamt and the soul chooses to cross the bridge, it rests and reclines in the simple truth that I and my Father are one. And we create together only the good, the holy, and the beautiful.

Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, it is an honor and a joy to abide with you, to co-create with you, to walk with you on the way that you’ve chosen. For it is only through the innocence of a perfectly free will that the soul can return to the Kingdom. Love does not need to strive, Love does not need to reach out and hold onto, Love does not need to persuade. It merely abides in its own nature, waiting for the seeker of reality to turn from the roar and din of the world, in which peace cannot be found, in which fulfillment is forever lacking, and begins to hear the crystal-clear but very quiet song of the Creator, whispering eternally,

Beloved child, I love you. Come, remember me, and let us be as One.

So, with all of that by way of greeting, I give thanks unto you, each of you, for your willingness to hear the call and to answer it, to step upon the bridge and allow its light, its intelligence — for the bridge is but the Holy Spirit, the link back to the Mind of God — to guide you in all things. And as you learn not to hear the thoughts born of the world, but to hear the whispers of Spirit that arise from a quiet mind and a peaceful heart and a decision to trust the voice for Spirit, you cannot fail but to complete this journey. The end, therefore, is certain, and each of you in your own way — and indeed, all of you collectively — are witnessing and experiencing within yourselves and in your relationships, the manner in which the Father, God, is calling creation back to Herself.

Therefore, rejoice with one another. Be glad with one another. Celebrate one another. Love you, one another. For the end was written in the stars before the stars were birthed. And that time comes quickly. For long have I waited this age to be upon this plane, when enough momentum has been created in the consciousness of mankind so that a wave of awakening can no longer be shut out, that a wave of awakening can no longer be resisted, that a wave of awakening will melt away all fear … and once again the Kingdom of Heaven will be spread across the face of this Earth. But unlike the time when Man recognized it not, mankind will know that the truth is true, always — and that what is real cannot be threatened, and only what is real exists.

There indeed, will come a moment when all dreams of fear are forgotten, when all strife and enmity between brothers and sisters is dissolved as but an echo of a thought — thought so long ago that it’s hardly even imaginable. The Earth will radiate the light of Truth yet again, as she, too, prepares to make her transition, her ascension, her vibrational change; and the waters of this planet will run clearly, and the skies will radiate with colors that have not yet been seen by human eyes. There will be a harmony between all species and mankind. And the way of the world will be forgotten. And the way of peace restored. And the Earth will provide all that mankind could possibly need, simply by the asking.

And in that day and hour when all things have been set in place and the Atonement, the correction, has occurred, for a brief moment that state will be experienced. And then [snaps fingers] this whole plane of density will simply dissolve from view. Not gone, but translated into an entirely new domain.

There are many — indeed, we would say unto you that everyone living on your planet at this time is being pressed to make the decision: Are you going to stay and go for the ride? Or are you going to have to move to a different neighborhood? Everyone is being confronted by that decision, from the oldest to the youngest, even the brand-new, newborn child. By the way, many of those that are being new born have already made the decision, and that’s why they’re being birthed — to assist in setting the frequency. Many of the children being birthed in the world now are already light years ahead of where humanity has been stuck for a while. And they bring a new frequency of consciousness; they bring a new sense of unlimitedness. And they will not settle for the limited fear-based ideas that have created the world into which you were birthed.

Each and every one has a role to play, a part that has been assigned. It has been with you since the moment your soul was birthed; and the hour and the day comes when each must turn within and finally allow that part to flower and be played through them. And in whatever way that you come to it, you will understand the words that I spoke, seemingly so long ago, when I was confronted with the finality of my drama, the finality of my own teaching — what some would the call Crucifixion (I’ve never desired to emphasize that part of it; that was just stepping-stones to the Resurrection.) And those words are simply this: Nevertheless, not my will, not the will of the separate fearful ego, but Thine be done — the will of the One Mind that is but Love. And when Love guides the way, miracles sprout before you. And not one obstacle is left in front of you; it dissolves before you reach it.

So … here you are. In a little building in what you call your Santa Fe, gathering with brothers and sisters that you have known across space and time, because you’ve all answered the same call and are beginning to be called into a resonance that accelerates the growth of all of you. Just as many are being called together through different lineages, through different teachers — orchestrated, if you will, to gather together in their own ways, to learn the lessons they yet need to learn, to discover their way of service to the planet, to humanity, to the Kosmos, to the Heart of Christ and to the Creator. An ancient dream begins now to end. The circle is nearly completed, and the pendulum returns all things to the pristine and innocent truth that all things are but the extension of the radiance of God’s presence. And fear can have no place in a mind that has awakened to the reality of God.

And what you are doing here, even in this evening, is a part of that very process. I’ve said many times that I come to call my friends to myself. Imagine that all of you have been given a script very, very long ago. And part of the script said that the day would arise when you would reconnect with an old friend — the one the world has called Jesus. And that through that connection a vibration would be created that would accelerate the fulfillment of your own part, your own unique role to play, the stepping into the fullness of your Christed nature — just as once, as a man, I decided to take my Father’s word at face value and stepped into my own Christed nature.

And while many beings sit before their televisions in this town of yours tonight and many more sit in what you call the rooms for unconsciousness, putting the liquid in the body (the bars), while many seek a lover to keep them warm through the night, the night never lasts forever. You have chosen to come here because you have heard an invitation for this one evening, and you have accepted. Therefore, celebrate and rejoice, for the day is at hand and there is no greater joy than the re-communion of ancient friends who, deep within themselves, know that the time is now. The dance has begun, the music has started … Hmmm … And the whole of creation will come to this party.

Question One

Question So. We want, then, in this evening to speak specifically to certain questions that have been generated, for they hold a purpose in helping to extend and to clarify a simple message about this time frame, about certain changes, about certain things that are now occurring within your governments, upon your planet, as this Armageddon boils to a crescendo in which all souls are being asked,

Well, are you going to join the dance, or are you going to have to leave the neighborhood?

That is not a judgment, it is an offering being made to the soul of everyone: Use time constructively, you can heal your heart, you can practice forgiveness, you can awaken as Christ. You’re going to have to, because the planet is doing the same thing; and if you don’t come with her you won’t be able to handle her light and her frequency, and you’ll need to move to a different neighborhood. That’s all. No judgment, no fear, no being struck dead by God — only a simple offering. You can awaken now, or you can awaken somewhere else, later. There have been far too many “laters”.

So. We believe, then, that you have questions.

Well, Jeshua, it’s not terribly fair for you to answer the questions before I pose them.

It’s just a simple mistake that we occasionally make.

There seems to be a polarization going on now between people who are answering the call and people who would remain in fear. And those things look like wars and fights and racial tension. Is this part of that process?

Question Two

Question Yes, thank you. But everything you’ve said tonight can be taken either physically or metaphorically. Is this a physical change that will occur on the planet, or is this a metaphorical change and the planet itself remain unscathed?

Question Three

Question Then the role of Shanti Christo must also be clear in this process. Is it a beacon?

Question Four

Question Are we going to experience a period of three days of darkness during this change upon the earth?

Question Five

Question Is there truly any difference between entities that describe themselves as Germaine, Jeshua, Michael, and who would bring their message through an individual? Is there really any difference among the messengers?

Question Six

Question I’d like to discuss with you, pursuant to the book that we’re working on, The Way Through Death, you brought to our attention this past December that there were many individuals who died in the explosion in Oklahoma City who were at that time unaware of their death situation. They were somehow hung up in that moment of time of the explosion, unable to extricate themselves from the collapsed building. We’ve all heard stories of ghosts still inhabiting the locations of their death. Why is this so, if what Emmanuel says, that death is “like taking off a tight shoe” is true?

Question Seven

Question So, from what you’re saying then, there is no set sequence that occurs at that moment called death. So a lot of people report on going through the tunnel and you’re there and…

Question Eight

Question Is God self-aware, or is it simply a benign metaphysical force?

Question Nine

Question Is there a force outside of God?

Question Ten

Question Getting back to Shanti Christo, could you give us an idea when this will materialize?

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