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Is there a force outside of God?


Just you. I well do understand the direction of your question. There can be nothing outside of God, and what is unreal does not and cannot exist. Yet, you have the power within the infinite freedom of God to believe a perception that there is a force outside of or other than God. Just as you have believed that you are separate from God. ‘Tis an optical delusion of consciousness. It is a dream of a child sleeping in a meadow, in whom no change has truly occurred. That which is called Satan cannot exist or have any power, save in that mind that allows it, and who gives that power to it. For did I not ask you to speak unto one, could the devil withstand your love? And did it not bring that one to silence? In other words, Love heals — because Love is real. And when you step from fear into Love, where did the boogeyman go?

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