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I’d like to discuss with you, pursuant to the book that we’re working on, The Way Through Death, you brought to our attention this past December that there were many individuals who died in the explosion in Oklahoma City who were at that time unaware of their death situation. They were somehow hung up in that moment of time of the explosion, unable to extricate themselves from the collapsed building. We’ve all heard stories of ghosts still inhabiting the locations of their death. Why is this so, if what Emmanuel says, that death is “like taking off a tight shoe” is true?


Death is like taking off a tight shoe, but it does not, necessarily, bring enlightenment and freedom. The tight shoe is the density of the physical form. Yet, where a mind is not yet prepared, and where the mind carries attachment to what that mind had learned to value — other bodies in space and time — the energy of that soul cannot ascend to the Father, to use an old Biblical term. There can be no ascension to the Father, unless that soul has gotten over a very important hump: the hump of at least having faith that there is something beyond this world. Does that make sense for you?

So, in a very real way, a weight has been lifted. There is no cold, there is no heat, there is no need for fuel for the body. Experiences continue. The interesting thing is that without the physical density of the body, there is no experience of time as you know it. Therefore, a soul can remain stuck in a building that is collapsing for what you would perceive as thousands of years — if that mind remains attached to the belief that it is only the third-dimensional physicality, and that the only thing of value are other things of third-dimensional physicality.

Just as, many times, you would walk down a street and not even notice that a friend has passed you by because you’re so fixated on where you’re going, the soul at death can be so fixated on its perceptual values that it doesn’t even notice angelic choirs singing in their ear: “Come, beloved friend, ascend!” Doesn’t even notice it, until there is communication, till somehow there is discovered a way to create or to bring its attention to value something else — to realize that something has profoundly changed, and that its belief system had been limited.

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