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Hang on a sec…


So. We want, then, in this evening to speak specifically to certain questions that have been generated, for they hold a purpose in helping to extend and to clarify a simple message about this time frame, about certain changes, about certain things that are now occurring within your governments, upon your planet, as this Armageddon boils to a crescendo in which all souls are being asked,

Well, are you going to join the dance, or are you going to have to leave the neighborhood?

That is not a judgment, it is an offering being made to the soul of everyone: Use time constructively, you can heal your heart, you can practice forgiveness, you can awaken as Christ. You’re going to have to, because the planet is doing the same thing; and if you don’t come with her you won’t be able to handle her light and her frequency, and you’ll need to move to a different neighborhood. That’s all. No judgment, no fear, no being struck dead by God — only a simple offering. You can awaken now, or you can awaken somewhere else, later. There have been far too many “laters”.

So. We believe, then, that you have questions.

Well, Jeshua, it’s not terribly fair for you to answer the questions before I pose them.

It’s just a simple mistake that we occasionally make.

There seems to be a polarization going on now between people who are answering the call and people who would remain in fear. And those things look like wars and fights and racial tension. Is this part of that process?


No, it’s because of what has been placed in the water.

I’m glad you haven’t lost your sense of humor.

Indeed. Too much of what you call your fast food.

Beloved friend, you have heard it said that when you hear of wars and rumors of wars — no, the time is not quite yet but, boy, is it getting close. Hmm? Indeed. As we spoke a moment ago — and please understand this — there is no such thing as punishment. There is no condemnation or judgment in the mind of God, who is but love, and seeks to give his Holy Child all good things, and would lead the child from dreams of strife and suffering and fear to dreams of freedom and peace and empowerment and Christedness. There is a vibration beginning to build in the depth of this dimension, this density you call your third — third dimension, third-dimensional reality. Although we would say, there’s no reality here yet, but it’s coming.

This vibration is like a pebble dropped in a pond that is beginning to send ripples. It’s been going on for some time, it’s beginning to pick up pace, beginning to vibrate a little more, like water beginning to boil. You sense that it’s happening, although you don’t even see the bubbles rising yet. You know something’s changing in the energy of the water. And as that occurs, it is literally rippling through every soul. Why? Because separation does not exist. And if God holds the thought,

Okay, time to nudge the child. I’ve let them dream long enough. Let’s see if they can hear my voice over their dreams,

that ripple must go through every created soul. And as it does so, it is stirring up all the old fears, all the old patterns, all the old habits, and the soul is being asked,

Are you ready to purify?

which simply means to make a different choice. It’s not … it doesn’t require lying on a bed of nails. Hmm? Simply the recognition that something’s coming up that no longer feels as comfortable as it once did. Are you willing to let go and allow a small period of disorientation until reality settles in? And what you thought could have never been, becomes your norm. And you walk the world awake.

There are many who are having their fears escalate. And why? Because they are committed to fear. They believe in fear; it is what keeps them safe. I know that sounds odd, but it’s very true. As long as I can look out upon my neighbor and see you as the bad person, then I know who needs to be attacked. And all I have left to do is figure out how to attack you before you attack me. Very simple. And if I win, I get all the marbles. But in attack, no one can win. For when the attacker attacks, the attacker is attacked by the weight of the negativity of their own fear.

So, yes, what you’re seeing on the planet is a polarization that is occurring because every soul is being confronted by the decision to heal and to forgive; or to hold onto the idols of their woundedness and to judge.

Once I said, “With what judgment that you put out, rest assured you will be judged in the same way.” Why? Because you create your experience. So again, there will be many who will not be able to live on this planet. That is why there is also a creation of many odd and new dis-eases upon your plane. It is why there are very bizarre things being done by certain governments on your planet as the fear builds — in an attempt to remain in control of something that they don’t even understand. And yet, none of it can affect the pure in heart, the meek who will inherit the Earth, those that choose to heal the gap in their own being between themselves and the mind of God. For they will be led in each moment. And nothing will befall them. A few lessons on the way, yes, but only by way of purification, only by way of a deeper wisdom, a deeper understanding. Where you extend to your Father a smidgen of willingness, the end is certain; and you are safe to trust what you feel in the depth of your heart, which is the temple of the soul, where Father and Child rest together: God and Christ.

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