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Hang on a sec…


Are we going to experience a period of three days of darkness during this change upon the earth?


We would suggest here that it is very probable that this will occur. And yet, it will be a little longer than three days. This will eventuate, if it is necessary for the change of vibration, to require what would be called the changing of the axis of the planet. This will create a bit of a shake-up, as one can imagine, and there will be created a blackening-out, and the sun’s rays will not touch the Earth. This sun itself is going nowhere.

Yes, but listen well to what I say, for there are many prophecies coming out, and there will be many more as we move closer and closer. Many are getting pictures that are the effect of the generation in their own minds of how they need to understand the ripples that are coming to them. We speak of probabilities because it is never certain what must eventuate for a change of vibration to occur. And you can liken this to your own lives. Sometimes you need to be hit with a broom handle to get your attention. At other times, a quiet whisper seems to be enough.

We would suggest that, because there is no separation, the more that souls choose to awaken and to heal, the less the need for shocking circumstances to get their attention. The more mankind awakens, the easier the transition of the Earth. Does that make sense for you?

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