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So, from what you’re saying then, there is no set sequence that occurs at that moment called death. So a lot of people report on going through the tunnel and you’re there and…


That is a very… The tunnel experience being spoken of in your cultures as the near-death experience is a very, very basic first stage of the dying process. Primarily, it entails the withdrawal of energy from the brain core — from the brain core to the stem of the body or toward the spine of the body. It creates the perception of the tunnel, in which there is a withdrawal from the senses of the body into this, what appears to be a tunnel. And it is a portal and a doorway. And yes, I appear to many, and others appear, as well. But the belief system is still functioning. That is only one of the first stages of the actual death process.

As it continues, and as the brain core literally dies — which simply means that life force is withdrawn and not returned to it, so it is dropped like old baggage — then the soul, the consciousness, experiences a vibrational leap, what you might call a quantum leap in vibrational states, into more and more subtle states of its own being. But there is a period in which there is a playing-out of the residual effects of all of its perceptions and beliefs. It is called the … in one stage, the life story is played back that fast. [Snaps fingers] Thoughts or fears of a Satan or beliefs in a Savior become the energy which attracts that experience to that individual.

So, in a general sense, there is something that occurs energetically. But what occurs within that energy is entirely unique to each individual. And what will matter is this: If time has been used constructively — that is, if you utilized time to let go of limiting beliefs and begin to foster first faith and then direct experience in tapping into other dimensions, into remembering the mind of God, if you practiced forgiveness and healing — then at death fear has no place to grip the mind.

Yes, the tunnel begins to happen because the energy is being withdrawn from the cellular structure of the body, from the brain itself toward the brain stem — what I call the stem or the interior of the spine. And since the mind has been cultivating devotion to God, the willingness to heal, the ability to let go without fear, then as these things come up and move through very, very quickly, they have no effect whatsoever, and the mind proceeds toward light — greater and greater dimensions of light. Hm? And it is possible for the soul, then, to remain in those dimensions without any need of incarnating again. It is always something left unhealed — a fear, a self-judgment, a resentment, an old anger — that creates a heaviness that draws the soul, using its infinite power, to re-create third-dimensional physicality yet again, to try to get it right. It is always much wiser to use the incarnation you have, to get it right! Don’t think about the old ones; don’t think about the ones that might come. Realize that right where you are, right where you are, everything is perfect for your awakening.

You can awaken now, by choosing to teach only Love. And that must include to yourself. To love the self is ultimately the final portal, for only when you truly love yourself can you serve another. Only when you love yourself so much you’re no longer willing to tolerate anything but the presence of Christ in you. When you believe that you are so valuable that you should be treated like a priceless jewel. Then, indeed, Christ will arise. For the Holy Son of God, who is but Christ, will not come up and take his abode in a home unworthy of him. And what is that home? It’s not the body; it’s the Mind. Therefore, love yourself.

When I once said, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” I thought it was obvious that that meant you had to love yourself before you could ever experience loving your neighbor. Therefore, to learn the way of love, practice with diligence forgiveness. Release expectation from anyone or anything. Create your vertical alignment in the mind of God. And seek not from the world what it does not possess: the eternal and perfect peace that birthed you and that you are seeking to recover. “Be you, therefore, whole and perfect,” means just that. Wake up. Get it right while you’re on the planet. Let the mind heal. Choose to be the presence of Love. Trust God above all things, and walk this world as the meek who will inherit it. Be you, therefore, the presence of Love.

And when the time comes, as it must, for that temporary density structure called the body to dissolve and be given back to the Earth from which it came, fear will have no place in you. And as the tunnel begins to appear and you know — this happens to every mind, by the way — there is a moment when you know something is occurring that’s going to occur and you’re not going to be able to interrupt it any more; you’re not going to be able to avoid the portal. When you literally feel the energy withdraw from the cells of the body and move toward the stem, or what you call the spinal column, you will welcome it like a joyous ride. And you will turn your attention immediately upward — that is a metaphorical term — but upward to the higher teachings of the mind of God, rather than the teachings of a fearful world. And you will let these things go like toys that have been outgrown. And then the soul can ascend into its full remembrance.

“And in my Father’s house are many mansions,” which means that there are an infinite number of dimensions in which you can come to make a new home, based on the quality of vibration that you have brought yourself to in your understanding and in your consciousness, which is nothing more than your love. But the only thing you can ever truly regret is that perhaps you resisted giving that love away, even up to the moment of death. And therefore, love freely, love abundantly, and love without ceasing. And above all, love the Self that has been birthed in the mind of God, for no other reason than to live in the consciousness of God.

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