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Hang on a sec…


Yes, thank you. But everything you’ve said tonight can be taken either physically or metaphorically. Is this a physical change that will occur on the planet, or is this a metaphorical change that will occur on the planet and the planet itself remains unscathed?


Beloved friend, I am very glad that you have posed your question in just that way. Now, we both know that to put anything into language in the form of a question, you are forced to deal with the language structure you have. Your language structure lives in duality. Things are either on or off, white or black, they’re metaphor or they’re physical. But I say unto you, the whole of this physical dimension is a metaphor. It is a symbol of a vibration of thought. Does that make it less real? Not at all. For how can the Holy Child of God create unreality? Therefore, this dream will be played out and involve the whole of the created domain. And yet it’s still just a metaphor, part of a dream. For this house you sit in, the town in which it resides, and the planet upon which this town resides all exist in a space no wider than the tip of a pin. And yet, where you abide, all of creation is contained within you, and you are vast beyond the reach of all solar systems. And when you get a feel for that, you will, indeed, marvel.

Yes, it will occur, and it is inappropriate and inaccurate for anyone to assume that this change is merely pictures or symbols, but it really only occurs in something called the mind that’s somewhere tucked inside a body and has nothing at all to do with the planet, with the stars, with the comets, with the photon belts. ‘Tis all one thing: Mind creating. Therefore, for Mind to awaken, all of Mind awakens and changes. Yes, it will involve the planet itself. I believe that should help make it clear.

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