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Hang on a sec…


Then the role of Shanti Christo must also be clear in this process. Is it a beacon?


Actually, beloved friend, we have merely beguiled you, and that which is called Shanti Christo is a distractive mechanism, being created by the Devil.

Beloved friend, yes. Shanti Christo is an expression of a vibration of thought, like a pebble dropped in a pond, that is created to manifest specific vibrational patterns or ripples. It will be utilized by us to attract many minds and many beings who can step through the portal into awakened consciousness. There are many portals being created. And why do there need to be many portals? Because there are many levels of consciousness and there are many forms of experience that you’ve all created, everyone on the planet. I am not everyone’s teacher, even though I am in charge of the Atonement. So, imagine that I’m merely sitting behind a small little desk out in the meadow, and I pick up the, what you call your cordless telephone. In this case it’s even a non-physical phone. And I will call another teacher, another being, and say,

You know, this one over there had a very good connection with you back in Egypt four thousand years ago. Why don’t you pop down and have a little chat with them?

So there is an orchestration going on. There may seem to be many forms of the universal curriculum, many teachers, many methodologies. And yet, all of them are but portals through which the soul chooses to walk — to step from fear to love, from insanity to sanity, from dreams to reality. Shanti Christo, then, is one such portal through which I specifically can activate the call and create a gathering place, if you will — a gathering frequency — through which I can call those to myself who, because of past resonances, past experiences, have come to love me and have come to trust me as one who can carry them over the bridge. Hm?

Yes, Shanti Christo has a role to play, and rest assured there is a safety mechanism built into this vibration. This vibration cannot be manipulated or used for personal gain. It cannot be misdirected, for the mind that may be attracted to it and then sort of bounces off and goes to the left or right is one that merely realizes that this vibration requires (what is your phrase?) the “getting real”. This is a vibration and a portal that helps souls step into the next vibration. You can’t sneak anything past the ego-detector. Hmm.

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