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Hang on a sec…


Getting back to Shanti Christo, could you give us an idea when this will materialize?


Beloved friend, it already has. And in your third-dimensional plane of time, you are witnessing the process whereby that materialization occurs. In reality, it is already finished, because God does not think thoughts that arise incomplete. Hm? You are merely tuning in to what has already occurred. I know that’s a bit of a leap but it’s okay, let yourself take it. You are merely choosing to allow yourself to participate in what you’ve already done. For hear this: In reality, the dream and the process of awakening never occurred. For what has no effect has never happened. The dream, the awakening of the dream, is already done. You might say you are watching the film. Film at 11:00. Can you imagine a newscaster saying,

Mmm. All of creation has awakened today and returned to the Holy Mind of God. Film at 11:00.

And what you are experiencing is the watching of the film. Like being within a hologram. Yes, and when are the specific parts going to manifest that involve you? When would you like them to manifest?


Very well. Simply awaken tomorrow, and know: It is finished. Let no doubt arise in your mind, and simply allow the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to reveal to you what has been finished. Imagine a… what you call a supervisor at a construction site, building a beautiful building, and you come by and you go,

How did this happen?

And he puts his arm around you and says,

Come. First I’ll show you the foundation, I’ll show you the blueprint plans…

And yet, the whole time you’re in the building and your mind begins to tap in to the day they first brought the concrete to make the foundation, then the steel girders, and then later the interior decorators putting the final touches — as he describes for you the process whereby the very building in which you live was created. The buildings on that land are already there. You just don’t see them yet. But they’re settling in, and you will see them. And when you see them, you will know, just like hundreds of other beings will know,

I’ve seen those before.

Not in another place and time, but because you’ve already experienced the completion. Does that make sense?


Indeed. And what can stand against the will of God? That is why those that are called to add to and create this vibration must always rest in certainty, in knowingness: It is finished. What a delightful way to spend the last afternoon of the dream of separation. Something to think about.

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