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Now, we begin.

And indeed, once again, greetings unto you, beloved and holy and only–begotten child of God. Listen well to this greeting. Greetings onto you, beloved and holy and only–begotten child of God. This is in truth, the truth of who you are. This is in reality all that you can be.

For before the time when the first stars were set in the heavens, already did you abide as your Father has created you to be. No, not as the mind would show you yourself. There was not such a thing as what you know as a body. There was not such a thing as a thought of temporality. There was not the trace of the thought of birth, and therefore, no concept or experience of what you would call death. In that ancient beginning, before time is, already were you created whole and complete, the perfect loving extension of the mind of God. And God is but love. This being true, it is true always. There is not a moment in time in which this truth is interrupted. There is not a moment in any of your experience in which the real world ceases to be.

How, then, can it be that you find yourself seemingly constricted into the space and volume of a physical body? It is very dense and often quite hard. How is that you look out through physical eyes so certain that what they show you is real? And certainly you can prove it to yourself. Just try to walk through a wall and you will convince yourself that that wall is completely real, that the body is who you are, that’s the way it is, and it cannot change. Taking that conception into the mind, taking that perception to be what is true, you teach yourself to deny the gentle voice given unto God to his and only creation, you, and placed lovingly within from before the beginning of time.

That voice is with you still and always. But it requires, if you would hear, a willingness to surrender every perception you’ve ever believed about yourself or about the world, and that very act feels like total insanity.

What will happen to me if I give up my belief that that wall is real? What will happen to me if I give up all the perceptions that I know are etched in stone and I must act from them in order to survive in this world that I certainly didn’t make? After all, I came into it as an accident born of my parents’ passion. I simply found myself here, and this is the way that I am.

It does seem absurd to give up such deeply rooted perceptions and beliefs and experiences that you believe have helped you to survive in order to entertain what seems to be sheer insanity.

I have said often and through many channels that the world that you perceive is diametrically opposed to the real world. It is exact opposite. Therefore, if you would know the real world, the first step that is required is to retrain the mind to be willing to accept that all things you believe you see are only temporary reflections, or illusions. That the physical eyes have never shown you the real world. That your ideas and perceptions based on the data that comes through the senses of the body, these ideas have always been diametrically opposed to the truth of the real world.

If there is, then, a call born within you, if there is that spark within you–which means simply that the voice for God has finally crept in a little bit and you’ve begun to hear–if there’s something in you that calls you to know the real world, if there is something in you which calls you to know the peace of God, if there is something in you that is even just a little willing to surrender whatever needs to be surrendered to know that reality of God’s peace and that perfect love which already you are, then you must make a decision. And the decision is this:

If I have used time and experienced time to gather evidence that what I have taught myself to believe is true, then perhaps I need now to use time to relinquish what I have believed to be true.

The decision is the choice to be fully committed to allowing the experiences of time, beginning right where you are in your daily life, to be reinterpreted for you by a voice that is in you but is not quite yours. At least not yet. The day will come when you will be one with that voice. The day will come that you will know the truth that

I and my Father are one.

The day will come when though the physical eyes still seem to be operating, you look lovingly upon the world that has been made in error, this physical dimension, this constriction that you perceive within your mind, for you will be looking at it through an inner eye, an aspect of your beingness, your consciousness, that does have certain physical correlates, yes, and you will activate that eye and you will open that eye and you will look upon all things through that eye. And the sensory data that comes into you will be as though filtered or transmuted so that what you judge of what you see comes not from the beliefs and ideas that you have mis–created, but those perceptions cleansed and purified by the light and the wisdom that will shine through that inner eye.

Once when I sat with my friends that have heard are called disciples, I said unto them: When the eye becomes single, then you will enter the kingdom. What does such an odd statement mean? First it speaks on many levels to a truth that can only be understood through the concept of levels. When the eyes becomes single means that you have learned to relinquish your fixation of having the attention of your mind linked to your physical senses alone and therefore to all of the concepts and perceptions you have built upon sensory data coming in through the body, and you have moved that attention to become centered and settled in the inner eye so that the light of consciousness that shines upon your experience reveals the reflection of the real world through all that you see and experience.

The second level is this: You find yourself in conflict, you find yourself in a world of duality. There is not a single thing. There’s always this and that, up and down, light and dark, good and bad, right and wrong, best value – worst value, best choice – worst choice. Everywhere you go throughout the day you are confronted with the need to make a choice. This or that. Quite frankly it is simply the choice between love and fear. But in your world that duality prevails, and that is why the world in which you find yourself is not the real world. For the real world is single and whole and only love abides there.

Now, to move then into the single life requires that you solve the dilemma of living in duality. How do you do that? For everywhere you find yourself, there you are in the physical world as long as the body lasts, and the body will last as long as you, as a conscious being, continue to make the choice for it. By retraining the mind to choose only love, by retraining the mind to surrender every perception you’ve ever held about anything or anyone, in this way the day will come when there will not be a choice for a physical body, but you will find yourself much indeed with a body yet.

Now, how do you do that? How do you dry the skin while you’re swimming in the stream? How do you still the noise while you are abiding in a deafening concert of music? By learning to retrain the mind. There is no other way.

We spoke to you earlier that you do not know what a single thing is or what it is for, and that is very good beginning to the process of retraining the mind. The goal, then, is to reach a place of consciousness prior to every decision, in which you remember the truth of who you are and that you are not yet living in the real world, that what you are seeing before you as a choice that you think you have to make is an illusion based on your past experience.

When you train your consciousness to abide in a clarity of singularity that exists just prior to every choice that confronts you, then and there you can learn to hear the voice of the holy one who will choose for you, with your permission, until your consciousness has learned that that one’s choices, the Holy Spirit’s, are always one hundred percent accurate and serve the highest in you. You then assimilate or take on, you allow yourself to reabide in the consciousness of the Holy Spirit itself, and you become that Voice. It is no longer outside of you, no longer hard to hear, for you have surrendered everything that kept your identification linked to something other than that voice. Then, in truth, there are no more choices, although you seem to abide yet within the world, living from the singularity of the eye that sees clearly the reflection of the real world through the illusory world that you have laid over the top of it. From that place, although you live seemingly yet within the body, you will know directly the experience of living without choice. The dilemma of duality is solved, for there is no longer fear within your mind. Nothing to hold onto, nothing to seek, nothing to gain, and most importantly, nothing to lose. For the fear of loss is what keeps you forever entrenched in the conflict of duality, and the single eye remains unknown.

Retraining the mind, then, is the greatest use of time that you have before you. None of the directions in which you think you are going will ever take you to heaven if those directions have grown out of the way you’ve learned to make choices. Let me give you an example:

I am a body. I must survive. The world is out there and I know it can be rather cruel. I better stay with the job I’ve got because survival is the greatest value to me. Therefore I will choose (one believes freely) to remain where the heart is not at peace.

That is not a choice. Not a choice at all. It is an effect of fear and a lack of right knowledge.

Freedom from all circumstance, freedom from conflict and fear, does not come when the body seems to die. For if the end of conflict does not come into your consciousness before the body dies, rest assured you will find yourself simply and yet again in and as a body perceiving a world in which conflict and duality reign.

There is no choice, then, but to awaken. And to awaken means that you relinquish everything you thought you knew and allow an inner voice to retrain the use of your mind until you recognize the real world and abide in that peace that forever passes all understanding.

Many in the world will not recognize you when this has been completed, for you see, no one can recognize a mind that has awakened unless at least some degree of awakening has occurred within them as well. And that’s okay. For while the body lasts you are free to teach only love. But not from the perception of believing that you know what that means. Only love knows what it means and only love knows what needs to be extended in each moment. Therefore, while you seem to live yet in the world, from that singularity that is established through the retraining of the mind and the relinquishing of fear, from that place you will find that before each breath you are constantly and simply asking:

What is this moment for? What would you have done through it?

And you will come to hear the voice of the holy one so clearly and so distinctly, that you will totally relinquish any doubt, any fear, any anxiety. And from that moment you will indeed enter the kingdom, for the eye will have been made single. You will go, then, as the wind, knowing not where you came from or where you’re going. There will then only be the eternal present in which you know beyond all shadow of doubt that you are infinitely free and radiant forever and there is only the love of God present wherever you happen to find yourself. Love will be present when fear is gone.

Therefore, in retraining the mind, begin by recognizing that you do not know what this moment is for, whatever this moment is, as it arises. Acknowledge that there is one that you can trust–the Holy Spirit, the teacher and guide given equally unto all until all have returned to the real world.

Learn to trust what you cannot see. Learn to hear what seems not to be spoken out loud. Learn to feel that which does not come through the senses, but emerges from within them and enlightens them. Learn to look truthfully upon the places where fear has made your home, and as you look upon that place, look lovingly, for you have learned to fear looking upon your fear. And why? Because you believe you are that fear expressing as some pattern in your so–called personality. Because you are identified with it, your deepest fear is that if you allow light to be shined upon it, it will dissolve and you with it. That is why I said earlier the deepest fear is the fear of loss of a self that never was.

By retraining your mind through the humility of recognizing that you don’t know what a single thing is for, that your only choice that you would make is to know and remember and live in the peace of God, the mind will come to be restructured, to be cleansed and purified and you will look out upon a world transfigured and you will see shining through it the reflection of the real world. You will know that you are fear–less, for there is no longer a self that requires your constant protection against the great forces that seem to stand against it. For there can be no great force standing against the true self, that which shines radiantly with you, throughout you, and throughout all of creation. And that self is the real world.

You are that one, shimmering brightly, far greater than ten thousand suns. And when you look upon the vastness of your sky, realize that it merely reflects a speck of the light in which it itself has emerged and that light is you. All worlds, all dimensions, all planes of existence arises from within your Holy Mind. You are the great vastness that contains creation even now. And even now in reality you abide and live and exist only in the real world. And the only distance between you in the real world and the you that you think you are in the unreal world is the width of a thought that you would insist on thinking.

Learn, then, to retrain the mind to relinquish that thought whenever it appears. And you will know, though it takes many forms, for you will always feel constricted, you will feel separate from your brothers and sisters, you will feel that the love of this earth of yours is distant from you and that the peace of God is nowhere to be found. That is a sign that you have chosen to identify and to insist upon a thought that can only birth unreality. Stop trying to defend it. Stop trying to cherish it, because you think you made it and therefore you must keep it. Simply let it go. A thousand times each day let it go. And choose a new thought, a thought of simplicity:

I know not what a single thing is; Holy Spirit, teach me anew.

And allow time to become not that through which you seek your own ends, but rather that through which you allow complete correction to come to the holiness of your Perfect and Radiant Mind.

“But, but, I have all of these problems. Jeshua, what am I supposed to do with all of these problems?”

Relinquish them. They are illusions. Everything that you think you see as a problem to be solved is the effect of first having chosen an insane thought. Simply choose again, as often as you need, until peace returns.

I promise you this: If you become wholly committed to awakening from the dream you have dreamt since the stars first began to appear in the heavens, and even before that, if your one desire is to be only what God created, then lay at the altar of your heart with every breath, everything you think you know, everything you think you need, and look lovingly upon every place that fear has made a home in your mind, and allow correction to come. It will come. Regardless of how you experience it, it will come.

And the day and the moment will arise and all of your pain and fear and suffering will have vanished like a wind that pushes the foam of the wave away, revealing the clarity of the ocean beneath you. You will literally feel throughout your being that there never was a dream. Some memories might remain with you and you will know that somewhere you must’ve dreamt a dream or had a thought of wondering what it would be like to be other than the way God created you, but it will be such a faint echo that it will leave no trace upon you. In your heart you will smile gently regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself. There will be peace from the crown of the head to the tips of the toes, so to speak, and that peace will walk before you wherever you go. It will enter a room before you enter it with a body, and those who are becoming sensitive will wonder who has come into their place. And some will even say, “Behold, I believe Christ has come for dinner.” And you will be that one, for that is who you are – Christ eternal.

Enter with me then now into that place of peace. Those of you that yet believe you are but a body, then begin there. Begin by allowing the body to relax and know that that’s not something you can try to do. You need only allow it. And as the body relaxes, let your attention recede from the things that you believe are around you. Give up your need to keep an eye on the world. Give up a need to believe that there is something to accomplish and somewhere to go. Let it sink into the depth of your own being. Not looking to see what’s there, but surrendering. Let the breath flow through the body as though something else were breathing it for you. Relax even the activity of the brain, as though it were just another muscle that you could allow to relax. And as you rest and surrender into that inexplicable place of being, the mystery of your existence far beyond what the body could ever touch and know, far beyond what the human emotions are capable of containing, far beyond every thought and every belief and every experience you’ve ever known, there rests the shimmering brilliance of the light of your self. Abide in that. Surrender into that. Know only that.

And there, in that place, the great depth of your own mind and being, this day, make a new choice.

Father, I know not what I have done, I know not how I have dreamed the dream of separation from you, but I relinquish it. I acknowledge that I do not know what a single thing is or what it’s for, I know not the moment of my own creation, and therefore I surrender into the radiance and purity of your peace and your love. I open my self to receive only you. This alone I am asked to do of you, and this alone I choose. Grant me that wisdom and that strength and that passion by which I might learn to use time constructively as a sacrament of surrender of all that has been unlike love within me. You are the way, the truth, and the light. And I return to the sacred place of our union. I remain as you have created me to be.

So, remember then that you will awaken to your own call. You are doing so even now. What you experience along the way is completely and freely chosen. Not one bit of it has been necessary, yet not one trace of it extinguishes or limits the radiance of who you are. It’s all in the simplicity of a moment’s choice. Let time, then, become your precious friend until time is needed no longer and is given over to the Holy Spirit. You might then yet find yourself in time again and yet again, but you will not experience it as the world has taught you to. You will see it only as a temporary dance in which you are enjoined freely as a way through which the love of God can gently descend and touch the unreal world, lighting it again with reality and bringing the unreal to the real, bringing heaven to earth.

You are that one in whom our Father remains eternally well pleased. You are that one unto what has been given unto you, all power under heaven and earth, right now in the palm of your hand. For the power of heaven and earth, which is a duality, is the power of choice, the power of consciousness, the power to be committed to own all that you see as self–created, the power to relinquish it to that one voice within you that knows alone how to transmute and translate every thought you have ever held to that which reflects perfectly the radiance of the love that joins you with your creator. In truth, the way is easy and without effort if only the choice is made.

Herein we come to the close of this moment’s message, again as a stepping stone linked to what has been shared previously. Use it well, use it wisely, and contemplate it often, for it will remind you of the path upon which you walk. For in truth, if you hear these words now, you have already chosen to reclaim the real world within you.

So, we will give pause for a few moments here. And then if you would be willing to give me some of your time, we will entertain and be entertained by certain questions that have emerged within the minds of your brothers and sisters. And many of you will know that these are likewise your questions.

Be then at peace, beloved friends, and know that I am simply here in the real world, waiting for you to recognize that that too is where you are and that you no longer entertain a desire to be anywhere else.


Question One

Question: How does Jeshua explain his acts of Crucifixion and Resurrection in relationship to us, and what is the symbolism that he intended?

Question Two

Question: How do I know when I have surrendered myself to the Holy Spirit?

Question Three

Question: What role does Jeshua want me to play in the bringing of Heaven to Earth?

Question Four

Question: Is Christ different from Joshua or Jeshua?

Question Five

Question: Please say more about non–physical reality.

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