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How do I know when I have surrendered myself to the Holy Spirit?


Indeed, beloved friend, you will know that you have surrendered yourself to the Holy Spirit because you will hear a loud bell go off, there’ll be much confetti tossed by those in buildings above you! Hmm. Hmm. And someone will rush up to you with a microphone and say, “You are the winner!”


And you can stand upon the stage and say,

I’d like to thank my mother and my father.

Hm. Beloved friend, I approach your question with levity, for levity is something that you fear. You allow the seriousness of the intellect to interfere with the feeling of receiving the Love of God, like a gentle peace descending upon the cells of your being. So, there’s always a point to my seeming madness.

Now, there are indeed signs that you will come to recognize. At first they’re slippery because you’re used to recognizing something else and calling it the real world. You will know that you have surrendered to the Holy Spirit, first in a brief moment here and then another moment there, but you’ll begin to feel and sense a certain quality. That quality is peace, no anxiety felt throughout the cellular structures of the body, no longing, no sense of loss and no dread, just the simplicity of witnessing and allowing what unfolds as your experience in any given moment — and it is totally acceptable to you, no matter what is occurring. That seems like madness to the world, for the world says, “Well you’re on the right track when you know what’s happening is taking you where you know you need to be, where success is coming to you, where comfort and safety in the world is coming to you.”

Ah, then I must be on the right track!

No. You’re on the right track when you know that from the crown of the head to the tips of the toes, you are at peace with yourself and the world around you. And as you look out upon the world in that circumstance, you see no one to blame, no one to fear, you see only innocence. It is a palpable feeling because, you see, you believe you’re a body and that’s how you judge things. Therefore as you learn to feel peace through your physical beingness, as you notice that the throat relaxes when you speak, there’s no anxiety or hurrying up of your words where someone could be ranting and raving and you just allow them to do so, while you are undisturbed. Rest assured, part of your mind has relinquished you to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Holy, because it’s whole and not fragmented. Spirit, because it is the real world, not the unreal world that you have made.

You will know, beloved brother, when you have surrendered wholly to the Holy Spirit, when the thought of wanting to surrender no longer arises, when the recognition dawns that there’s no longer an energy of seeking within you, when no longer do you experience fear arising in your being, when you notice its absence and realize it’s not been there for a very long time. You will know that you have become One, through your surrender to the Voice for God.

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