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Is Christ different from Joshua or Jeshua?


This is a very worthwhile question. As you know, an entire religion has been built up on the exclusive identification of Christ with me — that is me as the historical Jeshua ben Joseph, or Joshua if you prefer. Use any name you wish, it doesn’t matter to me.

Now, Christ is God’s creation. Jeshua is a name given unto a particular manifestation of humanity called a man in physical form, a name that separates him for utilitarian purposes from other men with different names, and women too. Christ is pervasive and eternal. Christ is the depth of your own beingness. Imagine it to be like an infinite ocean from which have arisen all waves that you call individual persons, whether male or female. Jeshua, or Joshua or Jesus, that name signifies one of those waves.

Christ signifies that which pervades equally the depth and reality of all minds and hearts. It is really more an energy, a quality of beingness. It is the literal reflection or extension of the presence of the unlimited Love of God. Christ is God’s Son, being neither male nor female, it means merely the offspring of, that which wells up out of. Jeshua or Joshua or Jesus became one with Christ, identified no longer as a man but as Christ. That passageway is the same one that everyone walks, since it is merely the return to right-mindedness. If you see yourself only as the wave upon the infinite ocean, that’s a start; but eventually the goal is to shift your sense of identity, so that my words become yours:

I and my Father are One. Not of myself do I do these things, but my Father does them through me.

In other words, there is nobody here but my Father.

Christ and Jeshua are different at one level. They become one and the same as the mind or the individual that I was surrendered the illusory perception of myself as separate from God and became identified with only the Mind of Christ. Then, there is only Christ and the man has disappeared, except as a temporary symbol, an anchor, a roadmap, a direction that you can follow until you pass me by and become that ocean yourself. And when you no longer need me in any way, shape or form, then we will be together without interruption for all of eternity. Hm. That should give you something to chew on.

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