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Hang on a sec…


What role does Jeshua want me to play in the bringing of Heaven to Earth?


I want you to sell the tickets! Hmm. Might as well create some profit for yourself here! Hmm.

Again, beloved brother, levity — for as you ask the question, it comes from a certain pattern of heaviness that there is something you must look to outside of yourself, that you must subordinate yourself to something you should do. That is a pattern of the world’s thinking,

Well, I have to go off to work today. Well, I should get out of bed. After all, it’s what’s expected.

The world mind is constantly looking outside of itself, for an employer, for a boss, for God, for a priest, for a lover, for a child, for whatever. Some in their drunken stupor would look for a lightpost to give them direction of what they should and shouldn’t do. Hmm!

And yet I say unto you, beloved friend, listen well: you need do nothing save to choose to open and receive the Love of God, to allow the mind to be corrected so that wherever you are, you know you are Home, you are at peace, you and your Father are One. Then, as the Holy Spirit weaves the tapestry of the Atonement, since you will probably find that your body is still existing, there may be some requests made. They will be simple and you are always free to accept them or reject them. What really matters is that you choose to become the Peace of God and allow that peace to pervade your being. That is what influences the vibrational frequencies of other minds, even if you never lift a physical finger. Compare not your path or your life with others, merely teach only Love. And seek first the Kingdom before all things of the world by reminding yourself daily:

I and my Father are One! I need do nothing and I remain as I am created to be! This world is harmless and already it is being translated into reality. And the Holy Spirit doesn’t even need me to accomplish it!

Therefore be happy in each day, trust what the heart says to you each day, allow yourself to touch joy each day — and be at peace. And for you especially, tell yourself a joke or two!

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