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Hang on a sec…


Please say more about non-physical reality.


More about non-physical reality.


Have I accomplished the task? [chuckles]

Beloved friend and sister, what on earth ever gave you the thought — literally what on earth ever gave you the thought — that physicality was real? If you ask me to speak of non-physical realities, you’re already assuming that your physical experience is quite real. How do you know that? Because somebody’s taught you it? Because you bang into a wall and therefore convince yourself that it must be real? Does this not also occur in dreams? When someone plunges a knife into your heart in your dream, do not you feel the dread and terror of death, of being attacked? Until suddenly you open your eyes and it may take you a while to shake it out of your cells but you realize: that was just a dream. Sure seemed real to me!

In the very same way, physicality seems real — until you begin to allow correction to come to your mind, to think the insane thought that maybe you are Christ incarnate. As the real world comes to be re-established through your awareness and consciousness, even while the body seems to abide and exist, you will sense it to be very limited. Just as you may enjoy the experiences of your dream state, but when you awaken you often feel that they were limited, there was something arising from inside of you. As you awaken to the real world, you begin to perceive and feel the body and physicality as something that is smaller than you that has arisen from within your vastness, in other words that you are much more than the body can contain.

It is therefore very appropriate not to think that you live within the body but that the body lives within you, it arises from within you, you contain it as a temporary teaching and learning device. Love it, embrace it, have a great time with it, but don’t identify yourself with it. Don’t limit your understanding of yourself to what transpires between the crown of the head and the tips of the toes and when you extend your arm out, don’t you think for a moment that you stop at the end of your finger! You are pure energy, pure light, and your radiance shines through many dimensions and you are linked to them all continually.

Non-physical ‘realities’ — there are many of them, if you wish to look at it that way, and in fact the greater aspect of your beingness is non-physical. Your physical experience is like a drop in the ocean. Let that sink in. It is like a dot on a page and the whole while the vastness of your being is moving merrily along, experiencing dimension after dimension. And often this will creep into your awareness in your dreams or in your meditations: it will slip through the cracks and you’ll have what’s called an ecstatic experience. You’ll feel like you opened, when in fact you simply allowed the openness to seep into the smallness of your physical experience.

How then to struggle to attain experience in non-physical realms? By not struggling, by beginning by acknowledging that you are pure Spirit, that all worlds have arisen from within one Holy Mind, the only creation of God. You are that vast ocean and you have merely focused all of your attention on the physical experience you are creating. You can do that joyfully or you can look at it as some kind of a dread disease. It’s your choice. Nevertheless, to experience non-physical realities, merely loosen your fixation of attention on the body-mind and its experiences and problems and all of the rest, and allow yourself to entertain thoughts of your grandeur and greatness. Rest into — through allowing — rest into the feeling of infinity. The mind, or your place of awareness, will begin to open bit by bit and more, more and more until you can no longer squeeze your attention into the space and volume of a body.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to step on it like a bug and get rid of it! It means you’ll just embrace it as another aspect of yourself, like the ocean embraces each and every wave, allows it its experience but doesn’t cling to it and doesn’t try to make it last; doesn’t try to make a wave become rigid as though if it failed to do so, nobody will ever see the ocean. It allows the wave to rise, and then it passes away. The ocean delights in it, but the ocean itself is never identified with any particular wave.

That will do for now, because in what has been shared, as it is contemplated, beloved friend, you will find that correction is coming to certain ideas you have taken upon yourself about what non-physical realities must be and be like, and what must occur for you to experience them.

And again, it is a good question to have asked.

No more questions.

We will end then by saying: That’s what you think! [Laughter] There will indeed be many questions and we will begin a process then in which some of this time is allotted to addressing the questions which come from this family.

Therefore in closing, know simply this: there can be no such thing as closure to the extension of Love. Be you all therefore that which you are this one day, don’t worry about tomorrow, there is no such thing. This day, walk upon your earth while making a choice to delight in perceiving yourself as awake and alive and at peace, roaming through a countryside called the physical dimension for a very brief time. Enjoy it, look lovingly upon it and bless it with the blessings that can come only from the Mind of Christ within you.

Peace then be unto you always.


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