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How does Jeshua explain his acts of Crucifixion and Resurrection in relationship to us, and what is the symbolism that he intended?


Indeed unto you, beloved brother, this is a question that has been asked of me many times and I would confess that there was a time when I asked these questions of myself!

First, precious friend, when you speak of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, you are referring first to an activity that did in fact occur in time. Let no one make a mistake about that. Rest assured that as a man, like any other man, as a human being like any other human being, I walked my path to remembrance of my union with God. I learned along that path that ultimately I could give nothing to anyone without first receiving it for myself. I became what you might call Divinely selfish: that is, I utilized the body, the mind, the emotions and every experience and every opportunity to teach myself to choose only with the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit taught me that death is unreal — period.

How then could I know that? How then could I bring it into the depth and core of my being? By allowing certain environmental pressures, you might think of them —  political pressures going on in the time-frame in which I lived — to become not my enemies but my servants. I made a decision in the depth of my prayer and meditation to allow myself to enter into a drama, into an arena that took place in Jerusalem. I allowed myself to be given over into the hands of those that would become my persecutors. I allowed myself the experience of being helplessly imprisoned by those who were governed by fear and not by Love. But rest assured, I was governed by Love and not fear, although it did arise one final time, when I separated myself from my friends, and they separated themselves from me by falling asleep. And in the middle of the night I indeed cried out my last cry of anguish,

Father, take this from me. I think I’ve made a slight mistake here… Nevertheless, not my will but Thine.

Now, with that last surrender, I walked through my final ring of fear and allowed events to unfold as those that were in charge of those events wanted them to unfold. I used even those moments to look lovingly upon my persecutors, to use time constructively, to see beyond the superficialities, to see the loveliness and the Christ within them and quite frankly, as I did that — even as I was stripped and whipped and beaten, as the body seemed to grow weaker and weaker, as they placed a crown of thorns upon my head; and yes, I felt the pangs of pain at a physical level, what you would call pain, without fear of that pain — still I focused all of my attention on seeing the face of Christ in my persecutors. And as I did that, it illuminated or refined for me, it took me to the end of my journey. In retraining my own consciousness to see only God’s creation, I became one with that Power, one with that Truth without fluctuation or variance. As the events of what you would call the Crucifixion unfolded, rest assured, all anyone was watching was what their physical eyes were showing them. Because the masses believed the body is real, because they were identified with it, they actually believed that I was dying, that I was suffering, that I was being taken from them. But this pain and this anguish can come only from the delusion of believing that what is unreal is real.

Now, in time there was in fact what is called a Resurrection. There have been many, many stories about this; it’s not quite as fanciful as some would make it out to be. It means simply that because my consciousness, through this final lesson to myself, had become thoroughly settled or centered in the recognition only of the real world, there came a point when the body, or the dust of the ground, merely lying there upon what you would call a sheet, upon a small platform within a certain cavern or cave (given unto me, by the way, by my uncle Joseph of Arimathea ; I just wanted to get that in for you) — now there was a time, then, when there was simply no need for even that dead physical form to abide. It began to dissolve, quicken its — what do you call this? — decomposition, if you will, and literally returned to what you would call a molecular or atomic state, a place of almost pure energy and certainly not to be seen by the physical eyes, but trust me it was still there. Specks of dust, you might call it, but much, much smaller.

Now, when certain friends of mine came to the tomb and found that it was empty, they marveled. Why? Because deeply embedded in their beingness was the belief that the body is real and that consciousness is secondary. Rest assured, it’s just the opposite. Now, I chose to reactivate or recreate the form of the body for very specific purposes. If you wish to communicate with someone and they do not understand that a telephone is available, you must go to their house, take them by the shoulder and speak into their ear. If even your best friends have not yet quite learned to believe that they can communicate with any mind at any time, I therefore had need of recreating the telephone of the body, to demonstrate: Look! I am alive, death is unreal, I’ve learned the final lesson! Touch me, hear me, feel me just as you did before the Crucifixion — and yet rest assured, I will again leave you because if I do not, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit cannot come to guide you into Truth. But the day will come when you will finally relinquish your need to believe in the world the physical eyes show you. I will come yet again to speak to you from the real world and assist you in moving into that place within yourself. I know not yet the day and the hour, but I will come when you choose it. Beloved brother, because you hear these words now, you have chosen, and I have come.

So, that’s the historical essence of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. What did it mean? I have already shared that with you. It was my path of learning. I chose it, it was not forced upon me. For my Father’s will is the same as for you: that I simply abide awake in Him. It was my simple and particular path for learning that. Rest assured, this should cause celebration, for it is not necessary for you to be nailed to a cross! And why?

I have said many times that everything in your world is a symbol. Ask what the symbol is and it will reveal the truth, it will guide you to the real world. Therefore as you look upon the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, understand that it symbolizes the willingness to allow a death within your consciousness of what you choose to be identified with. If you choose identification with love and unlimitedness and freedom and perfect peace — with the real world — then the events that unfold, even as you experience them, lose their power to enchant you with delusion.

Contemplate that deeply. When you’ve retrained the mind to teach and choose only Love, and to look lovingly and perhaps laughingly upon the events that pass through you, even the body’s arising and passing away, the day will come when you can enter into any experience in perfect peace. And when you enter any experience in peace, you will transcend it. When you enter an experience in fear, you lock yourself into it. That is called the creation of hell and the need for rebirth. Any experience that you wholeheartedly choose to enter from a place of perfect peace is transcended.

Let then there be the Crucifixion of all of your false ideas of yourself. Be willing to take the leap off the cliff, to entertain what seems to be absurd and insane and outrageous and arrogant, according to the world. Dare to claim that you are as God created you to be and nothing in this world holds a candle to your radiance. And long after the world seeks to destroy you — and it’s always trying to do that — and long after the body has been laid down by whatever means you may choose, you will remain and you will laugh at the thought of loss and death.

This is the Resurrection then, the resurrection within your consciousness of the truth that sets you free. See in my earthly experience only a symbol of what can occur within you, as you choose to give your thoughts, to give your perceptions, to give your fears, to give your petty wants and needs over to your persecutors — for you’ll believe that the angels who have come to dismantle your illusions are your persecutors, because death feels like persecution. Give yourself over to it. Let the mind be corrected. Let the heart open and be healed. Let crucifixion be finished that resurrection might be experienced. And when that Resurrection called awakening has occurred, you will ascend to the Father, for He will take the final step for you and you will abide in the real world.

Thank you for asking the question.

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