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The Purpose of Life

We look for meaning and purpose in life and it can be difficult to find. With all the conflict and confusion in the world it does appear to be meaningless. Confusion and doubt arise from the fact that we don’t really understand who we are and why we are here.

From this fundamental misunderstanding of life and the world we attempt to build an identity that leverages our talents, abilities, beliefs, likes and dislikes.

But we did not create ourselves and so who we are and why we are here is not up to us to define, it has already been determined by the one who created us. The Way of Mastery speaks of purpose in a way entirely different from what we have learned.

A profound expression of that comes from The Way of the Heart - Lesson 4 where it says:

Therefore, when next someone asks you, “Oh, who are you?”, please do not give them a name. Do not say,

Well, I was born in a certain town, in a certain part of the planet.

Don’t tell them that you are a Democrat, or a Republican, or a communist, or an atheist, or a Catholic. Tell them the Truth:

Who am I? I am the extension of Love in form. I have never been born and I will never taste death. I am infinite and eternal. I shine forth as a sunbeam to the sun. I am the effect of God’s Love. And I stand before you to love you.

Now that will raise some eyebrows! It will also transform your world. For it is time to stop seeking Christ outside and start choosing to take responsibility for being Christ incarnate. Desire is everything!

We are sent forth as a ray of Light from the Holy Mind of God, not to suffer the world, not to become identified with illusion, but to transform each illusion by remembering the Truth that is true always and to bless Creation with the Reality of the Love of Christ.

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