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Creation is the process in which the creator extends herself/himself from the world of the formless into the world of form.

God, infinite, vast, without top or bottom or left or right, filled with nothing put pure, unconditional, radiant Love brought into existence an infinite number of creations and webs of relationships called souls, in one split second. And He said, it is very good! This is my play and my joy and my love and my aliveness.

There can only be God. You are God’s Dream. You are God’s Creation. You are God’s Child, in the sense that you are God shaping Itself into a temporary expression of Itself. And for what purpose? To simply extend Creation. You are That One! All Power under Heaven and Earth resides within you! When you bend to pick up a glass, God is embracing God!

You are made are made of the very substance of that overwhelming Love and playfulness, the power to create infinitely and thereby extend Creation Itself.

You will be creating new adventures eternally. For there is no moment that Creation ends. And mind, or soul, Christ, is the vortex, the vehicle through which Creation extends Itself from the field of infinite possibility into the realization of manifold particularities.

The Heart is the depth and essence of the Creator’s only creation. That creation is Pure Mind, Pure Being, Pure Intelligence, the fulfillment of all wisdom, the depth of all compassion, the certainty of every purpose under Heaven.

The Heart of Creation is the still and silent place of Perfect Peace.

God’s creation is what alone is real knows no point of birth. (God is Reality)

The Father never ceases in extending Himself into the forms of His Creation never. That which the soul is, even beyond the lifespan of the body, the soul can never die. Nor will it ever be completed. For Creation is an infinite process of extending the good, the holy, and the beautiful.

All dimensions of Creation have one purpose, to be the extension of the Father’s Love. For that is what Creation is.

The sole purpose of Creation is to extend the good, the holy, and the beautiful.

The only purpose of creation is to extend Love.

Creation is innocent. It is utterly powerless. It becomes powerful according to that which you give unto it, the value, the meaning, the purpose, the function. (this is our creative ability)

Creation holds only one purpose, one goal, one value: healing, the healing that allows God’s Holy Child, Christ, to arise from a useless dream and be restored to her rightful place so that Creation can flow forth ever more perfectly, joyously, adding to the Kingdom by extending the increasingly good, the increasingly holy, the increasingly beautiful.

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