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This section offers a way to explore the Way of Mastery by topic. The content of the ‘Way of’ transcripts were categorized using the Bookmark feature of this website into over 200 topics. Each topic contains references to content pertaining to the topic.

I have defined the topic names according to what made sense to me and I’ve tried my best to keep them consistent.

Using this section then, you can browse what is said about each topic such as forgiveness, Christ, allowance, honesty and so on. The table of contents for this section lists all topics currently available. More are being added and while this section is being rolled out you may find broken links.

I apologize in advance for that.

The page for most topics contain three sections, Overview, Relationships, and Excerpts.


The first section is an overview with my summary and reflects my understanding of the content. I hope you find it useful.


The second section shows how the current topic relates to other topics. The relationships are those that I have identified based on what is said in the transcript. For example, when speaking of ‘allowance’ in the Way of the Heart, Jeshua says that ‘forgiveness is another word for allowance.’ So, ‘allowance’ and ‘forgiveness’ are different ways of speaking about the same idea.

Another example is where God is equated to Love and Reality. So when you’re reading the ‘God’ topic you will find links to related topics of ‘Love’ and ‘Reality.’ God, is Love, literally. Love is God, literally.

There are many types of relationships, not just equalities as I’ve mentioned here. I have found that my understanding of what is taught about a given topic is greatly enhanced by how that topic relates to other aspects of the teaching. A depth is added that wasn’t there before and, for me, this can be understood clearly in the relationship between ‘forgiveness’ and ‘allowance.’

I often think of allowance as not resisting. When I am in resistance there is something I have judged against. Forgiveness is needed when I am in judgement. And, with that, there is the link between forgiveness and allowance. When I drop my resistance I move into allowance and when I stop judgement I have been forgiving. So allowance can be seen as forgiveness in action.


The last section of each page contains excerpts from the transcript for the given topic. In many cases the excerpts have been edited to highlight what is said about the given topic. You can click the icon to go directly to the source of the excerpt so you can read the unedited text.

When you do this the ‘topic navigator’ opens and allows you to easily navigate to every place in the transcripts that is tagged with that topic.


I hope you find this section helpful. I think it will be particularly useful to long time students of the Way of Mastery.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me through the contact page.

Rick Mercer