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What is Christ

Christ is a state of consciousness, a way of being. It is not a person but is a state of consciousness available to all. This topic explores the qualities and experience of one abiding in Christ consciousness.

The Way of Mastery is a pathway that leads us, lovingly, to the lived experience of Christ so it is important to know what that is. A major exercise given in the text is to ‘sit for five minutes as Christ’ and in so doing to learn what Christ is.

Christ is our right mind. It is what remains when the thought of the personal self has been relinquished. It is what it means to be awakened. The acceptance of Christ as what we are is the Atonement, the end of illusion and the end of the experience of separation.

Christ is the only thing that we’ve ever really wanted.

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Excerpts from The Way of Mastery on What is Christ

Here are some of what is said in The Way of Mastery about our purpose or the purpose of life. Some of the items have been edited slightly to convey the idea expressed. Click the icon to read the source directly. Hover the mouse over the icon to see where the excerpt is found.

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