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We are Creators

We are creators, created as the means through which the Creator extends that which s/he is, Love, the good, the holy, and the beautiful. That is the purpose of our creation and the source of our greatest joy and fulfillment. To be the conduit through which God is made manifest throughout Creation.

Being a creator is implicit in our being, it is what we are, and we have no choice in the matter. We have denied this aspect of ourselves and refused to accept our creations. This has not changed the truth about us but it has made us miserable.

The power of our creative ability can be stated as:

I am the creator of all that I think and see and experience.

Most of us don’t believe this, at least not entirely. That’s an expression of how we deny our creations. The feeling of being victimized is the belief that something outside of ourselves is the cause of our experience.

Jeshua likens the process of creation to dropping a pebble into a pool of clear, still water and from the pebble waves radiate. This is what is happening constantly in the field of our awareness. We attract to ourselves persons, places, things, and above all, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and drop them like pebbles into the still clear pool of our vast and eternal awareness. And what we experience are the effects, or the ripples of those pebbles.

This is how we create and what we create is our experience.

It says above that ‘I am the creator of what I see’ but that doesn’t mean that I created the tree that I see, rather it means that I created how I experience the tree that I see.

If we would choose to awaken wholly, it is absolutely important that we own the pebble that drops into the still, clear pool of our awareness with the thought:

I am the one who chooses the effects I experience. I, alone, interpret all neutral relationships or experiences. I, alone, place the value upon objects, things, thoughts, belief systems. I, alone, am the literal creator of my moment-to-moment experience.

This is another way of stating Axiom 1, the first axiom of The Way of Mastery.

Both Communication and Desire are other ways in which we create.

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