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What is God

If you’ve ever cringed at the thought of God or wondered why a ‘loving’ God would allow a world like ours, read on, there’s plenty to contemplate. You wont find answers to all your questions but you will get a start.

God is pure unconditional radiant Love, pure intelligence, and the source of all Creation. God extends Creation so that he might be aware of Himself in an endless variety of form. There is nothing that you see that is not pervaded by the Perfect Radiance of God’s Holy Presence.

Christ is God’s only creation. You are literally the Field of Awareness of God in which God has awareness of Himself. Made of the very substance of that overwhelming Love and playfulness, you have the power to create infinitely, and thereby extend Creation Itself.

God is Reality, there can be nothing outside of what God Is. God is Love. The Love which God is is incomprehensible forever. God is a mystery closer to you than your own breath.

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