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Way of the Heart

The Way of the Heart is a pathway of awakening that was taught to Jeshua and has as its foundation the truth that is true always:

I am Pure Spirit, undefiled and unaffected by anything or anyone. I am given full power to choose and, therefore, to create my experience as I would have it be.

This is an expression of the first of the four Axioms of Truth that are fundamental to the Way of the Heart.

It is that pathway which cultivates within you the decision to turn your attention upon your own mind, upon your own behavior, upon what is true and real for you, moment to moment — to study it, to consider it, to feel it, to breathe the Light of Spirit through it, and to constantly retrain the mind so that it assumes complete responsibility in each moment.

We are in school, life is our way home and the Way of the Heart is our guide. Read on to see what The Way of Mastery says about the Way of the Heart.

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