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Jeshua, also known as Jesus, is the source of the Way of Mastery material. Spend a little time here and you will discover a loving and patient older brother who walks with us on our journey from confusion and conflict to certainty and peace. He knows the way and can be trusted completely.

Listen carefully as he sheds light on areas of your deepest confusion and demonstrates the way to transform your life through his example. His words point the way and his example is the inspiration to put the words into practice.

These are words that come from ‘out of this world’, they are founded in love, compassion, and the recognition that we are all one. They are totally opposite from what the world teaches and it may take several sittings to understand the magnitude of the gift that is offered.

Imagine your life with no fear. Imagine a life of peace and compassion that can ease the suffering of the world. This is the promise that he brings. Its a big promise and one not exaggerated, which he never does. Talk about words that are totally opposite from what the world teaches!

This topic highlights what Jeshua has said within The Way of Mastery about himself, his motivation, his life when he walked the earth as a man, and more. He is our guiding light and example.

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Excerpts from The Way of Mastery on “Jeshua

Here are some of what Jeshua shares about himself in The Way of Mastery. Some of the items have been edited slightly to better convey the idea expressed. Click the icon to read the source directly. Hover the mouse over the icon to see where the excerpt is found.

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