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From the Christ Mind: Book I
From the Christ Mind: Book II

The Christ has need of helpers in the world of form and separation. Each one brings a Light that shines away all darkness. Each one bears a message of Love and hope, of resurrection and the end of death’s harsh rule.

You’re the One. You’re the One He needs.
Without you, there is no salvation.

What is presented here is a timeless sacred teaching. From the Foreword by Darrell Morley Price in 2012 “The teaching presented in these pages is the result of a collaboration between the Mind of Jesus of Nazareth and myself. This teaching to put it simply and directly, has been scribed. The content, the ideas, as well as the form in which they are expressed, have been received directly from the Mind of Jesus and written down as they were received… The process of transmission and reception was simple and direct. In full conscious awareness, in a relaxed and receptive state of mind, I would receive the first words or phrase of a sentence through a kind of inner hearing. As I wrote them down, more words would come until the sentence was complete. Then the next sentence would begin. I never knew at the beginning of a sentence, how it would end.”

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