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The Library

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Technical Information

The Library of Christ Mind Teachings is a set of static sites generated by Jekyll, hosted by Netlify and extended by API’s implemented on AWS. The software is open source and available on GitHub.

The Library includes the following components.

The Original CMI

The original version of the Library still available to provide access to those who have older devices that do not support newer features of the site, most specifically ES6 JavaScript.

Audio stored in: S3 Bucket “assets.christmind.info”
Card Catalog and Documentation

This is the main page of the Library and includes links to documentation and all teachings. Anything related to the Library in general and not related to an individual teaching is found here.

ACIM Sparkly Edition
The Raj Material

The Raj Material from Paul Tuttle and The Northwest Foundation for ACIM. Transcripts and audio were obtained from this site, Pamela Parnell and the Celestial Realm.

Search API on Lambda
Audio stored in: S3 Bucket “assets.christmind.info”
The Way of Mastery

Content of the Way of Mastery was obtained from Jon Marc Hammer and is used by permission.

Search API on Lambda
Audio stored in: S3 Bucket “assets.christmind.info”
The Impersonal Life

The Impersonal Life was obtained from Pamela Parnell.

Audio is provided by Barry Peterson from the Youtube channel Giving Voice to the Wisdom of the Ages.

Audio stored in: S3 Bucket “assets.christmind.info”

Project Contributors

Those wishing to contribute to the project, you’re most welcome.

Install nodejs and jekyll.

To set up a local development environment clone the following repositories:

Website and Teachings


Template for adding new teachings


After installing Node, Jekyll and cloning the repositories, start by trying to build ACIM. Follow these steps.

  1. cd cmi-acim
  2. npm install #to install js dependencies
  3. gen install #to install ruby dependencies
  4. bundle exec jekyll s #to run jekyll and build the site

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