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Welcome to the Library of Christ Mind Teachings.

The library is a collection of authoritative channeled insight and inspiration that offers a perspective on the individual and collective challenges of our lives and world that is not commonly taught. For many, this new perspective is immediately grasped as the only real solution to the problems of the world, from little annoyances to major conflict and from those of a personal nature to those that have global effect.

The books in the library express a similar message but each source presents it in a different way and often using somewhat different language. The content is the same, just the form differs. The variety of forms of teachings support a deeper understanding of the material.

The library is organized by teaching or source and each source contains one or more books. The home page displays an image that represents each source and a Get Acquainted guide.

Since this is a new version of the Library the original edition is still available and represented by the first image on the page.

Click on an image to display a table of contents for a book or to go to the homepage of a particular source.

Listed here are contents of the library.

Original Christ Mind Site

This is the original https://www.christmind.info site. It will be available here until the new site is ready to go and documented.

Getting Acquainted

A guide to the Library of Christ Mind Teachings. Clicking on the cover image will display a table of contents.

A Course In Miracles

The Sparkly Edition of A Course In Miracles. Clicking on the cover image will take you to the ACIM homepage in the library. You can learn more about ACIM there in the Get Acquainted guide.

The Sparkly Edition is included in the Library because its the version Raj uses in his ACIM Study Group.

The Raj Material

Raj has been sharing wisdom and inspiration through Paul Tuttle since 1982. Paul has written two books on his experience with Raj, You ARE the Answer and Graduation, both of which are available here. Raj has also facilitated an enlightening ACIM Study Group since 2002; the text and audio for all sessions (over 400) is available.

Click on the cover image to go to the Raj Material homepage.

Way of Mastery

The Way of Mastery was birthed from the relationship between Jeshua (Jesus) and Jayem (Jon Marc Hammer) beginning in 1987.

Click on the cover image to go to the Way of Mastery homepage.

The Impersonal Life

The Impersonal Life was published in 1914 by Joepsh S. Benner. It is a teaching from a time much earlier than the other sources in the library and serves to illustrate the timeless nature of Christ Mind teachings.

Audio is provided by Barry Peterson from the Youtube channel Giving Voice to the Wisdom of the Ages.

Click on the cover image to go the Joesph S. Benner homepage.

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