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Welcome to the Library of Christ Mind Teachings.


The library is a collection of authoritative channeled insight and inspiration that offers a perspective on the individual and collective challenges of our lives and world that is not commonly taught. For many, this new perspective is immediately grasped as the only real solution to the problems of the world, from little annoyances to major conflict and from those of a personal nature to those that have global effect.

The books in the library express a similar message but each source presents it in a different way and often using somewhat different language. The content is the same, just the form differs. The variety of forms of teachings support a deeper understanding of the material.

The library is organized by teaching or source and each source contains one or more books. The home page displays an image that represents each source in the Library and a Get Acquainted guide containing details of the features of the site and other potentially useful information.

To navigate to a source teaching, click on its book image. Clicking on the image will display the table of contents for a book within the home page of a teaching.

See the Quick Start to learn the basics of navigating and using the features of the site.


Details of the features mentioned here are found in subsequent pages.

Read, Listen, Search

All content in the library is freely available to everyone with an internet connection and presented in a uncluttered easily accessible and distraction free environment.
Many of the sources in the library contain audio so you can listen along as you read. You can easily jump forward or back while listening and the paragraph being spoken is highlighted so you can find your place again.
All sources (accept *The Impersonal Life*) are searchable and you can easily jump directly in the source to search matches.

Free User Account

When you create an account you have access to the Bookmarking and Annotating feature as well as the ability to share Bookmarks and Quotes with your friends via Facebook and by email.

Display Quotes

Some of the teachings contain a section on the Home Page that displays a randomly selected quote. Signed in users can share quotes to Facebook and by email.

Bookmarks and Annotations

Bookmarks are created by selecting text or groups of paragraphs. You can add a comment and associate one or more categories to make them easier to find. You can even link two or more bookmarks together and use bookmarks to create your own quotes that will appear on the teachings home page.

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