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The Way of Mastery

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Now, we begin.

And indeed, once again, greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. Again, as always, we come forth to abide with you in this hour–not from a place apart from where you are, but from that place in which the Sonship is joined as one. And where can that be, but in the Mind of God? And Who is God, but Love?

Therefore, in each moment, when any mind surrenders its identification with its illusions, when it surrenders its identification with its own thoughts, with its own needs, with its own perceived desires, and rests into perfect silence, it rests into the Voice for Love. And it learns to ask only of that Voice,

What would You have me do in this moment?

And, more and more, the Voice for Love begins to inform the decisions, the thought processes, the vision, the revelation–and in your world - the action or behavior that is expressed through the temporary coalescing of energy into the illusion of a body.

Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, we come forth from that place which is the Voice for Love. And if any mind can, indeed, rest into that place, it can only be because that place is necessarily within it. It is the depth of the soul. That depth is not an individual. It is universal, it is eternal, it is forever present. It knows no boundaries. It knows no time. It simply is Love.

So, we abide in that place and we speak forth from that place. And if you would well receive it, then, at any time, when anything uttered through this mechanical device you call your tape, through yet another mechanical device called, in your world, the channeling–when you, in your mind, are struck by the profundity, or the Truth, of what is being uttered–it is only because you have chosen in that moment to open your own internal access to the Voice for Love. And what is triggered, or what is activated, what is remembered, is that part of you that is Love Itself; that part of the Self, the depth of the soul, that is forever One with God.

The great trick of evolution, if you would permit me to use such a term, is to grow the soul’s awareness so that it rests in that depth of silence, and yet does not need to withdraw or turn away from the expressions of creation to do so. That is, it need no longer judge the body. It need no longer judge the world that you see around the body. It need no longer strive to ascend to some spiritual height in which all things disappear. But rather, to the contrary, the soul in its maturity, if you will, has ascended into union with the Voice for God. That is, it has ascended into the depth of its Self. It has learned to stabilize Itself in that internal silence. And it has, through time, experienced that process of transformation in which even the conscious mind is no longer thinking for itself, but is informed from the depth of the True Self, the depth of the soul, the Voice for Love, God Itself, Christ Itself.

Beloved friends, The Way of Transformation, then, involves the deliberate decision to allow the translation of perception so that it becomes of one mind, of one accord, with the Mind of God. It is informed from the depth of the silence and Love that sees the body, that sees the world, that sees each moment only as that which holds the value which the Holy Spirit has placed upon it.

And what is the Holy Spirit but that part of your own right-mindedness that knows that only Love is Real. And yet, when any mind truly rests in that silence, it knows that it can no longer draw conclusions about what Love would do, what Love would express through it, how Love would use the particular tools or gifts of any seemingly individual self–in order to trigger, in order to nudge, in order to uplift, in order to shock any other aspect of the Sonship into desiring its own awakening.

Now, if you pay close attention to what was just said, the implication is perfectly clear. Reality is One and unshakable, and only Love is Real. Yet the dream should never be denied. For denial creates separation. Only embracing can allow healing, the healing that Love brings. Therefore, there are, indeed, as you well know, many minds that are still afflicted, if you will, still harboring the decision to believe that the dream of separation is real.

When any mind within the Sonship chooses to awaken and heal its own illusions, Love begins to inform that mind more, and more, and more, so that its expressions serve the Voice for Love. And the Voice for Love has only one purpose: to be extended into the dream, into the illusion, to nudge the aspects of the Sonship yet sleeping, that the entirety of the Sonship can be returned, or reawakened, to the Reality of Itself as the creative conduit through which God extends Himself.

When any mind, then, truly awakens, it no longer sees specialness in the world at all. Each moment is merely sacrificed, or surrendered, into what I once called the Will of my Father. And what is that Will?–the impetus of Love. How can Love operate so that it brings awakening to the minds involved? That is, indeed, a purely creative process, and is the only true value time can have.

The Awakened Mind, then, has no idea, one day to the next, what Love will ask it to do, how Love is to be expressed through it. The Awakened Mind knows that it is not the maker or the doer, and merely asks in every moment,

What would you have me do?

And the more that practice is developed, the mind is refined and purified so that it becomes almost a spontaneous or second-nature kind of thing, in which the mind is so closely aligned with the Will of God that the subtle nudges, flowing forth from the depth of the Self, from the depth of Love Itself, stirs through the conscious mind and meets no obstruction born of fear. For where fear has been de-valued, Love springs forth.

And yet, such a one–and each and every one of you that has chosen to listen to these tapes has already made the decision to become that one, ever more deeply and ever more deeply; make no mistake about it, the decision has already been made and therefore the end is perfectly certain–when that mind, that has made the decision to allow its transformation, when that mind embraces the simplicity of its lived experience, it looks as though it is very ordinary. While the body lasts, you do the things that all bodies and minds do in your dimension and world. You perhaps find the body shivering against the winter cold, or sweating in the summer sun.

And yet, in the midst of the contexts of the experiences of your life, what is informing the mind are not the egoic desires of:

How can I get more?

How can I avoid a certain experience or feeling?

How can I make myself comfortable?

How can I get others’ approval?

How can I be acknowledged as a great master?

…and all of the rest. None of that runs that Awakened Mind.

Each context, then, is surrendered within the mind, itself, over into the Will of Love. And that mind, through the personality, through the body structure, while the body lasts, becomes a conduit that serves the Voice for Love. And that one may not be understood; that one may not be approved of; that one may not be acknowledged by the world. Yet, rest assured, those who seek to be approved of and acknowledged by the world have their reward.

And what reward is it to be acknowledged by the insane, dwelling in illusion? Can an illusion truly acknowledge the worthiness of the Son of God? But to such a mind (and once again, each and every one of you is in an inevitable journey now)–you, too, shall have your reward. For there are those of us who know you and love you, and your acknowledgment comes not even from us, though perhaps through us, but it comes from That One that has birthed you to extend the good, the holy, and the beautiful.

The Way of Transformation, then, is not the gaining of power, it is the release of all illusion. It is the willingness to release the grip that you have had upon the shadows that your mind has made up as a substitute for the Truth of your only reality. The process then, of The Way of Transformation, is that process in which you begin to use the mind, quite deliberately, in a different way.

To some of you who have studied my Course in Miracles, that, too, is an expression, or a form of The Way of Transformation, since all transformation inevitably requires correction, of how the mind is used, so that what the mind sees is different than the ego’s world. When the mind is corrected, the use of the body that most serves Love also naturally follows. The use of what you have created in error–which, by the way, is the body, the personality structures, the emotional matrix, the beliefs–all of that that makes up what you call ‘yourself,’ all of these things are given over to be used differently.

Therefore, the deeper you come to understand, to know and to feel the depth of the self that you have constructed, in your attempt to conform to an insane world, the greater the space there is for you to be informed by Love. Not that the body disappears, not that the personality structures disappear, but rather they become transparent. The value you have given them has been withdrawn, and they are given over to be used in a different way.

To use a simple example, a painter begins to paint devotional paintings out of her love and acceptance of Grace. A speaker is brought into alignment with Love, and that Love creates a context in which what is spoken is spoken differently, with a different purpose and a different intent and, therefore, to a much different audience. One who works with the hands in the fields begins to work for a different purpose, begins to be informed in ways to use the skills and gifts that one has developed, perhaps to feed the hungry, the needy.

The forms of expression change to be more conformed with which voice is running the show. When the ego was running the show–or thought that it was–the personality, the emotions, and the body were used to serve the salvation, if you will, the very survival, of the ego. When the ego has been displaced and the Voice of Love, has been returned to the place of authority, careers can change, for the very meaning and purpose of existence has changed.

In the initial stages, as this process is occurring, this can, indeed, elicit fear, a sense of disorientation, a sense of self-doubt. All of these things must be embraced with faith, and faith is, indeed, the substance of things unseen. Love isn’t quite settled in perfectly yet, and the mind is still gripping, somewhat, the things and the ways of the world. And yet, a deeper Voice is compelling the self to release old values, to release old careers, old relationships, old clothing, old furniture. Everything begins to change. And it feels as though loss is being experienced.

And yet, what is loss in the world is gain in the Kingdom. For what can be gained but the reawakening to the simplicity of the Truth:

I am God’s. I belong not to the world. I and my Father are One. Well, since I still find myself in this world, how can I dedicate this bag of dust and its attendant personality and emotions to the Voice for Love?

And that becomes the sole purpose–we could say both the only, as sole, and the soul, as the essence of your being–the sole purpose becomes the willingness to allow Love to inform each moment.

It is quite true that such a one, born of Love, can be very misunderstood by the world. Such a one, I once said, is one born like the wind. You don’t know where they’ve been, you don’t know where they’re going, and neither do they. But they are present where they are, constantly dedicated to being merely a servant of, or a conduit of, the Voice for Love–recognizing that time and the world no longer holds any function, value, or purpose, save that which the Holy Spirit would give it. And the only value the Holy Spirit gives the world is to see it as a context through which the Sonship can be healed and awakened.

The Way of Transformation does, indeed, require what you may call commitment, what you may call a deliberate choice. This can be the value, by the way, of initiatory experiences. And, not too far in the distant future, we will be helping to inform Shanti Christo, so that initiatory experiences are offered and provided. The value of this is that it makes conscious and public what the soul is desiring anyway, and calls the conscious mind to step into a deeper self-discipline, a deeper self-commitment, a deeper self-maturity.

Indeed, beloved friends, The Way of Transformation–as you have been playing with this process this past several months of yours–is not something ever to enter into in what would be called a lazy way. We would highly suggest, then, that as you go through the mind, ask yourself,

Are there any of the monthly tapes that I listened to, but with only half an ear, with part of my attention on trying to get dinner ready, or getting my taxes paid, or getting to the office?

If there is any such tape that you have not brought the wholeness of your being to, in a state of openness and surrender, go back, and listen to it again. You will discover that, lo and behold, there is much that has been missed. Each exercise has been carefully chosen. Each exercise offers you an immediate way to begin to transform certain aspects of your own mind. Therefore, each moment should be treasured.

And, please hear this: As the mind, the conscious mind, begins to become more informed by the Voice for Love, vigilance and discipline become even more necessary, simply because you’re dealing with more power - more true power. The purpose of your very being takes on a far different flavor. And you begin to realize that wherever you are, there is a precious moment that offers an opportunity for healing, for Love, for awakening. And it is not to be missed. Each moment of your existence in this plane, this density, is not to be missed! Once, when this, my beloved brother, proclaimed to me,

Could you please come a little later in the morning? I would like to get some sleep,

(at that time, three o’clock was about the appropriate time for me to reach out to him), my answer to him was then what I will give to you now:

Have you not been sleeping long enough?

Will you use time constructively to realize that where you are is not in the world at all, but in a context made new by your desire to awaken, which invited the Holy Spirit to ‘take over the show,’ so to speak? And that wherever you find yourself is not an ordinary moment any longer. Though you seem to walk in the world, though you seem to deal with the things of the world–which you must do as long as the body lasts–you no longer belong to the world. Another Voice has touched you. And though your neighbors and friends, perhaps even your children, or your spouse, or your parents, cannot possibly yet see who walks among them, you are a Disciple of Christ. And Christ is the Father’s only Creation, created in Love, as Love, to extend Love.

And you are in the most important journey that anyone can ever take–a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed, even into a place that is unchangeable forever. You have undertaken the journey from illusion to Reality, from fear to Love, from false power through manipulation, through image, through conforming to the world, to true power, resting in the Mind of Christ, being a conduit for that which awakens the Sonship.

Every function, then, is equal to those that have chosen such discipleship. Understand, then, that wherever you are right now, as you listen to these words–wherever you are right now–you are in the perfect place at the perfect moment. Therefore, indeed, bless the moment as you find it, for it serves two purposes. One, it is that perfect context for your awakening from illusion. And at the very same moment, it is offering you the opportunity to cultivate your skill at being a conduit for the Voice for Love. Two sides of one coin, existing fully in the presence of each of your ‘ordinary’ moments.

And rest assured, as you come to trust the Voice for Love, as one born of the Spirit, as one who lives as the wind, if it is time for you to release certain forms–career, relationship, clothing, furniture, what-have-you–[snaps fingers] you’ll know it in an instant. You simply know! For revelation is knowledge. Knowledge is immediate. It is not translated through a whole lot of thinking in the mind. That is why we choose to say that it is through the heart that one knows the immediate will of Love.

And as you practice letting go of that which you once valued, you’ll discover that it gets easier and easier, as with each experience of letting go you find yourself carried, in ways that you could never comprehend or create yourself, into new formats, new contexts, in which your own wisdom awakens even deeper. And the opportunity to be of service expands and grows, as though you stepped from a small room in a house into a larger ballroom and realized,

This is much better than where I was before!

It is not that you have failed when something ends. For, in Truth, you cannot fail. For, in Truth, there are no endings, except in illusions.

We speak, then, of what we will talk much about in the next month’s tape–the importance and distinction of content and form. We will look at those two sides of the coin, and help to illuminate your mind and understanding that it is content that always matters, and that form is secondary. Form is what is birthed in time. And what is birthed in time, ends in time. Even the body had a beginning and will, therefore, have an end. And yet, when it is given over to the Voice for Love, its purpose becomes timeless, endless, for it begins to express only content. But again, more about that later.

In this hour, the theme that we would wish to bring unto you is this: Make a decision–right now–to view time differently. Put on the Eyes of the Holy Spirit–right where you are, right now. Don’t just listen to what is said, but actually decide to do it. Look around the place you find yourself in, the body. If you are with others at this time, notice them. Notice all things. You are not in the world at all. You are a Disciple of Christ. You have chosen, by Grace, to awaken from illusion, and to cultivate yourself, with support and help, into being ever more a mature soul that radiates the Light and Love of Christ, even while in time.

Time, then, must be seized and seen to be of great value; that each and every moment is not a mistake. There is nothing “idle” about it. And you are the one who is free to use that moment to be informed by the Voice for Love, to learn ever more deeply to surrender the value of fear, safety, personal survival, and all of the rest; and to dissolve, through faith, into the Voice for Love.

From this moment, decide to see time differently, to seize the opportunity to train the mind to be vigilant and aware. There is much occurring that may yet seem unseen to you–too subtle to grasp. You call it, ‘being unaware.’ But the journey from unawareness to awareness begins with the decision to walk through each moment of the day knowing the Truth of who you are–to embrace the purpose and reason for your being, and then to ask the Holy Spirit to make all things known and clear, in alignment with the Voice for Love.

The body becomes something that you no longer possess. The thoughts that you hold become meaningless. The context of every moment is given over to something new. And the decision to see time differently leads you into the cultivation of a way of being that is different and new. And eventually, it will move from a mere intellectual idea into something known in the depth of the soul and expressed through every pore of the skin, while the body lasts:

I am the Christ. There is only That One, and I am dissolved in and as That One. Call me not great, for only God is worthy of awe. That which I do, I do not of myself, but the Father does these things through me. I am One who merely loves Love so deeply that I am willing to surrender all things that I once knew to be my self, that my true Self, who is Christ, informs my every decision, my every gesture, my every extension of the good, the holy, and the beautiful.

A certain phraseology that we are aware of in your language of your world is,

Hmm! This is some heavy stuff!

It is very heavy to the ego, since it squashes it like a gnat under a weight. If the light of the sun, if the sun itself were to come and rest upon your planet, what would happen to your planet? It is much like that when the Light of Christ comes to descend again, to touch the mind and the emotions and the body–where once the ego held sway. The ego dissolves into Light Itself. It becomes remade, if you will. And while the body-mind lasts, it becomes a mere servant.

The mind, itself, laughs at itself a great deal. For it sees the great joke that it has played on itself. It attempted to be other than what God created it to be. And it experienced a multitude of dramas and illusions and story lines, careers, relationships, diseases, and all of the rest, in a grand attempt to be other than what Reality is. And so, the mind that is awakening laughs at itself a lot. It laughs as the echo of old patterns show up. It tells the Truth about them. It need no longer deny them, for it holds no value, and the old patterns are not seen as a cave in which to hide. The personality becomes transparent. And in its innocence, it becomes perfectly vulnerable. And in its perfect vulnerability, it finds its transcendent safety.

Indeed, then, beloved friends, many of you began this journey out of curiosity. And yet, I say unto you, that was only the conscious mind’s attempt to maintain control of the journey itself. But no one comes to these messages who has not made the decision from the depth of the soul,

I am tired of suffering. I am tired of aloneness. I desire to dissolve into Christ Mind and to discover the Truth of who I am.

Everyone hearing these words has made that decision. And you’re already well on your way. And if you think you can turn around and go back to the platform and cash in your ticket, forget it! The train has already left the station, the conductor is God Himself, and those that enter herein cannot leave. The ego will try to convince you you should, because it is fighting for its life. But there is another Who fights for your true Life, even that Comforter given unto everyone in the moment the dream began.

So, well do I know what must emerge, once the decision has been made. Each and every one of you will then perceive that your journey is unique and wholly yours. But this is only because you still perceive yourself as a separate being. Why? Because the eyes of the body show you that you are. Because you have lived with a certain husband, and you, therefore, know that everyone else on the planet did not. You will believe that that portion of your journey was “uniquely” yours–with “unique” energies that probably no one else could understand.

And yet, that was only the matrix, or the form, which was expressing a content of energy. And that content of energy–whether it be fear, whether it be jealousy, anger, whatever it is–is known by everyone. This is what we mean when we say there are no private thoughts, no private experiences. The body, of course, has its unique experience. Only one body can be in a point of space at any given time. And if you’re making love in the middle of the night and you look around, you’d swear nobody else is present. Rest assured, you live in glass houses. And all things are perfectly visible to the entirety of Creation.

It is the energies that you are experiencing that everyone knows. And the trick of healing and awakening is to come to see the neutrality of all energy, so that you can choose to inform it with the value that the Holy Spirit would give it. Then, time becomes sacred. It becomes eternal. It becomes a tool for Love. Even the body becomes a tool that Love uses to bring about healing. What other purpose could a body hope to have?

So, indeed, please do the exercise of making sure that there has not been a tape that you have listened to with half a mind. Go back. If you wish, practice your five minutes as Christ, and then begin the listening of the tape–that your soul might absorb it. And when there are exercises to do, do them–even if it just takes a minute. You cannot begin to see how the pebble dropped into the pond can have such vast, vast and deep effects.

If you would still choose to look upon me as one who did great things, rest assured, the effects that you came to know about, because certain stories were told about me and then finally written down–and, by the way, some of those are a bit outlandish–those things came about because I, too, had teachers that showed me how to drop new pebbles in the pond of my mind, whose commitment and intent was the same as ours, which is to guide you into the fullness of your discipleship, until the transformation has been thoroughly completed on Earth–that is, in the body-mind–as it is already in Heaven. For the correction has already occurred. It happened the moment [snaps fingers] you had the thought of separation, long before space and time was birthed. But you discover that the correction has, indeed, been fulfilled as you allow your creations in time–the body-mind–to be transformed, so that the conscious mind becomes perfectly aligned with what the depth of the Self already knows. And then, and only then, can the mind truly release the illusion of the third-dimensional plane, the physical dimension. For it is simply seen as a useless limitation.

So in ending, then, this hour’s message, do this one thing. In each of your next seven days, as often as you remember to do so–and remember, you will only remember what you choose to value–as often as you remember, decide to see time differently and to acknowledge that you are a Disciple of the Mind of Christ, and nothing matters to you than the simplicity of allowing the dissolution of illusions so that Christ can come and live where once the ego dwelt in authority.

A simple exercise. And if a day goes by in which you forget, it can only be because, in that day, you have valued something else.

And with that, then, beloved friends, as we prepare this hour’s message, we would behold, then, that there is one who has some questions to ask. And they are both timely and important questions. We will, then, what you call the “shifting of the gears,” before we bid you “adieu” is the word, I believe.

And so, then—questions.

Question One

Question One: Each soul has the same purpose, that is, to wake up fully from separation from God. Yet, within the dream, in space and time, based on soul experiences and predilections, do we have our own unique purpose?

Question Two

Question Two: Could you please elaborate on the Lineage, and how one comes to be in your lineage, and speak of soul groups?

Question Three

Question Three: Can you speak about specialness and holiness in regard to expressing sexuality?

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