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Way of Transformation, Lesson Eleven: Question Three

Can you speak about specialness and holiness in regard to expressing sexuality?


First, you might find this somewhat surprising, but many associate sexuality with the body. It seems rather natural, doesn’t it? And yet, the body is the last level of the expression of true sexuality.

What is sexuality, then? It is the very force–the creative force–of energy itself. You could say that God, your Creator, is pure sexual energy, since Love radiates at such a pure state of being (I won’t use the word “high” because that creates the perception of a hierarchy), a pure state of vibration, so filled with ecstatic celebration of Its own nature, that Its only function and desire is to create like unto Itself. And what comes forth from That One is Christ. Christ is pure sexual energy.

As the dream began to take hold in the Mind of the one Son of God, initially as merely a temporary play, but then began to be taken seriously–the fall from Grace was the taking seriously of the dream — as that vibration begins to descend into…more and more into space and time, and then into bodies, it still seeks to express itself. But now, fear and the belief in bodies has usurped the role of sexuality and perceives it to be…let us say it has the value for procreating more bodies. That’s an ego function. There’s no need to procreate more bodies. You’ve done it long enough.

As you find yourself, then, in a state of consciousness in which at least part of you is still holding value for the body, you will and must feel sexual energy, because sexual energy is creative energy–that’s all. It is the desire of Love to procreate Itself, to express Itself, to extend Itself. Within the body’s use of sexuality, the best that sexuality can do is to say unto another,

I accept you as you are and I behold your innocence. I elect to allow this body to be utilized in such a way to express the simple Truth.

No amount of sexuality awakens the Sonship. However, it can, if it is used by a mind fully committed as a Disciple of Christ, the body can become the context through which Love helps to dissolve fears, self-unworthiness, certain perceptions that have settled, or crystallized, in the mind of your brother or sister. The body cannot be used to get anything. Its only sane purpose is to extend or give — that’s all.

The purpose, then, of sexuality and the body is not to seek pleasure, but to allow transformation and healing of illusion. Because the body is the ego’s home, and sexuality has been usurped by the ego for improper purposes, if you will, sexuality and the body in your world is the place of great power. A great catalyst can come through those energies, but also great risk, because it stirs up the most fundamental places in the self where the ego has tried to suppress true creativity, and tried to take it over as its own.

Sexuality, then, ideally, in an awakened state, would be entered into only as the result of prayerful appreciation, not of the other, but of God, so that the body relaxes and is surrendered into the Awakened Mind, that then allows the Holy Spirit to inform how another is touched, how another is spoken to–always informed from the perception that the mind is seeing in the other their perfect innocence and is expressing its acceptance, its whole acceptance of the other…not in order to get, not in order to own, not in order to be pleased, not even in order to please, but only to express the innocence of Love.

Sexuality is God–pure and simple. It gets convoluted in the dream as the mind separates itself and takes on fear, begins to see the body as real, begins to try to use the body in order to get, instead of as a communication device for allowing the Holy Spirit or the Christ Mind to express through it that which brings healing to the Sonship.

Can sexuality, then, be used in a sacred way? Of course! A pencil can be used in a sacred way. It is the mind that decides the purpose and the value of all things. To decide to use the sexual energies of the body only as that through which the Holy Spirit can touch another mind and heart and let them relax into self-acceptance, because they are seen and appreciated for themselves, and not because there’s someone trying to get something from them–this is the highest use and value that the body’s sexuality can have. And, by the way, anything but that–anything but that–is a decision against Christ, pure and simple.

Now, you mentioned the terms ‘specialness’ and ‘holiness.’ The ego would perceive often in your world that sexuality is what creates the holiness of the joining of two. It’s upside-down thinking. Holiness requires not a movement–it requires a surrendering of illusion within each of two minds. Holy relationship, whether it be having a pizza or having what you call ‘sex’…you’re always having sex, by the way, even when you’re eating a pizza…holiness occurs when any two beings look within themselves; that is, they make the journey within and discover the Truth that there is no lack. Then they join, not to get, but to create the good, the holy, and the beautiful. That might be a pizza. It might be a retreat center. It might be what you call, ‘making love.’ I don’t like the term ‘making,’ by the way. That’s what the ego does. All action, then, is informed from a different place of consciousness, and that is all.

Specialness…Specialness is nothing more than the attempt to use relationship–with a pizza, with another body, with a brother or sister–to get. That is what makes it special. It doesn’t mean–holiness doesn’t mean–that everybody lives in a house all by themselves and nobody is in a committed relationship, because in holiness, the Holy Spirit informs the purpose of the relationship moment to moment to moment to moment. And if it looks like it’s appropriate for two to come together and live under the same roof, even as man and wife…that form is secondary to the content that each mind has awakened to. The form being secondary can be easily embraced, and it can be easily released, when the content calls for the reshuffling of the cards. Specialness would hold that,

No, now that we’re together, the form is what matters.

The ego loves form, for it believes that form can give it the safety it needs while it tries to survive in its fears. The mind awakened to holiness is fearless, and only loves. And so, form has become secondary to content.

Does that help you in that regard, then?

Response: Yes.

Jeshua: Worthwhile questions, do you think?

Response: Yes.

Jeshua: Then perhaps, if we are most fortunate, some help will come from the answers.

In regard, then, to the latter, we would suggest unto everyone: Are you making of the body and sexuality something ‘special’? Or can you give even this to the sacred holiness of the purpose the Holy Spirit would give unto it, and value it so highly that you will allow no other use of it to enter into the sphere of your experience?–that each joining with a friend, with a brother or sister, is a sexual experience; there’s an exchange of energy going on. There is Life, and Life is Love, and Love is God! Can you bring such presence to sitting across from a friend and smiling while you’re eating a pizza, so that you know you’re having a grand sexual experience? You’re in the ecstasy of knowing that Life is good because goodness is of God!

And if you happen to do what is called the groping and the touching and the stroking and the copulating and the panting and the heaving, and all of that other thing that happens in a certain tiny form of expression of sexual joining, that your world has made such a big thing of, can you bring that presence together so that the two that are joining are joining as though they are the Awakened Christ, serving no other purpose than to bless the other with acceptance of the other?…Seeing their perfect innocence, celebrating the innocence of one another, without clinging, without possessiveness, without fear of loss. For where minds have joined in Love, loss and separation is no longer possible.

So, we will, then, allow this hour to come to a close.

We come only, then, because we love you. We come only to allow that Love to inform us, and then, stepping that down through the matrix of one particular body-mind and set of vocal chords, so that words you can understand with the conscious mind can be brought into your energy field, and yet, perhaps, used differently, their meanings interpreted differently, to assist you in releasing illusion, and allowing correction to come to your mind. That is our sole purpose, because you are the Sonship.

Because you are the Sonship, you are those points of Light that are of One Substance with us. We, then, are your brothers, sisters–your friends. And we come only because we love you. Do we have a choice? Hardly. For your healing and awakening is ours. Your joining with us in wholeness is the healing of Christ.

Therefore, indeed, peace be with us all—always. Whether in your world or ours, within the dimensions of Creation, only Love is truly occurring.


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