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Why is healing necessary?

Healing is not necessary, it’s a choice.

What is healing?

Moving in your consciousness from the world of conflict and fear and guilt and unworthiness to the world of the Truth of the Kingdom.

World of separation

World of the Kingdom

What needs to be healed?

How is healing accomplished

The process of healing is not difficult. It requires only your willingness to accept that you are the effect of the Creator’s desire to create like unto Itself.

Surrender, then, is the process in which you finally relent, you give up resisting the fact of your very existence. You stop whining about it. You stop lamenting it. You stop worrying about it. You make the decision to get on with being alive! And what is alive about you is going to be alive forever. And there is no place to hide and nowhere to go.

How Healing relates to other topics

Excerpts from The Way of Mastery on “Healing

Here are some of what is said in The Way of Mastery about Healing. Some of the items have been edited slightly to better convey the idea expressed. Click the icon to read from the source directly. Hover the mouse over the icon to see where the excerpt is found.

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