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Hang on a sec…

Without the Teachers of God, there would be no salvation.
They give form to the lessons the Holy Spirit teaches.
They represent the Truth in all They say, do, and think.
The way stands open before Them.
Everyone will join Them in time.
Why wait?


This is the second book in the From the Christ Mind series. Together they are meant to be a later day supplement to the incomparable teaching that is A Course in Miracles. Like the Course, the teaching presented in these pages emanates from the Mind of Jesus of Nazareth. I have written down the teaching as I have received it; and there has been a careful process of editing and arranging the material, always guided by Jesus. Always we have tried to make the teaching as clear as possible; yet it still requires the active engagement of the mind of the reader. Communication in the world of separation always requires the joining of two or more minds.

I suggest you read the words slowly, a few sentences at a time. You need not rush; eternity is always here and now and awaits only your recognition and readiness. The words are presented in a way that will both open the mind to the Truth they are representing, and lead the mind, if you allow it, to a new way of thinking and understanding.

I pray this teaching will be of value to all who read these pages, and that it may help you on your spiritual journey through the world of dreams and back to your Creator.

Any errors of content or in the expression of this material are mine and mine only. For that, I ask the reader’s forbearance and forgiveness.

May God bless you and keep you, and I pray that you may soon awaken as the Self, the Christ, that you have always been. Thank you. Thank you, Father.

Darrell Morley Price
Chico, California
May 2015

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