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Thank you my brother for your efforts on behalf of us all and your dedication to our single purpose. Let every step on the journey home be guided by the Holy Spirit, and do not worry if at times you seem to falter or grow weary. The journey may seem long and arduous, the goal far off and beyond your vision; all will come right in the end. You need only do your part each day to the best of your ability, ask for help, and trust in the help you are given. Everything you need in any way will be available when you need it.

Do not forget Who goes with you every step of the way and remember, when doubt and fear may arise, their meaningless source and illusory nature. Nothing will or can prevent you from returning to your Source and True Condition as the One Self. Your Father waits for you and all the angels will rejoice as you walk through the Gates of Heaven and disappear into the Heart of God.

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