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Chapter Four

Decision Making

Who is the one who makes decisions for you? Is it the ego, the illusory voice of separation, or is it the Holy Spirit Who speaks for God and Truth? Decisions are never made alone. They are always made in collaboration with the voice you are listening to; they always proceed from and uphold the thought system your guide represents. Your decisions stem from the belief in separation and all that entails, or they rest on Truth and move you in Its direction.

Decisions are always made with the guide you have chosen. Each decision is a choice for the ego or the Voice for God. Certainly it does not seem as if you are choosing life or death with every decision you make, yet that is exactly what you are doing. Your unawareness of this fact affects it not at all. Decisions arise from the necessity of choosing between alternatives presented you by constantly changing circumstances and events. They are at once both a response and an attempt to control the chaos of life and make it manageable. Decisions made with the ego’s help are themselves an expression of chaos. They are an attempt to manage chaos by introducing more chaos. This will obviously lead to the continuation of chaos and strengthen the need to manage and control it. Chaos does not need to be controlled; it needs to be recognized as nothingness.

If you turn over decision making to the Holy Spirit, He will guide you out of chaos. You need not live in that condition though your feet still walk the earth. Through the recognition of Truth and the undoing of false mind, you may transcend its effects and live in a state of Grace where that which lies beyond illusion becomes available to you. How do you live surrounded by the chaos of separation, yet be unaffected by it? Live in a state of true consciousness with Love as your guiding Light, and all darkness will be shined away until you see the Truth reflected everywhere.

What You Have

If the good you do lives on, do you not want to do good always? By the good we mean that which helps, supports, heals, and inspires in the most positive way. By doing good always, by helping everyone everywhere, you are helping yourself in the best possible way. Everything you give to your brothers is also your gift to yourself. This is the real meaning of the expression “Virtue is its own reward.” To do good, to act rightly, to be virtuous, is always in your own best interest. You only gain thereby and never do you lose.

The ego would have you believe that your interest and that of your brothers is not the same, that what is gained by one is lost to the other. The ego believes in a world of scarcity where there is never enough for everyone. Competition is the law and you must struggle to get what you need, wresting it from another if necessary. This view, if accepted, leaves you no choice but to operate in a climate of fear and suspicion where conflict is the rule and safety is found only through isolation. The world you see around you is the result of the identification with the ego’s perspective. Only suffering will follow those who live from this lack of understanding.

The Holy Spirit teaches that you already have everything you need because you are everything. In Truth, having and being are the same. You have what you are and you are what you have. In the world of separation, He translates this Law of God into the forms that meet the needs you perceive. You believe your needs are many and different, so God’s one Answer appears to take many forms to fulfill them. All is but illusion, yet as long as God’s Son believes illusions real, He must be provided help in a form He can recognize.

If you remember your Father, and devote your life to realizing your true purpose, you will never suffer from lack. What is needed will be provided. This does not mean however, you will always have what you want. The egoically identified mind is habitually preoccupied with getting and achieving. Much if not most of what it desires is not needed in any real sense. What is not necessary for life or helpful to your real purpose, will not be provided by the Holy Spirit. All that is merely distraction or self destructive can only hurt you and delay fulfillment. Yet can you succeed in obtaining what you desire strongly enough through the misuse of your energy and intent, but you will never gain by doing so.

Mind and Time

You do not recognize what will help and what will hurt you because you do not know the difference between Truth and illusion. This will be learned of the Holy Spirit if you are willing to be shown the extent of your ignorance, that your mind be purified of what is false to make room for what is true. Illusion will always hurt you whether recognized or not. Being the replacement for Truth, it can only bring disaster. To lose the awareness of Truth is disaster, for all your problems arise from it.

When the wish to be what you are not replaced the knowledge of what you are, suffering became possible in your experience though not in Truth. Existence became a dream, a projection of separation from all that is real. To be separate from Reality Itself is suffering, though that fact goes unrecognized. The mind asleep and dreaming a world of form and activity does not realize the condition it is in; the deep pain of separation from God has been banished from awareness. All things of which the mind is afraid have been dissociated from conscious awareness, all memories of suffering hidden deep in the unconscious mind.

You cannot escape from what has been allowed to enter your mind by pretending it is not there. Only the decision to heal, to release it, will free you from the past you carry still. The past is always with you, although it is over. Held in memory by the refusal to let it go, it affects you still. Everything that enters the mind remains, for it is there by your invitation and decision until you decide again. To free the mind of the entire past in every sense of the word, is the purpose of the mind training.

To free yourself of the past you carry still, you must be willing to let it go. This seems like an obvious statement, too self-evident to need repeating, yet the past has a much greater hold on you than you realize. The self image, the identity you have given yourself, is an artifact of the past. It lives only in the past and seems to be who you are now only through memory, through reliving the moment of separation every moment of every day. To successfully release the past is to lose the self you have believed in for so long. To the mind long accustomed to identifying with the body and the sense of separation that is the ego, this seems to be annihilation. You fear this more than death. Yet is death only of the self. Give up the self and death will vanish from your mind forever. The old must pass away, must be expelled from present awareness through the relinquishment of the past. Only then can you be reborn as the Christ, the Holy Son of God.

Only the Christ in you is real, just as the present is the only moment of time that is real. Time and eternity intersect in the present, and the Christ waits for you there. He is always with you, waiting for your willingness to let Him back into the mind that is His. Never has He left; He cannot, for your mind and being are part of His. If that were not so, you would not exist.

The Nature of the Ego

The nature of the ego is to keep everything it finds valuable or useful for itself. It shares grudgingly and gives only to get. The ego sees the world from a position of scarcity; it believes that everything it wants, it must fight for. Conflict and competition are its approach to life, and never is sharing regarded as gain. For the ego to gain, must another lose. If you follow the ego’s thought system, you are opposing God’s laws with everything you do. Thus are you guaranteed suffering and loss; and conflict and sorrow will be the conditions under which you live. No other outcome is possible if you choose to follow the guide who leads you into fear and pain.

What if you were to throw caution to the winds? To be cautious means to proceed slowly, examining things very closely and carefully before making a decision. This is the essence of the human condition, is it not? To judge, to weigh, to consider, to analyze, is how human life proceeds. Or to react, to act blindly, following impulses arising from habit, from addictions, from whatever particular distortions animate the mind. Human life fluctuates between these extremes, varying according to the individual’s disposition and changing events and circumstances.

The ego is itself a chaotic arrangement, feeling itself under constant threat, unaware of where it came from or where it is going. To try to control what happens to assure a favorable outcome makes perfect sense to the ego. By so doing it believes it can keep away what threatens it and assure its safety. The ego also tries to maximize what pleases it and avoid entirely or minimize what it does not like. And it will always try to avoid pain and discomfort and escape from fear.

If you do the ego’s bidding; if you identify yourself as a body in separation and accept the thought system that underlies this error, you will be subject to the constant movement of fear. Where fear rules the mind, peace is absent. Fear will always bring conflict in its wake; attack and defense will characterize your life and guide your decisions. The ego is fearful of everyone and everything. It carries the memory of that fearful moment when it arose as your response to what you did not understand. The state of separation is inherently fearful because what is separate from you, you do not understand. And what you do not understand, you fear. That which you do not understand must be defended against, for it is untrustworthy. All things that appear separate are regarded with suspicion.

Trust is impossible to find in such a world, reserved for those who have ‘proved’ themselves worthy; even then it can be withdrawn if you feel your trust has been betrayed. The ego’s trust is always given conditionally and jealously guarded that it may withdrawn at any time. No one can be trusted completely in the ego’s view, for the trusted one may suddenly turn and attack. The ego cannot but project its own untrustworthiness and ever-readiness to attack onto others, for what is believed inwardly is always projected and perceived as if outside of you.


Trust can only be given to what is true and unchanging. You can trust God and His Creation which is what you are. Nothing else is worthy of your trust though you need not fear it. Would you place your trust in the shifting sands of appearances, in circumstances that are inherently unstable? Nothing in the world of appearances can be trusted. That is not where you should place your trust. Trust in God and His Answer to the separation, and the circumstances of physical life will be adjusted accordingly. The biblical injunction to seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you, is true in the literal sense. Put your trust in God, allow the healing of your mind, give up the denial of and defense against the Truth, and God’s Blessings will rain upon you. God’s Gifts, which are not of this world, will be translated by the Holy Spirit into the physical conditions necessary for human life. Do not interfere with your Father’s giving and you will receive what you need.

To receive what you need is to recognize what you already have and to accept it. Your Father gave you everything in your creation. You lack nothing, yet you believe in a world of scarcity and so is lack then a part of your experience. To recognize that all you have comes from God and to accept that fact, frees your mind and allows the Holy Spirit to provide what you need at all times and in all circumstances. Nothing else need be done, for there is indeed nothing to be done other than to recognize your complete dependence on God and surrender to that Truth.


The recognition of Truth and your relationship to It, even in a world of separation, will set your mind on the path to freedom and true Self fulfillment. Life must take place in the context of right relationship to what is true and what is false to be meaningful. The great problem of this world, to find meaning amid meaninglessness, purpose among the purposeless, fulfillment in the midst of the unfulfilled, can only be solved through commitment to living a life of service to Truth. To serve the Truth is to accept your part in the Great Plan of Atonement, and do your best to complete it. By doing this, you become a source of Light and blessing in a world badly in need of both. We stand together, all who have made that commitment, in the Light and Love of God, as one endless chain of Grace and healing that circles the entire world and reaches all the way back to Heaven. There is no place where God’s Grace is not for those whose hearts are open to receive It, and by this receiving to share It with their brothers.

What is given to one is given to all, and what truly belongs to one heart extends to all hearts. How can that which is One be contained? All are included within Its beneficence. Limitless and forever extending, God’s Love is always available. There is nowhere It cannot be found. Yet you must meet Its conditions, for in a world of separate bodies, Love has been replaced by fear.


Fear maintains a stranglehold on the mind that has identified itself with a body, with separation. Life as a bodily identity sees threats everywhere it looks. Surrounded by enemies waiting for the opportune moment to strike, it cannot but be fearful in the face of constant danger. If you identify with the body, with the sense of separation that is the ego’s partial and distorted perception, fear will be your chosen companion and never will you find peace. The presence of fear will always engender conflict and drive peace from your mind.

Peace need not be absent from your awareness and will not be unless you value what has taken its place. The world offers you many gifts whose purpose is to take the place of peace. Do not accept the worthless offerings of the ego whose only goal is conflict. The ego does not know peace and will never accept it.

To commit yourself to peace is to turn your back on the ego in every way. You cannot identify yourself with the ego without choosing conflict as a way of life however that may be disguised. Let conflict go, banish it from your mind, and peace will prevail. Choose conflict, cherish attack in any form, and the chaos of war will obscure your natural state and peace will vanish.

There is no need to strive for peace. Like Love, it will be there when you have allowed all that obstructs your awareness of it to be healed. When the mind has been cleared of all attachment to conflict, of all need to defend and attack, peace will shine forth as your natural state. If you do not resist the Holy Spirit in His work of correcting and healing your mind, you will be speedily returned to the condition in which God is remembered.

Understanding Mind

Resistance to the Holy Spirit in the form of refusing to turn over decision making to the One Who knows, is why the transformation of mind seems to take forever. The mind is split. It contains conflicting and contradictory desires that literally obstruct and make impossible a return to Wholeness. Integration precedes Wholeness and makes it possible for the mind to recover its natural state. Integration of the mind replaces the conflicting desires and cross purposes with a single purpose, one that is true and capable of accomplishment. For those who seriously want to realize the Wholeness of Mind, the process starts with the practice of integration. To become aware of desire in all its forms that drive the mind, is the first step you must take. Without being aware of how and why the mind is as it is, you cannot begin to correct it. Present awareness, moment by moment, is the way to see your mind in action, to directly experience and become aware of the dynamics and movement of mind in your day to day life. Mind must be understood as it is, in its activity. It cannot be reduced to theory or description. Mind is alive and always active.

Through becoming aware of your mind in action, you can choose where you want it to go. You can direct it towards Truth, towards liberation, or you can continue to let the past play out its stale repetition of nothingness until you tire of it or death intervenes. As you become more and more aware of the activity of your mind, you will begin to understand how your thinking and your reactions, which are determined by your thinking, are responsible for the conditions and circumstances of your life. You will see how you are choosing happiness or conflict, Love or fear, with every decision you are making. When this becomes so consistently clear that it can no longer be denied; when you can no longer hide from what is in your mind and your responsibility for it; when self awareness becomes the way you live, then choosing begins to become consistent, for only what is true will attract you.

His Gifts

Whatever you need will be given you when you turn your life over to the higher purpose. By accepting God’s purpose as your own, you stop obstructing the flow of His Gifts into your life. When your will is not exercised in opposition to His, the way is open to receive His Gifts rather than deny Them. They are always available to His children but they must be accepted first. The mind focused on the shabby offerings of the ego, on the hollow honors and attainments the world bestows, is not open to receive. “Seek ye first the Kingdom” is the admonition to direct your mind and efforts towards that which is truly valuable and worthy of having. When you do so, what you need in the worldly sense will also be given. The Holy Spirit knows what you need and will provide it if you do your part to make yourself available to receive.

The great error that prevents this availability is the belief that you need to decide by yourself. Thereby do you impose another will between yourself and God, and while you believe such a thing is possible, your opposition to your Father will effectively exclude His help. God does not and has not abandoned His children; His children have abandoned Him. You cannot receive that which you are actively opposing. Refusal will always prevent reception.

The Defense Against God

The need to defend yourself against the return of God’s Presence to your awareness, is the reason behind the endless ‘busyness’ of the human mind. If you were to let go of all defenses against Him, your Father would reach down and lift you up. He cannot do so however, while you are actively resisting and denying Him. God remains with His Creation, it cannot be otherwise. Yet can the Son of God lose communication with his Father through the belief in an alien will. You cannot hold in your awareness what you fear and oppose. You will dissociate yourself from it, driving it from your mind and replacing it with what is an effective defense against its return.

There never will be a violation of your free will, for it was given you by God in your creation. God does not contradict Himself or violate His own Laws. Neither can anyone or anything else. His Laws were established for your protection and upheld by His Will which never changes. The responsibility for the condition of your mind, for what it includes and what it excludes, is yours and yours only. Your decisions, your choices, determine what lives in your awareness or slumbers in the depths of the unconscious. Once a decision has been made, it remains in effect until you revisit it and choose again. It matters not whether the decision was made long ago or yesterday. All of the mind’s decisions are final until changed or corrected.

Whatever you truly desire with all your heart and mind will be given you without delay. “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and all thy mind and all thy soul,” was the great law I expressed as reported in the Bible. This was the admonition to turn completely towards your Father without ambivalence, to desire only what is true, eternal, unchanging, and completely valuable. The vacillation between desiring only Truth or being attracted to illusion, prevents the acceptance of Truth now in Its completeness. A partial and erratic commitment will bring about inconsistent results.

What Limits Mind

The mind of separation, the perceptual mind, suffers from a split identity. This divides the energy of mind, weakening it, and destroys clarity. The motivation of such a mind is ambivalent and contradictory. Confusion prevails as long as conflicting desires, impulses, and goals dominate thinking and behavior. The mind is pulled in different directions, first this way and then that way. Each desire or impulse that arises takes the place of the one that preceded it. Thus is the mind in a state of constant agitation, chasing the shadows that flit across its surface, taking them to be real. While all your energy is used to perpetuate illusion, your mind will remain in bondage to what it made so long ago. The self made chains that bind you will not fall away while you are continually reinforcing them. Reinforcing faulty learning will not correct it. Faulty learning will not leave the mind that welcomed and cherished it as long as you are satisfied with the results of your thinking.

Until you recognize the cause of your suffering, you will not be willing to change your mind, to alter your thinking. To do so requires an honesty and a clarity you do not as of yet possess. It can be and must be developed however, if you would be free of suffering. The Holy Spirit will gently show you the true condition of your mind, of your life, if you will trust Him. He will help you become aware of all that you hide from yourself that you may see your mind as it is, not as you imagine it to be.

Whenever you choose what you do not realize will hurt you, you are being complicit in your own destruction. Suffering is not possible without your consent and active compliance with its conditions. Your lack of awareness of the part you play in bringing about the suffering in your life, keeps you prisoner to what you would escape. To be unaware of what shapes your life and determines its course and conditions, is to be as a leaf blown about by the shifting winds, landing for a moment it knows not where, then off again with every passing breeze. You are helpless in the face of what you do not know or understand.

The mind functions in a consistent way; this is determined by habits of thought and feeling and the beliefs that underlie them. Many beliefs are unconscious. You are unaware of them and the role they play in driving your thinking and controlling your behavior. They are not open to question or correction yet play an important role in your decisions.

The falsity in your mind cripples your understanding and limits your happiness. Everything that you believe is based on the past and does not serve you now. Unless you raise to question all that you believe, it cannot be corrected and replaced by true ideas. All that is false, untrue, yet living in your mind, must be undone to make room for Truth. There is nothing that cannot be done when the mind has been returned to Truth.

The mind in its natural state understands what is needed and what is unnecessary. What is true and what is false is easily recognized when you have allowed the Holy Spirit to guide you through the process of learning the difference between them. Your mind carries much within it in the form of old ideas, beliefs, values, and judgments. This past baggage will gradually be lifted from your mind, leaving it clean and empty, a fit vessel to receive the Truth.

There is a way to tell always what is needed and helpful and what must be discarded and left behind. That which leaves you in a state of peace, of love, of happiness, is to be accepted into your mind and cherished. All thoughts and feelings, all reactions that pull you away from the natural state of freedom, are to be corrected. Thus is your mind returned to Truth and Truth only. When only Love remains, God will return to your awareness.

Maintain Separation

Without constant and consistent effort, separation cannot be maintained for it is an unnatural state and therefore inherently unstable. Although separation is all you know, that does not mean it is your natural condition. You have forgotten who you are long ago and its memory is now beyond your reach. What is completely unnatural and unthinkable in your true state, has now become ‘normal’ and beyond question. The ego cannot allow you to question the reality of your experience under its guidance, for its carefully constructed picture of reality cannot stand up to careful scrutiny.

Without your consent, the picture of reality in separation will crumble into the nothingness it has always been. Only the abdication of responsibility for what you see and experience allows the ego to maintain the fiction that you are the effect of the world and not its cause. Thus are you the victim of what seems to happen to you and are not responsible for it. There are two ‘logical’ conclusions that arise from this view. First is the belief you are helpless in the face of what occurs, and thus you must protect yourself from the world. This perspective makes certain that fear is maintained in your mind which justifies the need to defend and attack. And you are thereby relieved of responsibility for your attacks on your brothers and unaffected by what you do to them.

The whole edifice of guilt, sin and attack, rests on the belief that you are not responsible for what happens in your life. This unquestioned assumption enables the entire belief system of separation to be maintained, and ensures the continuation of the ego’s role as your guide to decision making. It is vitally important to take back the responsibility for your life in every detail. In this decision is the invitation given to the Holy Spirit to offer you an alternative to the ego’s thought system.

The guide you choose to follow in your decision making determines the kind of life you will have. The ego’s guidance will lead you down many different paths, each with its own experiences and goals, for this is a world of apparent differences and varying outcomes. Yet are they all the same in one important way: no matter what happens, none of it is real. To chase illusions, to choose illusory goals, is to go nowhere; and to go nowhere is to waste the precious gift of life.


There is no condition in this world that is wholly satisfying and complete. All conditions and circumstances here are temporary, incomplete, and incapable of bringing you real fulfillment. How can that which is partial and changeable, as are all experiences of this world, ever bring lasting or deep satisfaction to the one who is whole, complete, and changeless? Nothing less than the return to Wholeness will ever satisfy you wholly.

The partial and limited nature of the ego self is a self-imposed limitation on your experience of yourself. To deny your Wholeness, which is the purpose of the worldly identity, will only bring you unhappiness and suffering. Your identity in separation is the root cause of all your suffering for it is the fact of separation from God that is fear and suffering itself. This fact is simply replicated in many different forms, yet is every form of suffering simply an expression of the condition of separation. Separation from God, from your Creator, is your one and only problem, the root cause and source of all perceived suffering, lack, and limitation.

When the egoic identity fails to satisfy you; when you began to recognize the inherent futility of being a body in ceaseless pursuit of satisfaction, the mind will began to open in a new direction. The honest recognition of the lack of meaning and fulfillment in your life, will inspire you to question deeply how you live and why. If you seize this moment, this opportunity, refusing to go back to sleep, the possibility will open before you to find another way to live, a way that is meaningful and true. This is the beginning of the journey back to your real home in God.

The Desire for Truth

What can bring you lasting peace and hope of healing all that brings you pain and suffering but yourself? There is no cause of pain and suffering outside your mind, and the solution must be where the cause is. You are both the problem and the solution. Nowhere else can they be found. The world is but your attempt to obscure this fact, and keep the idea of sin and guilt alive that they be seen as if outside of you. If you realize no one but you can affect you in any way, the appearances of guilt and sin you see all around you collapse into the nothingness they have always been. Only your mind can affect you and determine the condition you are in, even in this world. All power is given unto you but you have misused it to miscreate hell and turn you back on Heaven. However, you can turn your back on hell and return to Heaven anytime you choose. Everyone will make this choice in time so why wait? To wait is to prolong the time of needless suffering. You can begin the journey home right now in this present moment. All that is required is the sincere desire to do so. The Holy Spirit will respond to all sincere aspirations for Truth.

The only requirement for Truth is a sincere desire to attain it. Given this desire, willingness will develop over time. The willingness to heal the mind of all that obstructs Truth, the willingness to meet Its conditions, will grow and strengthen and carry you home. Your home has been waiting for your return since time began, and it will wait until time is no more and all waiting ended. There is no waiting in Heaven for waiting is of time and Truth knows only the eternal now.

While you dream of time and change and things not yet come, your true home will be unknown to you; waiting for a future still to come will seem to be a fact of your experience. Your return does not wait on time but on your readiness. In any one moment you can be lifted up, and time will be left behind forever. What is left behind is only what is no longer needed. You must learn to travel light, to lay down the heavy burden of unnecessary thought, of limiting and false beliefs. These serve only to weigh the mind down and obscure its natural freedom. There is no way to fly if you are weighed down by the heavy burden you have carried for so long. The mind’s natural inclination is to soar through the Heavens, yet it cannot unless the chains that bind it to the earth are broken.

Loose your mind from all it ever believed; let everything go that you have taught yourself, all your beliefs, conclusions, and assumptions. Nothing that you have been taught is true or useful on the spiritual journey. All is illusion, folly, false and limiting. You must let it go that your mind may become able to receive the Truth.

Holiness and Action

Will what you do help you or hurt you? Does what you do to others help or hurt? Do you act with Love, from Love, or from fear? Do your relations with your brothers take place in the Light of the Self or in the ignorance of the self? All selfish action will hurt you no matter what the apparent motivation. To act from the position of ego identification is to deny yourself the help you really need.

To function from the understanding that comes from trusting the Holy Spirit, is to assure yourself of real benefit that will result from your actions; all who are affected in any way by your decisions will also benefit. There is nothing that you do, think, or say that does not affect everyone and everything. To be aware of that fact is wisdom; and to live, to act, for the benefit of all is to bring Holiness Itself into all you do.

Holiness is what you are, the nature of your Being. You cannot be other than what you are. Dissociation from your real nature is the human condition, but this condition is not natural. Sure it is that in the world of seeming separation, Holiness is not apparent, being covered over by the refusal to love. Its absence is sorely felt for when Holiness is lacking, suffering will take its place. In fact, the absence of Holiness is suffering. When what is most holy marks your life through its influence, no real suffering is possible. In the presence of what is sacred, illusion loses its hold, allowing Truth to prevail.

Only the Self

Only the Self is real; all else that appears before your eyes is but the projections of mind: empty imagery without reality or substance. It is the taking of the world of appearance as real that lies behind all problems. What appears as an image in a dream cannot affect you in any way unless you forget that you are dreaming. The dream is very convincing in its effects, yet it is you who give it the power to deceive. If you remember that all life in separation is but a dream, that only God and His Creation are real, you are on your way to freedom. To recognize the bars that hold you prisoner are of your own making is the first step towards freedom. You need not break through the walls that seem to confine you; you need only recognize their unreality and you are free to go. The jailer guarding the walls all along was only your own mind. Only your thoughts keep you a prisoner to what does not exist, and only your thoughts will set you free.

Whenever the temptation to be as you are not arises in your mind, remember this: to be something other than what you are in Truth, will always lead to fear, pain, and suffering, and a deep sense of emptiness and despair. Only by being your Self can you find real fulfillment and return to freedom.

To live life as a body, an exile in a strange land, is the fate of those who refuse to question what they have been taught as reality. So long as willful ignorance blankets the mind, shutting out the Light, so long will you languish in a place that is not your home. While you refuse to raise to question the nature of the world you see, you remain its willing prisoner and will suffer at your own hand. It is your hand alone that is raised to strike, no matter from where the attack may seem to come. Forgive your brothers your sins and take back from them your demand they strike you down to punish you for what you have done. You have done nothing that calls for punishment. Only in dreams of madness could you believe such a thing. Lay down your weapons, end the war against yourself once and for all time. As you lay down all of your defenses, you will discover that nothing can threaten or disturb you in any way.

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