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Chapter Three

The Gifts of God

Holiness, like Light, extends Itself everywhere, joining with Itself unceasingly. The Holiness of the Father and the Son is the condition of all that is real. All that God created shares His Holiness. There is nothing real that does not shine in its kindly Light. Your Holiness guarantees that you will rest forever in deepest peace, undisturbed tranquility, and Love without limit.

The Gifts of God are given always to those who ask, for by asking do you receive what you already have. By giving do you accept what you have received. To ask and then to give what you receive, is the way of Love. Love only gives. Love wills only to give Itself, to extend Itself without ceasing. Among the Gifts of God is Love the highest, for all of God’s Gifts are contained within It. If you have Love, you have everything and God too, for God is Love as has been often said. All Love comes from God and is God. When Love is all you have, you will know God and His Son.

The Grace of God is given freely to all but you must be ready to receive It. Our Father’s Grace brings the Kingdom and the Glory to your experience in the dream. The world becomes a gentler place, a kinder place, shining with a different Light when you live in a state of Grace. When Grace envelops you, you will feel the Love of God and know you are safe. All of your cares will seem like nothing then. God’s Grace rests always on those who live in service to the Great Plan of Atonement. When your only concern is to fulfill the part assigned to you, Grace will follow you everywhere and nothing will be lacking.

Fear and Ignorance

There is nothing to fear ever. All fear is misguided belief in what is not true. To believe in what will not happen to what does not exist makes no sense. There is a constant movement of mind to conceal fear or avoid it through various activities that actually strengthen it, and thus allow fear to dominate your mind unchallenged. The strange distortion of thinking that is the fear of experiencing fear prevents a rational and sane response to the presence of fear in your mind. Instead of responding directly to fear itself, you are reacting to an automatic and unconscious response to fear which is fear of fear. This convoluted and indirect response leads to avoidance, and allows the continuance of fear itself as well as the fear of experiencing it. Thus fear remains a strong influence in your mind, and a powerful motivator that drives behavior.

Few realize the role played by fear in human life. In fact, the denial and dissociation that characterize ego consciousness, make accurate perception impossible. Without perceiving the condition of your mind as it is, there is no chance to actually introduce correction, that the dark shadow of fear be lifted and freedom restored.

The first requirement for healing your mind is to become aware of what is in it. The unawareness of the content of mind, and how it affects and controls behavior, protects and maintains the ego’s control and domination. You do not realize that your thinking, motivation, and behavior, arise from a part of your mind that is simply an error, a mistake made long ago and kept alive through memory and projection. The misidentification this fosters has caused untold misery, and has cost you the awareness of your true identity in God. Without the awareness of what you truly are, you will continue to be what you are not, and pay a heavy price for your ignorance.

The Power of Thought

There is no way to avoid the effects of your thinking. Cause and effect are never separate. Right thinking, thinking guided by the Holy Spirit, will have positive and helpful results. All thinking that originates with the ego, will be self defeating and will only perpetuate suffering. By the conditions of your life and the state of your mind is it apparent whose thoughts have your allegiance.

Never underestimate the power of thought. Your thought has made a world, a universe of separation ruled by chaos. The creative power of thought given you by God in your creation, has been misused to make a world that stands in opposition to God, to Love. This world does not exist in Truth, yet does the power of belief give it apparent existence in your mind. Illusions are as strong in their effects as is the Truth in your experience, until you withdraw the power you gave them and they collapse into nothingness. As long as you wish them to be true, so long will they define your life and control your mind.

The power of mind is unrecognized in the ego’s world, for it is perceived as a threat. The ego does everything possible to channelize and control the use of mind, that it be used in ways that confirm and strengthen separation. The illusion of using mind to accomplish things in this world has the ego’s support and approval. While you are busy pursuing worldly goals, your mind is too busy to perceive where all such goals are leading you. No matter how lofty or stimulating, all roads in this world end in death.

Do not forget your Father needs you as much as you need Him. Without your Father are you bereft of Being. His Being is yours, your Mind is His. You live and move in God; the Love in your heart is God’s Love. The strength that carries you back to Truth is His. There is nothing that is truly yours that is not of God. All that you have comes from Him forever.

The Price of Freedom

What is the price of freedom? Only your self, the self that is not free. You must give up the self you made to take the place of Reality. Freedom has not gone; it has been eclipsed by the choice of illusion. You cannot have freedom and illusion; one or the other will be your state of mind, but not both. Freedom as an illusory, separate self is not possible. The self lives in bondage to fear, limited to a body, surrounded by that which is beyond its control, subject to threat from many different forces. Constant struggle and continuous defense against enemies from within and without characterize its little life.

The body can never be free; it was made as a defense against freedom, to limit and imprison the mind. Identify with the body and you have voluntarily entered the cage in which freedom cannot be found. Seek freedom as a bodily identity, and you will find but illusions of what you seek. Nothing of value, not safety, not security, not freedom, can be found in a dream in which you imagine you are what you are not. Only chaos and the repetition of a meaningless journey over and over, will be your reward for the choice of illusion over Truth.

If you would be free once again, you must return to God, for only by being as you were created, by being what you are still, can your natural state of freedom be restored. The Self is freedom, joy, bliss; It is unlimited, unbound, beyond containment of any kind. God created you as freedom itself; only your decision keeps you in chains.

Whenever you choose to be what you are not, you have decided against your freedom. Do not make the mistake of seeking freedom within the conditions of this world. You will not find it here. True freedom is unbound and unaffected by appearances, by situations and circumstances that are unstable and constantly changing. Freedom is of the Spirit, of Mind, not of the body. The body may go on as before, playing out its assigned role in the dream, yet is the Self unaffected, forever free. It is not the body that separates you from the state of freedom, it is your mind.

Now is the only time you can be free. In the present moment freedom awaits you, waiting for your choice to be as you are and leave the past behind. The past need not hold you down. Your mind will yet leave the earth and soar through the heavens on the wings of Love. Nothing will keep you a prisoner in a world of separation when you hear your Father calling, and you will only to answer Him.


Whenever you make a decision not based on Truth, you will suffer. Every decision has the power to bring you Heaven or hell. No choice is too trivial to have consequences. You will know what you have chosen by how you feel and the results it brings. Unless you are paying close attention to how you are feeling, you will not be able to associate your decisions with your state of mind. Cause and effect are never separate, and it is very important to recognize consistently the direct link between how you feel and the choices you are making.

What basis do you have to evaluate your choices except by their effects? Your unawareness of the power of your thinking and deciding, and of their effects on your mind and your life, leaves you with no consistent way to evaluate your decisions. How you use your mind is all important, for your life is the expression of the choices you are making, and your choices are the results of your beliefs.

Do you like the way you are feeling? Are you happy with the life you are leading? These questions are not about goals or achievements, but about how you feel in your mind and heart, and whether your life is an expression of Love and happiness. Is a life of unawareness about who you are and what your purpose is, worth living? Is a life not infused with Love and joy meaningful? Does it profit you to gain the whole world and yet lose the awareness of your soul? These are the questions the world never asks, for these are the questions that will place your feet on the road to freedom.

The mind of separation is limited by fear and blinded by desire. In such a condition, it cannot perceive or think clearly. The questions needing to be asked are not allowed to enter awareness. Such questions are left to the philosophers to be endlessly examined conceptually, obscured by verbal complexity, and never answered with certainty. The ego is fond of endlessly debating ideas without ever reaching resolution. As the ego understands nothing, it is not to the ego you must look for the answers you need.

Your Reality

Through the Holy Spirit in your mind, you are guided to right understanding of yourself and your part in the Great Plan of Atonement. Understanding, though it begins with verbal comprehension, must go beyond the intellect to be real understanding. What you are must be directly experienced beyond thinking, beyond concepts, for understanding to be complete. Spiritual life and its conditions and requirements cannot be understood by the intellect no matter how brilliant. The Reality of what you are is beyond body and mind, beyond feelings and concepts. Reality cannot be reached by the mind, by any egoically motivated seeking.

The Self waits for you beyond all thought and belief, all ideas of what you are and what you are not, beyond what you think you know. It waits for you in stillness and deepest silence. The Self is not known through perception. Perception leads to indirect knowing but never to knowledge. Perception is always symbolic, be it inner or outer; it can never find the Self for the Self is beyond perception. The Self can only be known by you as you without the separation that perception brings. You have never been other than the Christ and you never will be. The belief that it is possible to be something else is your only problem. This error has cost you everything and given you nothing in return.

Perception and knowledge never meet, yet can wholly unified perception approach knowledge and draw near to it, for it does not oppose knowledge in any way. Through the Vision of Christ is perception brought so close to knowledge that knowledge can flow across the little gap and restore you to the Kingdom. When you draw close enough to your Father through your Love for Him, He will reach down and lift you up.

Learning and Purpose

While you find yourself in a world of separation, in apparent association with bodily form, there is still learning to be done. Learning is a skill you invented after knowledge was lost through the separation. It became necessary for learning to take place in order to correct error in your mind and bring your mind back into alignment with Truth. While your thinking is in a state of opposition to Truth, illusion will rule your mind and maintain the imprisonment from which you suffer.

Learning, like all that you have invented, can be used by the Holy Spirit Who gives it another purpose. You have used learning to support and confirm separation, to deepen your commitment to identify yourself as a body. You have filled your mind with meaningless ‘facts’, and established thereby a basis from which to judge and evaluate. Through a process of constant judgment, you confirm the rightness of your perceptions, and establish your beliefs about yourself and the world as true.

Yet is perception a variable process, affected and shaped by the mind’s preestablished belief system, and by what you desire to be true. Nothing in the world of perception can be trusted. Variable, constantly changing, shifting first one way then the other, perception always involves selection and interpretation. It cannot be otherwise, for the mind is always trying to find meaning and purpose under the unstable conditions and chaos of the world of separation. The mind of perception has lost the condition of knowledge; it does not know anything. Consequently, meaning and true purpose have also been lost.

Life without a sense of purpose is impossible. If the awareness of real purpose has vanished from the mind, you will find a substitute. This does not mean that what you have chosen to take the place of real purpose is real or meaningful, but you will believe in it, cherish and protect it, because you have chosen it. By the power of belief does it become real to you. Whatever you do, you will be acting in the light of what you value as the central purpose of your life. It matters not if that purpose be conscious or unconscious. It will infuse your actions and determine your life’s direction.

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