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Hang on a sec…

The Christ has need of helpers in the world of form
and separation. Each one brings a Light that shines away
all darkness. Each one bears a message of Love and hope,
of resurrection and the end of death’s harsh rule.
You’re the One. You’re the one He needs.
Without you, there is no salvation.


The teaching presented in these pages is the result of a collaboration between the Mind of Jesus of Nazareth and myself. This teaching, to put it simply and directly, has been scribed. The content, the ideas, as well as the form in which they are expressed, have been received directly from the Mind of Jesus and written down as they were received. The content has not been altered or changed in any way. The original form of expression has been preserved with only minor changes. Throughout the transcription of this material, there has been a careful process of editing to ensure clarity and ease of expression.

I have made every effort not to interfere with His transmission, to receive it as clearly and directly as possible, and to record it literally as I have received it.

The process of transmission and reception was simple and direct. In full conscious awareness, in a relaxed and receptive state of mind, I would receive the first words or phrase of a sentence through a kind of inner hearing. As I wrote them down, more words would come until the sentence was complete. Then the next sentence would begin. I never knew at the beginning of a sentence, how it would end.

In 1984, I began working with the profound teaching that is A Course in Miracles. By 1985, I began to hear the still, small voice of Spirit, the Voice for God, that is described in the Course as the Holy Spirit. I have done my best to follow the guidance I receive from Him ever since. From time to time, I would have the experience that Jesus was speaking to me also.

Then in January of this year, 2012, I began to experience a deepening and continuous communication with the Mind of Jesus. Much to my surprise, He asked me to take dictation, to write down a teaching He would give me that was to be published in book form. In addition to providing the material for this book, Jesus has guided me through every step of the process, from start to finish. Everything necessary for the publication of this book was miraculously provided when and as needed. This whole project has been a miracle, every step of the way. To have been part of it has been a great blessing. For that I thank Jesus, the Holy Spirit, my Heavenly Father, and all my brothers who have helped me along the way.

This teaching is intended to be a kind of later day supplement to A Course in Miracles. Indeed, at times even the language of the Course itself is used. This teaching is presented as an additional explanation and exposition of some of the main ideas presented in the Course. It also contains some material not found in the Course, material reminiscent of the spiritual teachings of other versions of the universal curriculum such as Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism.

My sincere wish is that this teaching be helpful to students of A Course in Miracles, aiding their study, understanding, and application of the principles of the Course, and helping them awaken to the Christ, the Self, Who is their true identity. For readers who are not actively working with the Course at this time, may you be inspired to begin this work, if you are so guided. In any case, may all find within these pages much that is helpful and useful to them on their spiritual journey.

Any errors of content or expression of this material are mine and mine only. For that, I ask the reader’s forbearance and forgiveness.

May God bless you and keep you, and I pray that you may soon find your way Home. Thank you. Thank you, Father.

Darrell Morley Price
Chico, California
October 2012

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