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I thank you my brother, for your Love and dedication to Truth. God waits for our return, the gate is always open. Yet only you can determine when you will walk through it. Time waits only on your decision, for your return Home is certain. You cannot fail to do your Father’s Will, to be what you are in Truth. His Will is done on earth as It is in Heaven.

Now your eyes are beginning to open, as the Christ Light within you is shining once again. The memory of Truth rises to your awareness, dispelling the darkness, ending the long, weary night of ignorance. The Spiritual Sun is rising in the east, Its bright rays warming the earth and everywhere you look you see a new world, a world ruled by peace and justice, where Love and kindness are shared by all. All that is given is returned many times over, for God’s laws prevail, even in the dream, for those who abandon themselves to Love.

Only what is true and good will enter your holy mind. And goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life, until you return to dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

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