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Chapter Eleven

Truth and Freedom

God is all in all. There is nothing outside of God; all that exists has its Being and Life in Him. What is unlike God, what contradicts or opposes Him, does not exist in fact, for He is the only Source and all that He created shares His qualities. Anything created by God cannot change itself into something else. Its being is in God, remains in God, and is unalterable in Truth. What God created cannot create anything unlike itself. To create is to extend your Being, your Mind, your Love and Light; only this is true Creation. Creation is not subject to change; It cannot turn into something unlike itself, something opposed to itself or its Source.

Truth is not relative, It is absolute. There are no degrees of Truth or partial truths. Every part of Truth is complete and whole, and contains, and is contained by, every part of Truth. All of It is contained in each part, and each part is contained in all of It. No difference exists anywhere in It, and no divisions. Truth is One and therein lies Its meaning. Whenever you do anything for the good of the Whole, you are confirming Truth in your mind. When you act for yourself alone, in your self-interest only, you are rejecting Truth and embracing the illusion of separation.

Dreaming a World

The world you see and the separate identity you have given yourself, which is but an image, do not exist in truth. You who are formless, unlimited, and eternally One, cannot change yourself into something that has form, is beset by limitations of all kinds, lives in a state of separation from the rest of Creation, and is subject to death, or the cessation of life. In this world it does appear that you are a separate, limited identity; your perception and experience serve to “prove” or confirm this. In fact, perception proves only that you are experiencing something. It does not prove that what you are experiencing is really out there, or real in any true sense.

When you dream at night, you see a world surrounding you, with separate forms and figures coming and going, and various events taking place. Yet when you awaken in the morning, you realize it was all a dream; everything was taking place only in your mind. There was no world, no forms that were separate and outside of you. It was but a dream that appeared real to you, until you woke up and realized it had no existence outside of your mind.

The same can be said of the so-called “waking state.” Now it seems real, and you appear to be caught in something not of your own making and beyond your control; yet when you awaken to the Truth, you will see this too is but a dream. The mind of separation goes from sleeping dream to waking dream, and never is Reality evident.

Awakening is simply the return to your awareness of what you are in Truth; thus your experience of yourself and the world is transformed. You have not been, and can never be, what you are not, yet in dreams you can project an identity and a world in which Reality is lost to you. This projection will seem real, and have effects that are experienced as real. Pain, sickness, suffering, and death, are certainly experienced as real. Yet it is the power of belief that makes it so, for illusions are as strong in their effects as is the Truth for those who believe in them.

What will happen if you let go your belief in the reality of a separate world? You will be free of fear, and you will see the Unity of all life and know your Self again. The belief in separation imprisons your mind, seeming to limit it to a body. Without this belief will your mind be free to return to the realization of Truth. Only your thoughts imprison you, and only by changing your thoughts will you be free.

The mind, even while sleeping, nevertheless seeks Wholeness and freedom. The constant search of the egoically identified mind for stimulation, pleasure, and attainments, is in reality a search for Wholeness. Feeling empty, incomplete, because of its separation from its Source, the mind is moved to fill the emptiness, to try and recover its Wholeness. The attempt to do so through the things of this world, is misguided and destined to fail.

Your Wholeness has not been lost, only the awareness of It; the task is then to recover this awareness. You must stop looking outside yourself for completion, for fulfillment, for Truth. It is not there. When you are ready to give up all your futile efforts to find what is not lost, then can you begin to search instead for all that blocks and obstructs you from experiencing what has always been there in your mind, the Self. It has been waiting patiently, softly calling you, until you are ready to hear. Happiness will never be yours until you embrace the Truth and willingly move in Its direction. When you return to the Self, you find joy, peace, and happiness that never end; and you rest in the Truth of your Being once again, restored to your Home in God.

Freedom and Choice

Whatever the cost of freedom, you must be willing and able to pay it. To be truly free requires the giving up of all that limits you and prevents the Truth from returning to your mind. It is the Truth that sets you free; you must learn to recognize what is Truth and what is illusion. Illusion binds you and destroys freedom. This cannot be done without your consent, your choice, for the power of decision and belief makes illusion, giving it the power to limit you.

You have voluntarily given up your Self, and the natural freedom of mind, in return for an image you have made to take Its place. The ego self you have made is the enemy of freedom; never will you be free while you identify yourself with what you are not. The ego promises freedom and happiness if you will do what it tells you, but all you will ever find by following the ego’s bidding is sorrow and death. Always is it your choice which guide to follow in decision making, and to trust the Holy Spirit is to move in the direction of Truth and freedom.

Remember this, and remember it well, for I will return to this point again and again: Freedom is not of the body nor can it be found through the pursuit of anything in this world. You will not attain freedom here. Through the transcendence of the world, through the leaving of it, will your natural freedom be restored. Freedom is of the Mind, of the Self. It has nothing to do with the world of separation, though you may live here in a state of freedom if you so choose.

Unless you are free, you cannot show your brothers the way to freedom; all that you are must be given or shared with them. Through the giving of the Gifts of God you have received, you become capable of keeping Them, for Their meaning is accepted only through the recognition that They are for all and must therefore be shared. These Gifts cannot become a part of you unless you accept Them as They are, and as Their purpose is.

Whenever you make a choice for Truth, you move a little closer to freedom, for Truth and freedom are One. There is no freedom without Truth, and no Truth without freedom. Freedom, being a part of Truth, is what you are. You are not simply free, you are freedom itself.

Never must you give up your freedom of choice in this world, for it is the only freedom left to you in the state of separation. As such, it is your way out of the imprisonment you have invented for yourself. If choice is consistently exercised under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it will lead you along the path of learning, until learning is complete. Your Father will then reach down and lift you up, and you will leave this world forever.

Until then, you must remember to be consistently vigilant for Truth and against the ego. Every choice you make takes you closer to Truth or away from It; there is no in-between. You cannot stand still as the mind is unceasingly active, manufacturing illusion or returning to Truth. The mind is creating every moment, and always as you desire. What is created is a response to what you want to be true. Thus it remains your decision always as to what you want, Heaven or hell.

Decision making goes on constantly, often just below the threshold of awareness, but decision is decision. Decision follows and reinforces desire; your mind will create accordingly, whether you are aware of it or not. You must become aware of the constant activity of your mind, in all ways; thereby do you become capable of making only the decision for Truth. As long as decisions are made unconsciously, to any degree, the momentum for illusion is maintained, and freedom will not be yours. Every moment of your life is given to Truth or illusion, to freedom or imprisonment.

Forgiveness Revisited

Forgiveness leads to happiness, nowhere else will you find it. We have said that happiness does not depend on the changing conditions and circumstances of this world; it is not a result of goals attained or pleasures or stimulations or honors or recognition that the world bestows. Happiness is what you are in truth; it is your nature to be happy, to be happy for no reason.

To realize the happiness that is you, you must be restored to Truth. This can happen only through the relinquishment of judgement and the practice of forgiveness. The world you see rests on judgement; through the act of judging, you maintain the world in your mind. Without judgement is your mind available to Truth. Through forgiveness is your mind freed of guilt and sin. A mind emptied of judgement, guilt, and sin, has made a place for Truth to return; and peace, joy, and happiness, will then be the constant state of mind in which you live.

Forgiveness is your function in this world. Through forgiveness you offer miracles of Love to heal and bless your brothers. Through forgiveness is your mind healed and returned to Love. Through the practice of forgiveness is the Vision of Christ given you, and perception unified. Through forgiveness is the world redeemed, becoming a place where the Son of God can rest for a little while.

A world redeemed and forgiven is a happy world wherein is reflected the Love of God, and kindness and mercy prevail. Such is the world you will inhabit when you have accepted the function God gave you in truth. Happiness requires that you fulfill your function, for to fulfill your function is happiness.

Healing the Mind

What takes place beneath the threshold of conscious awareness affects your mind, although you are not aware of it. All that happens in consciousness affects you. It is very important to become as aware as possible of the thought processes of your mind, of all movement and activity. You are completely responsible for your mind and everything in it.

To heal the mind, to return it to Wholeness and Truth, requires a deep, constant, and consistent awareness, and an uncompromising commitment. You must want Truth above all else. Eventually, you will want only to awaken to Truth; nothing else will have value or meaning for you. When this state of mind is reached, Truth is very near, and time is growing short.

Only what the mind truly desires will it achieve. To desire something wholly is to make certain it will be attained, and quickly too. Time waits only on your single purpose. One purpose, united in itself, enables the Holy Spirit to give you everything He has been given to give you. He will hold nothing back when you are ready to receive, and through your single purpose is your readiness assured.

How is it that you act consistently against your own self-interest? Surely, this is neither sane nor rational. Would you do this if you were truly aware of what you are doing and its consequences? The obvious answer is no. The issue is thus: Why are you not aware? Why do you not want to be aware? This is a choice you are consistently and habitually making.

The answer is simple: You are in a state of continuous and constant identification with the ego in your mind. The ego, the thought system of separation, has arisen as a response to fear; its core and foundation are fear and guilt. To identify with the ego and operate accordingly, is to live in and act from fear. This is often not readily apparent to those who choose the ego as their identity and guide, as fear takes many forms and wears many disguises.

Only those who are willing to become aware of the deep fear that pervades and limits the mind, can eventually be free of it. As long as fear remains obscured by ignorance and willful choice, it will maintain its hold on your mind; and pain, conflict, and sorrow will be your constant companions. The process of Atonement, the undoing of your false mind, is essentially focused on healing fear and guilt, thus freeing your mind to return to Love. Only when your mind is fundamentally free from fear and its effects, can Love return and reclaim your mind for Truth.

To choose the ego as your guide is not simply a poor choice, it is a disastrous one. All the troubles and problems of the world arise from this misidentification. In fact, the world itself is a projection of this error. The ego itself is simply a mistake made so long ago, that no longer does even the memory of it remain. This mistake lives on in your mind, and is repeated every time you make a decision with the ego as your guide.

You who have lived so long in a dream of suffering and death, far from your Home in your Father, please listen, and listen well. You are not a body destined only to suffer and die. You are not a prisoner in a world separate from you, indifferent to your welfare. You cannot attack or be attacked, be threatened in any way, suffer loss, or be made to sacrifice.

You have dreamed a dream, a dream that is over yet held in memory, and relived every moment as if it were before you still. You can be free of this dream any moment you choose, if you let the Holy Spirit guide your decisions. The world may still appear before your eyes, but vision will be given you to look beyond it and see the Light of Heaven, the Love of God, and the Unity that embraces all, reflected here.

A forgiven world, a happy dream in which awakening appears, is the last stage of your journey. It will take you up to Heaven’s Gate, where you may rest a little while until your mind is made ready. When that is accomplished, your Father will take the last step Himself, lifting you up to Heaven. Even the memory of this world will vanish from your Holy Mind, for memory will be meaningless then. This is where the Atonement will lead you, the goal towards which all spiritual discipline is directed.

Until then there is much to do, for forgiveness must be learned and practiced until it becomes perfect, and your mind returned to the ways of Love. Patience, unlimited patience, is required every step of the way, for only thus do you receive immediate results. When God is all you want, when Love is all you are, time will last but a moment, until Eternity comes to take its place.

Tolerance and Trust

Tolerance is essential to the progress of a teacher of God. Only the kind and forgiving mind is tolerant; tolerance arises from non-judgement and the acceptance of things as they are. To let your brother be as he is, is to make no demands, to release all expectations, and give him the freedom to pursue his own course, however that may look.

Tolerance recognizes that judgement is the Holy Spirit’s function. His judgement of the Son of God is always the same: God’s Son is guiltless, wholly worthy of His Father’s Love, forever. All else is just dream projections, meaningless and untrue. Tolerance expresses the recognition that all of God’s Creation is equal in every way; all differences are temporary, time bound, and will disappear in the end.

Tolerance arises from trust, when trust has been sufficiently developed. Trust is based on the recognition that you are beloved of God, you are Spirit and not a body, and you are safe forever. Even in this world you are guided, taken care of, and given what you need, always. The development of trust is usually a relatively long process, though it need not be. It starts with the willingness to accept that what you thought you knew is worthless. This the recognition that is crucial, for as long as you think what you believe has value, you will not be willing to let it go, to let your mind be undone. Everything you believe is false and will only hurt you. All that is false must be given up, that your mind be empty and free to receive Truth.

Little by little, as your willingness grows, you will let your mind be undone, and what you learn of the Holy Spirit will take the place of illusion. A continuing surrender, and the gradual increase of willingness, enable real trust to become a part of your mind, giving you a basis from which to make decisions.

The idea of sacrifice, so central to the human mind, is a limiting factor in the development of trust. As you learn to release this belief by recognizing its falsity, trust will strengthen accordingly. Eventually you will reach the stage where all judgement is relinquished, given back to the Holy Spirit Whose function it is, and you will ask only for what you really want, at all times and under all circumstances. Trust will then have been made complete.

Trust must be developed, and become a defining characteristic of your life, if you are to leave this world and return to Heaven. The lack of trust in the Higher Power, in God, and the decision instead to place your trust in the self you have made and all you have taught yourself, keeps you a prisoner. Trust, or the lack of it, is one of the defining factors determining your experience and shaping your life. As always the choice is between two, and only two, alternatives: You trust the Holy Spirit and turn over decision making to Him; or you choose the ego as your guide and make all decisions in isolation from all others, for yourself alone.

You are not alone; everything you think or feel or do has an effect on the whole. Your responsibility is total, constant, and unceasing. You do not live for yourself alone, although the ego would have you think it so. Only through acceptance of your true relationship with all of life, will awareness of Wholeness, of Unity, be restored. To exclude any brother from your love, to hold anyone outside, is to refuse a part of yourself. You cannot be whole unless this is what you want; to want Wholeness is to accept all that is part of It and thus part of yourself.

The Real Correction

When you are ready to return to the Kingdom, the means will be given you. The Holy Spirit has the means, holding them for you until you are ready to use them. Readiness to use them is the recognition that happiness cannot be found here, as the world you see is not your Home. Everyone will come to this realization in time. When, is determined by the mind itself, for each must make this decision; no one can make it for you. When you are ready, the help you can accept will be given you, and the journey back to Truth will begin. Until then, nothing can be done, for willingness cannot be thrust upon you; your free will cannot, and will not, be violated.

The journey back is as short or as long as you make it. Your willingness, consistency, and perseverance determine the speed at which you travel. Your life is yours to choose in every detail; you will be helped, but only the help you can accept will be available to you. Yet once the decision is truly made to return to Truth, your course is set and the end is certain.

To save time becomes the focus of your effort, for who would linger in a place recognized as meaningless, when all meaning and joy await your return? Who would stay a moment longer than necessary in a place of sadness and death? Your Father calls you, your brothers wait for you to set them free, and the gates of Heaven stand open to receive you.

What the Holy Spirit desires for you is perfect happiness. He has no other goal than your highest good. To Him, all else is irrelevant and unnecessary, yet He recognizes that you do not understand what is important and helpful, and what is not. And so He guides you carefully, steadily, on a course towards Truth. The Holy Spirit must first teach you to trust Him, even if only a little, in order to open your mind to the help He offers you. If you do not accept help, through the recognition that you know nothing and that you must be taught from a level of mind beyond the ego, very little can be done. The belief that you know what is best, that you know what you are, is a perfect defense against the Truth, and will simply perpetuate the illusory state in which you find yourself and the inevitable pain and suffering that characterize it.

You need no help to be the Truth for Truth is what you are. In the state of separation however, Truth has been banished from your awareness, replaced by a dream in which you are what you are not. In this condition, you need help from beyond the dream, beyond the illusion, for you have surrounded your mind with false beliefs of what you are, and cannot see beyond them and the experience they bring. A power that comes from Truth Itself is needed to free you from the prison you have constructed around your mind.

It is crucial that your mind be open to the recognition of the state it is in; from this arises the desire to find another way to live. This recognition is not a matter of conceptual reasoning; the ego is very clever, and will always obscure and misdirect any attempt to honestly understand. This recognition, this insight or direct seeing, is not a conceptual process, although conceptual understanding may be helpful in bringing about the opening of mind. The willingness to see truly is all that is required. Through this willingness, understanding will come, for it is given as soon as you are willing to receive it.

Once you begin to trust the Holy Spirit, and relinquish your need to decide based on your understanding, the real correction of your mind can begin. There is nothing you can do to avoid or circumvent this process, if you truly desire to awaken. Your mind is filled by false beliefs about yourself and the world. All that is false must be undone, released, to make way for ideas that represent Truth, and prepare the mind for Its coming. There is room in your mind for only one thought system, the thought system of Truth or the thought system of illusion.

In the original error was the Truth replaced by the belief in separation and the thought system it produced. This error must be reversed and undone to heal the mind of the effects of illusion, making room for Truth’s return. Truth comes to an empty mind, cleared of all thought that is a denial of and defense against It. When all you want is Truth, Its coming will not be long delayed.

The longer you work with the Holy Spirit and follow His guidance, the stronger will your trust in Him grow. He has unlimited trust in you, for He knows you as the Holy Son of God, and wills only to restore this knowledge to your awareness. When once you begin to experience the results of letting Him guide your decisions, you will lose all interest in relying on yourself alone. It will become more and more apparent to you as time goes on, that to rely on the ego as your guide is to court disaster. The correct choice between the two alternatives becomes increasingly easy to make, as your experience of the very different consequences that result from choosing Truth becomes consistent. Your conviction will grow as a result of experience, for who can deny the direct demonstration that experience provides? Ultimately, only direct experience can provide unshakeable conviction. The experience of what you are in Truth, will remove all doubt, but until that day comes you must rely on trust.

How can you be free, unless you recognize the illusion that seems to surround you has only the power you gave it, and you withdraw the power you gave it to limit and affect you? As long as you seem to be helpless in the face of what is outside of you and beyond your control, you will not be free. The forgetting of the role you play in making what you see, has denied your freedom.

There Is No World

There is no world outside of what you have made. It is a projection of your mind, made for the express purpose of limiting you to a form, a symbol of separation, a self not created by God. The world is a place where God is absent and Love has been excluded. You cannot be your true Self in a world of separation until you truly desire to know It again, and are willing to meet the conditions under which your Self can return to your awareness.

One of these conditions is the acceptance of complete responsibility for everything that happens in your life. You must give up the belief that you can be unfairly treated or made to suffer loss. If you cannot be attacked in any way, if nothing outside of you can hurt you, then is no one guilty of mistreating you, no matter how it may appear. You are responsible for it is your dream, and you would not react to happenings in a dream you knew you were dreaming. The forgetting of the fact that you are dreaming, establishes the perception of the world as real, giving it apparent effects on you beyond your control.

No matter what happens in the dream, you are doing it unto yourself. This is the secret of salvation, and this lesson, truly and consistently learned, will set you free. This is completely opposite to the way you think, for your thinking is based on the belief in fear, sin, and guilt; this belief underlies and “proves” the reality of the world of separation.

The belief in the reality of separation must be relinquished, or at the very least seriously questioned, before the experience of the Self, of the Unity, as what you truly are, is possible. As long as you do not raise to question what perception tells you, and what the ego has taught, you will be a prisoner here by your own election.

Nothing can be done to open a mind from the outside, opening must come from within. All the help you need is available at any time, if you are willing to accept it. Your progress in the learning of Truth and the unlearning of illusion is marked by the increase in willingness to receive the help and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The more you open your mind to Him, the more He can give you, for He wills to give you everything God has given Him for you.

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