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Chapter Five

The Rise of Truth

Whenever you are not happy, not joyful, it is because you have decided not to be. This is not a conscious decision to not be happy, but is rather a choosing of thoughts and feelings that make happiness impossible. If you seek for happiness where it cannot be found, you will not be happy. You need not search for happiness, it is not here among the things of this world. Like all that is true, happiness simply is. To be truly happy is to be happy for no reason. Being not of this world, happiness does not depend on conditions or circumstances. You need only decide to be as you truly are and happiness will rush to greet you. The Holy Spirit will guide you in the ways of happiness, for He needs you to be a happy learner. There is no need for unhappiness in your mind. You have suffered long enough, and to be weakened and distracted by unhappiness will reduce your ability to learn.

Whatever you want to learn is what you will learn. Great is the learning ability of God’s Son, and given the motivation to learn what is true, much can be accomplished. The only thing that imposes limits on your learning is the degree of willingness you bring to the process. The more value you see in what you are learning, the greater the willingness to learn it. Truth is totally valuable. In fact, Its value cannot be described in words, because It is immeasurable, being far beyond the mind of separation and its concepts. All learning that is of this world is, in comparison, valueless.

The function of the Holy Spirit is to arouse in you the desire for Truth. He holds this desire for you until you are ready; then He delivers it to you, to become a part of your mind. The call for Truth will exert an irresistible attraction on your mind, if you will let it. The ego counters this call by obscuring it, by drowning it out with a constant stream of thoughts and impulses. By keeping you constantly busy responding to internal and external stimulation, there is no place in your mind where the call of Truth can be received. You have forgotten Truth so long ago, even Its memory is no longer accessible to you without help. The Holy Spirit is the call to awaken, to return to the Kingdom. He is a part of your Higher Mind, and He holds for you the memory of all that is good and true.

The Ego as Belief

Whatever arises in your mind as thought or feeling comes from one of two sources: the ego or the Holy Spirit. There are no others. The ego speaks to you through a constant stream of thoughts, feelings, and impulses, whose purpose is to dominate the conscious mind, control its attention faculty, and keep it busy reacting to and acting out egoic content. The conscious mind is a kind of receptor, or receptive level of awareness, that receives impulses from the unconscious and acts upon them. Action or behavior follows thought, which is why your thought system is so important. Virtually all behavior and perception are determined by your thinking. Whenever you act upon thoughts and impulses received from the egoic levels of the unconscious, you are responding mechanically, automatically, uncreatively.

This is the nature of the ego: a static core that is the belief in separation, and a set of repetitive, habitual patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior. The ego is unloving, having been made in fear and as a response to fear. All it can ever offer you is the continuation of that moment of fear and separation in which it originated. Love is not a part of its repertoire, although the ego will never allow that to be revealed. This must be kept hidden along with the malice it bears towards you, for it regards you as guilty, and deserving of punishment and death. This will never change for the ego itself is beyond redemption, being the denial of redemption and the constant attack upon it.

There is only one way to respond to the ego sanely: to withdraw your allegiance and identification with it. The ego is not you, although it would have you believe that it is. The ego does not have your best interest as its purpose, and in fact, just the opposite is true, although this is disguised and kept from your awareness, or you would renounce the ego immediately.

The ego is the belief you are separate from your Creator and your Self, and are a bodily identity in a world of form. Thus is it a belief about yourself, about reality; and the ego’s thought system is the crystallization and expression of that belief in many different ways. The ego is in your mind, a part of your mind, and through the act of forgetting, is experienced as you. This was a profound error of identification, and you have suffered from it ever since.

Through your identification with the ego, its seeming reality has been established. Because the ego identifies itself with the body, you have seemingly become a body, and the world of separation is made real to you. The mind believes in what it makes; and this power of belief gives the world you have made the effects it has on you and the limitations it seems to impose. The world could have no effect on you at all, if you did not assign to it the power to do so. You can withdraw that power at any time, but first you must recognize your responsibility for the world and everything in it. Your mind is cause, and what you see and experience is its effect.

Change Your Mind

You can change your mind about the world’s purpose, accepting the Holy Spirit’s purpose in place of the one you have given it. To do so is necessary if you would free yourself from its effects, and allow miracles to enter your life. Accept the Holy Spirit’s purpose for everything in your life, and allow Him to assign meaning and use everything that happens for your awakening. To listen to Him is to bring the present alive in your mind, giving you the freedom to choose outside the narrow limits established by the ego.

To choose with the ego as your guide is to choose nothingness. Yet that nothingness will be experienced as real, bringing fear, conflict, pain, and suffering in its wake. As long as you think illusion is a real choice, so long will you languish in your earthly prison.

When you have had enough of suffering and bondage, of meaninglessness, perhaps the desire will arise within you to find a better way to live, to find the real meaning and purpose of your life. The Holy Spirit waits for this desire, this recognition, this opening, for it is an invitation to Him to actively enter your life. If you allow Him to establish communication, He will begin to show you a new way to think, feel, perceive, and experience. He knows the way back to God, and the part you will play in God’s Plan of Salvation, the Atonement. And He will reveal the way to you, step by step, thought by thought, choice by choice, and guide you in everything you do, if you will let Him.

The willingness to turn your life over to God is the willingness to recognize you know nothing. “Except you become as little children,” means to recognize you do not know but your Father does, and you will trust Him to take care of you. Through the Holy Spirit, God’s Answer to the separation, your safety is assured, and you are shown the way back Home.

In God, there is no perception. He does not know of the world of separation, but He recognized his Son had lost communication with Him, a problem He did not understand for He knows only perfection. Yet He gave answer by creating the Holy Spirit as a link to His separated Sons that could not be broken. Thus was separation answered and over, once and for all.

You can turn to the Holy Spirit for help with all your problems, for He has the solution to them all, no matter what form they take, large or small. He solves them all with equal ease, for there is no hierarchy of illusions, and thus no order of difficulty in miracles. When you ask Him for the solution, and accept His answer, is the problem solved. To keep a problem for yourself to solve is to not let it go. The ego’s solutions are not meant to solve but to disguise the problem, that it may reappear in another form.

The Holy Spirit answers all your problems with ease, for He has but one answer because you have but one problem: separation from God. This recognition is the answer to all problems, whatever form they may take. When this is seen clearly, and this understanding consistently applied, life will become simple, and the Light of your mind will begin to shine. The Holy Spirit gives you the answer, but you must accept and apply it.

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