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This teaching is intended to be a kind of later day supplement to A Course in Miracles. Indeed, at times even the language of the Course itself is used. This teaching is presented as an additional explanation and exposition of the main ideas presented in the Course. It also contains some material not found in the Course, material reminiscent of the spiritual teachings of other versions of the universal curriculum such as Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism.

Whenever is the time, and wherever you are is the place to find Truth. Truth is not somewhere else far away, a something that must be diligently sought. It is closer to you than your own heartbeat. There is no distance that separates you from the Truth at this very moment.

What you do with your mind is all-important, for life is of the mind; even in this world your life takes place in consciousness.

Only a quiet mind, resting in the present, can encounter Truth. The purpose of spiritual discipline, of mind training, is to achieve just that quietness and stability of mind in which Spirit reveals Itself as you.

The Holy Spirit teaches Love, and reinforces this learning in your mind, while helping you recognize everything in your mind that is not Love. Through the Light of your Mind, you see the Light in your brother, and in that Light is your Oneness made manifest. The Light in you is what the world longs to behold, for it shines away all darkness. Let the mind go a little farther on the path towards Truth, and the Light shines brighter as the darkness begins to lift.

Whatever you do, do with Love. Forgiveness frees your mind, allowing its Light to shine brightly. The mind of forgiveness shines its gentle Light on all without exception. Every step closer to Truth and the Light shines more, illuminating the path before you, guiding you Home.

Salvation’s goal is this return of Truth to your mind, and reunion with the Self. Whether you are aware of It or not, your Self abides in shining silence, at One with Its Creator, fulfilling the function of creating given in Its Creation by God.

You will return to your Father when you no longer fear Him. The fear of God lies deep within every mind, waiting for the day it is uncovered, recognized as complete madness, and healed. God’s Love sustains you in all you do, even now. To fear the One Who created you by giving you His Being, His Mind, His Light and Love, is an error beyond comprehension. Yet this error cannot be reasoned away. It must be faced, recognized for what it is, and dispelled with the help of the Holy Spirit. The mind created by God must return to full awareness of its Oneness with its Creator.

When you finally hear the call of your Soul, you must answer it. Its call cannot be ignored, for it is the call of your Heart to your heart. When the Heart calls to you, you will recognize it as the call of Love to love. Love can be ignored; It can be denied; you can dissociate yourself from It; but It will never cease to call out to you, for It knows you as Itself.

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