Death and Earth Changes - Question Five


Is there truly any difference between entities that describe themselves as Germaine, Jeshua, Michael, and who would bring their message through an individual? Is there really any difference among the messengers?


The answer is a resounding yes. And why? When you speak of difference, what you are alluding to is that is there an entity that is its own unique sphere of consciousness arising out of the One Mind. God is aware of God because of God’s creation. You are God’s creation. Therefore, the Father knows Himself because you exist to be aware of Him. Individuation, like the ripple arising out of the ocean, does not change the substance — it’s still all made of one thing — and yet, there is individuation, uniqueness, just as there are several souls associated with the bodies that have gathered in this room, and you all have your own unique, cosmic social security number.

Will it be bankrupt when we get there?

No, it is always, shall we say, overflowing. And you don’t even have to pay into it!

So, understand, then, that when we speak of One Mind, we are not saying that individuality does not exist. We’re merely saying that each being, each created being, has within them the power to operate from the One Mind that I have called Christed Consciousness. It can go by many names. And yet, individuation is eternal. There will never be a time, a moment, or a non-moment, when all of you simply dissolve into some amorphous blob of awareness. In other words, the more you settle into God, the more the desire there is to individuate, so that you can have relationship in which to celebrate the good, the holy, and the beautiful — to dance, eternally at play in the Father’s Kingdom.

Does that help in that regard?

Most definitely.

Now, by the way, I would highly suggest that I would never listen to the Germaine fellow. And Michael sometimes is a little… Hmmm. Just kidding, of course.

And Mary shops at K-Mart.

Mmm… I’ve never been able to keep that one under control. Rest assured, we delight with one another, we play with one another, we see the Creator, we see the presence of God as each of us, and we respect our individuation, just as you respect yours. To see the oneness in diversity, to experience communion between two wholes — that is the great promise of the Kingdom. To be in holy relationship in which two Christs, as individuated beings, yet emerging from and operating from the same mind, the same values, the same love, the same compassion, the same wisdom, the same unlimited power to create the good, the holy, and the beautiful … Now that is a dance worth attending.

Therefore, seek not the death of the self, but seek the arisen Self. Hm? That should help.

Would you care to summarize this evening?

It has been… worthwhile. Beloved friend, as you well know, since the thought was dropped in the mind, that this short gathering of this evening was designed to bring forth some specific corrections that will be flowing out to many minds — many more minds than you’re even aware of. For those first ones who receive it will be struck, a little chord is struck,

Oh, yes, that’s right. Thank you for the nudge. I have to get on with it. I have to get on with it. I was beginning to fall into the hope that I could just dissolve away and not have to birth Christ.

And then they will give that to many others.

There is much being taught in your world that is not correct. Anything based on fear is incorrect. Anything based on the end of creation, even in positive terms, is incorrect. For the Father extends himself eternally. How, then, can there be an end to creation? There is only ever-expanding fullness — fullness expanding into fullness, and into fullness, and into fullness, and into fullness. Higher and higher, and wider and wider, and brighter and brighter, and ever more blissful and ever more wise and loving.

And you all know exactly what that means, for every consciousness reciprocates or plays out the very journey of creation. You all know that you’ve made creations that were a little difficult, they were a little crude; and so you sought new ways, didn’t you? And you keep birthing better and better creations. Guess what? That’s it! That’s the power of God, which is the soul, seeking to create the good, the holy, and the beautiful. And there reaches a point, of course, where you realize that you have to give up being identified with egoic consciousness, so that Spirit can truly use us all to create in a Christed realm. Hm? Like leaving the things of childhood behind and taking up your rightful place of a powerful, mature adult. To be an adult in the Kingdom is to be Christ.

Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, allow the good, the holy, and the beautiful to pour forth through your soul. For you are the ones sent in this age, with all power under Heaven and Earth, to reveal to your brothers and sisters the truth of a happy dream, the truth of perfect freedom, the end of fear, and the remembrance of Love.

Be you, therefore, with one another often, and remember always that you are the Light of this world. Why not get on with it? And with that, peace unto you always, from the heart of one who loves you and has reached across space and time to touch you and to whisper to you,

Beloved friend, come, take my hand. We are on the bridge already. Just step lightly. Come with me. I know the way.

From that one — who is me, and speaking on behalf of the many who gather with me each and every time this specific work is done — I love you and we love you. It is not possible for you to journey alone. And what you are asked to do in the depth of your vision and in your heart, rest assured, it would not be asked if you were not also given the power and the support to bring it about. Never think you need to be the maker and the doer. You need only be, as each of us is, a servant of the Mind of the Creator who is but Love and whom we serve with perfect freedom and joy and fulfillment.