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Now, we begin.

And indeed, once again, greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. As always, I come forth to join with you, not from a place that is apart from where you are, but from that place in which we are eternally joined as one Mind and one Heart, one Truth, one Creation…one Love. I come forth, then, to abide with you from the place in which you dwell eternally. I come forth to abide with you because I love you. I come forth to abide with you because you are as I am–the Thought of Love in form.

And to those of you that have joined with us these many months of your year, we come now to the conclusion of The Way of Transformation; that Way, then, which allows the perception of the mind to be transformed from illusion to Reality, from fear to Love. That Way is the way in which you come to the brink, or to the edge, of the Kingdom of Heaven, in which you are finally ready to use the power of the mind to declare only what is true. And what is true is unshakable forever.

And at no time has a single illusion that has stolen across the vast expanse of your being ever changed the Truth that is true always. And the declaration of that Truth is the essence of words that I, too, once had need of speaking:

I and my Father are One. I, as a ray of Light, am One with that Source of Light from which all things spring forth. I, as a drop of water, am One with the Ocean from which all moisture arises. I am that One sent forth from Divine Mystery to bring forth the good, the holy, and the beautiful to reflect in time, to reflect in form, that which is timeless, that which is formless, that which I have referred to as Abba, or Father, that Creative Source that births all things and has an immediate and direct relationship with all of Creation.

That Truth is true about you. It has been, in fact, the only thing that has ever been true. And in each moment, the power of the mind allows it to remember the Truth, if it will choose the Truth.

The Way of Transformation, then, has been designed to guide you with specific exercises, with many fundamental questions, to the brink of that decision in which the mind declares, for itself, from within itself, and then extending outward:

I and my Father, I and my Creative Source, I and Love are One. And from this moment forward, I walk and live as one who chooses to use the power of mind, the power of awareness, the power of intention, the power of clarity, the power of beingness itself, to know the Truth that sets all things free, to be the Truth that allows freedom to be extended to all others, to walk upon this plane, while yet the body lasts for a little while, as that One who has been sent forth as a ray of Light to shine Light into a world that has feared it.

I invite you, then, as we come to the close of this year’s lessons, to truly set aside time to withdraw yourself from the roar and the din of the world, to withdraw yourself from all the beliefs you have held about yourself or about anyone. And there, in the silence of your own heart, to simply acknowledge that the Truth must be true always, and that the time is at hand for you to use the power of the mind given unto you of your Creator in the only way that it can be used sanely:

I and my Father, I and my creative Source, are One!

Why is this important? In the end, all technique, all methodologies and strategies, are really magical means for taking away the egoic part of the mind’s insistence upon the authority of its illusions, to seduce, to trick the mind, to bring it to a place where it must come unto, in order to truly step forward–in and as Life, Itself. All strategies and all methodologies, even those that we’ve given unto you this year, are given unto you because the mind has been held sway by illusion.

The art of lessening the value that the mind places upon illusion is all that can be taught. But all teaching is designed to return the mind to the brink of the Kingdom of Heaven. There, and there alone, the mind itself, that which you essentially are, must, from the depth of its beingness–unattached to anyone or anything–the mind itself must declare its decision to be awake, to assume the mantle of responsibility for bringing forth into this world only the Light of Truth–in each moment, with each breath, with every gesture, with every intention, with every vision and thought, with every choice.

Indeed, beloved friends, The Way of Transformation brings you to the brink of The Way of Certain Knowledge. The Way of Transformation is a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed. It is merely a change of mind: the decision to value the Truth, and the Truth alone.

When that decision has fully been embraced–you might think of it as a full embrace that embodies every cell of your being, the totality of all that you are–it becomes perfectly devoted to your union with God, and the recognition that as the Created, it is time to relent, or repent, or to surrender resistance to Truth, and to accept that the Love of God has been given to you fully, without measure, without condition, and that you have been created to live from that Love…that that Love might inform every thought and every deed…that that Love might pour forth through you as the very Source of your own identity.

No longer I, but Thine,

would be one way of saying it.

When the mind has fully come to the recognition that no other decision holds value or purpose, that no other decision can bring the soul the peace and the fulfillment that it has sought in so many ways in the fields of illusion, then, the Father takes the final step for you. That is, by an act of Grace, that tiny drop of water that seemed to be so separate from the Ocean, dissolves and melts into the Ocean, Itself. And there is no longer a separate self to be found. The body-mind?… Yes, of course. It arises and continues for yet a little while, until its purpose is fulfilled. And then, it is put aside as a toy that has been outgrown.

The mind, the power of consciousness, slips into the perfect and eternal Truth that has been true always:

There is only the Love of God. And I am only in existence to express that Truth.

In The Way of Perfect Knowledge, all efforting is suspended. And the mind flows, borne by Love. It flows like the wind, knowing not where it comes from or where it’s going, for its cares are not in the world. Its certainty is in Love. And peace pervades the entirety of the mind, wherever it happens to find its attention placed. And all things of the world have been translated into merely devices whereby the Truth might be communicated to the whole of Creation, to a brother or to a sister. For in Truth, all of you are exactly that–perfectly equal, perfectly innocent, perfectly radiant and shining, forever.

You become The Anointed. You become The Messiah, that which brings forth the Word of God, to use that language. You become The Christ. Yet, this is not an accomplishment. It is merely the return to an ancient remembrance of what has always been. The mind, having surrendered all resistance to Love, merely abides in the certainty of a perfect knowledge. This, then, awaits you now, on just the other side of a final decision.

Look well, then, at all that has transpired for you in this past year. Has it been by accident? Have the chance encounters, have the insights, the visions–has all of this been by chance? Hardly, for in the depth of your being you chose to enter into The Way of Transformation. You chose to open the depth of your being to a reflection of the Truth you already know, given to you by an ancient brother who has loved you since before time is, one who has merely chosen to enact the extension of Love in whatever way is available.

As I have said unto you many times, I am not limited in how I communicate with any mind that would open a place for me. This context through which I speak with you now is but one of many. Yet it is the way in which many of you have made the decision to allow that communication to be known to your conscious mind. It is the context you have chosen to allow your release from fear and your embrace of Love.

I once said unto you that all things that begin in time, end in time, for their purpose is not to become a substitute for what is eternal, but to be devices whereby the remembrance of the eternal is returned to every mind which is a part of the Sonship–the One Mind, the Mind of Christ, in which you dwell and have your true being.

The Way of Transformation, then, had a beginning and it has an end. The Way of Certain Knowledge, which will comprise the whole of this next year’s sharing, will have a beginning and will have an end. And rest assured, I say unto you, that when The Way of Knowledge has been imparted to you, and we have come into the perfect blending in which you know that you walk the plane as awake as I ever did, then the purpose of our three year teaching-learning period will have come to a conclusion.

This does not mean that I will depart from where you are. But it does mean that you will have stepped into the certainty that you are that One. And what you would seek to gain from me, you will find in the temple of your own heart. There I will join with you–not as your teacher or savior, but as your friend and equal, as a co-creator. You will be free then, because you will no longer be seeking knowledge from me–you will be extending Love from the soul of your own beingness. And you will be free to invite me as a friend to join with you in your creations. And that is an invitation that I will gladly accept! For the only purpose of creation is to extend Love.

Relationship is eternal. Friendship is eternal. Co-creativity is the essence of knowing God…co-creativity with the sole purpose of birthing in Light the good, the holy, and the beautiful–that which brings the vibration of Truth and reflects it in the world of time; that which touches fear and dissolves it; that which touches guilt and replaces it with forgiveness; that which touches resistance and tension and replaces it with willingness and peace.

Can there be any purpose in existence but this? For this were you birthed in the Holy Mind of your Creator. For this have you journeyed through the labyrinths of everything unlike Love, that you might truly choose to return with perfect freedom into the marriage of Creator and Created; Divine Son, Divine Spark. For the union of Father and Son, or Creator and Created, is so intimate and so perfect and so filled with the Perfection of Love that, in Truth, you will look and see no longer where you end and the Father begins. You will be like the perfect lover of God, given over to that Love, pervaded by that Love, melting with that Love.

And yet, you will know always that you are the Created. You are like the Wave to the Ocean, and the Sunbeam to the Sun. And you will marvel with every breath. And spaciousness will come to the mind, and even into the cells of the body, in which you abide in the knowingness–beyond all conceptualization, beyond the reach of all beliefs, beyond the hope of every religion–the Reality of the Living Spirit of the Living God.

The Way of Transformation, then, comes to a conclusion as you sit quietly with yourself and look upon the past year’s lessons, the insights, the changes, the chance encounters, and you accept and know that the being–the mind, the perceptions that began twelve months ago that being no longer exists, except as the echo of an ancient memory. And you no longer need to invest the power of your identity with what is passed away.

The Way of Certain Knowledge begins with this. Rest assured, then, that in the next roughly thirty-day period, between the time that you receive these words and the time that new words are given, with a focus and a context which will be known as The Way of Knowing, these next thirty days are your final transition, if you will but accept it–in which you can turn away from the past and look back upon it no longer; in which you can step into the Light of the future of your own personal destiny, held in the hands of a perfectly loving Creator that already has a plan for you, or you would not have been birthed, for you are certainly not an accident!

This next thirty days is the most critical for you. For it is now up to you, alone, to decide to acknowledge the Truth, to decide what you are committed unto: the Voice of the Holy Spirit or the voice of fear. Are you committed to using the things of space and time to reaffirm the old beliefs that you are separate from God? Or will you use the things of time–allow the Holy Spirit to use them for you–to demonstrate for you that you are in the world but no longer of the world? You are no longer possessed and owned by the world, but you are owned by that Voice for Love that has birthed you and sent you forth to bring forth the Word.

And the Word is just that vibration in which peace, forgiveness, knowing abides. The Word is like a vibration, a wave that emanates from the depth of the Ocean, that speaks of the good, the holy, and the beautiful; that looks upon the things of space and time even upon the body–and sees nothing to be feared, but sees all things in their perfect, harmless innocence; that owns and embraces the totality of your perfect freedom.

You are Pure Spirit. You are as the wind. You can neither possess nor be possessed, for you are owned of the Creator. Love embraces you. Love pervades you. And you hear no other voice but the Voice for Love. And through your eyes will shine a light so clear–for indeed, the eyes are the window of the soul–through you can begin to emanate the Truth that is true always. And you will not fear looking into the eyes of a brother or a sister and saying unto them:

I am that One sent forth of the Father. And if I am with you in this moment, my only purpose is to be present as Love–with you, for you, for us, and for all of the Sonship.

This is the choice I make. This is the beingness I bring. This is the Truth that I am devoted to. I bring you only Love.

Indeed then, beloved friends, The Way of the Heart was designed to open you to the reality that within you lies a center of peace, a center of forgiveness, a center that can begin to take you toward certain knowing. The Way of Transformation was designed quite specifically–for those of you that truly enjoined it–to dissolve certain patterns in the mind, to reactivate your power to deliberately decide what you will think, what you will feel, what you will create, what you will believe, what frequencies of thought will be acceptable unto you.

And now, you come to the brink of a decision that closes the door on a past once made in error that has been corrected, through the Grace, through the gift, of the Holy Spirit and placed within your mind and heart–and the opening of a door of a Life lived not seeking the Kingdom, but a life lived in the Kingdom, in the Light of the Kingdom of Perfect Truth:

I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE. Nothing can arise by accident. And my only purpose is to embrace Creation, that the good, the holy, and the beautiful might be extended through even this body-mind, wherever it happens to be. For my delight is the Love of my Creator, my devotion to the extension of Love, my peace from the embrace of my brothers and sisters in the simplicity of a celebration that shall know no end.

I am perfectly aware that there are many of you, as you will be listening to these words, who will feel, yet, a subtle contraction, as fear attempts–one final time–to claim ownership of your being. You are free to choose otherwise. You are free to say:

No! It is Truth I accept. It is Truth I will know. It is Truth I will live–not for another, but for myself. For my only responsibility, from the moment of my creation, was to accept the Atonement for myself, to allow the transformation to occur in the depth of my own mind, so that ancient words become, in Truth, mine: I and my Father are One, and I know it! Henceforth, I am free to walk this Earth in gentleness, not to strive to move into the future, but to be borne by the Wings of Love … to be borne by the Wings of Love that will carry me into the fulfillment of my destiny. And my destiny can only be that which reflects God in this world.

Let not fear claim authority over the mind any longer. This does not mean that you won’t occasionally feel it like a wave through you. The difference is that you need not value it.

The final stage, The Way of Certain Knowing, is to claim your right to be perfectly happy. And perfect happiness can come only from the soul’s decision to acknowledge the decision to value the Truth and to live it. Nothing else can bring the soul to the completion of its peace. No other decision, no other thinking process, brings the Son to the Father, brings the Daughter to the Mother, brings the Created to the Creator, brings the Sunbeam to the Sun, brings the Wave to the Ocean–in perfect remembrance that only Love is Real. And what is Real cannot be threatened.

The world no longer holds the illusory power that you once gave unto it. It becomes no longer something you must conform yourself to in order to survive. For you are Life Eternal, and your Life is held in the abundance of God’s Love. You stand, then, on the brink of the complete transformation of the perception of the world. It will be radically changed [snaps fingers] in the twinkling of an eye as you look out upon it and say:

There is nothing here that has a greater power than the Love of God. And because I abide in that Love, I am freed from needing anything of the world. And I am free only to give to the world. And what I give is added unto me, for by teaching I learn, and by giving I receive. And my love of God is matched only by my love of My Self as that which God has created–perfect and whole and innocent. And my love for My Self is so deep and so purified of the falseness of guilt and smallness and egoism that I want all of God! And I will bring forth only that which allows me to feel and to know my Oneness with That Frequency and That Light.

I once said that if you are not wholly joyous, it can only be because you have elected to use the power of your mind to think differently than your Creator. The Way of Knowing will bring you into the certainty of a perfect joy that is unshakable. Imagine, then, no more swings of depression, no more swings of self-doubt–just pure beingness of Love, right where the ego used to claim property rights.

The Life which you were created to live is in the palm of your hand. The decision to end this year of The Way of Transformation by simply acknowledging that,

Only the Truth can be true and I am fully committed to being only that,

brings you into the Kingdom–no longer a journey to it, but now, the eternal journey within it…mystery upon mystery, miracle upon miracle, sublime beauty upon sublime beauty…peace, peace, growing into peace as you surrender and sink into the Reality of God’s presence … forevermore, forevermore and forevermore. For God is without end and knows neither height nor depth. There is no limit to the Reality of the Creator.

And there can be no greater joy than to allow your consciousness, which is the gift of your awareness, to be ever permeated deeper and deeper and deeper by the certainty of a perfect knowing:

I AM THAT ONE! And I abide in that Love prior to every breath, every thought, every gesture. This body is not what I am, but I will use it as a communication device. I will not use it to separate myself from my brother or sister. I will use it to gesture in the ways of Love, the ways of respect, the ways of gentleness, the ways of embrace, the ways of appreciation, the ways of thankfulness. I will see my Father in my brother and my sister. And I will love that and honor them as the vehicle, the conduit, that brings the Light of my Father to even my physical eyes.

I will revel in the delight of how the sunlight sparkles on the dew upon the petal of a flower. I will listen to the barking of a dog and know that Mystery has been made manifest. I will walk this Earth as one who is free, and one who is the spaciousness through which only Love abides and is offered.

And many will be sent unto you who will awaken in your presence–in even ‘ordinary’ moments. You stand at the brink of all that the soul has desired! Is it not time to wrap the fingers of the hand around what has been placed in the palm?

I am that One.

Time to live in the Kingdom, guided only by the Voice for Love, by the Voice for Truth, by the Purity of Spirit.

So, I would ask you then, now, to set aside yet a little time in which you abide wholly with yourself. Acknowledge the Truth that is true always. I invite you to use the power of the clarity of your mind to decide against valuing illusions, and use that power to value only the Truth, that you might offer yourself into a Life through which the Truth that is true always becomes concretely embedded in the totality of your being. For you, indeed, will know the Truth and you will know that it has set you free.

Spend some little time, then, by yourself–quietly, alone. A long time ago, I said once unto you that the decision was made alone, in the depth of your being, to see if you could create unlike God, if you could transform yourself into something which is other than what God has created. That has been the whole drama and dream of the realm of separation. You must come back to claiming ownership, alone, in which you decide to use the power of the mind to make a different decision - in the depth of your being. For you stand alone before your God, Who waits patiently for His Child to awaken, to receive the gifts that the Father would bestow upon the Son, that the Sun would shine forth upon the Sunbeam, that the Ocean would give unto the Wave…all power under Heaven and Earth to bring forth the good, the holy, and the beautiful…to walk in time as one who is timeless…to abide as a body-mind, yet one who knows they are Pure Spirit, shining forth temporarily through the body.

It is given unto you, then–now–in the depth of your internal silence, to reclaim ownership of your mind, to let parents, to let society, to let everyone off the hook. No one has caused you to feel what you feel, to think what you think, to act as you have acted. You have used the power of the mind to attempt the great impossibility of making yourself into something that is other than what God has created. And now it is time to deliberately use the power of the mind to decide with your Creator.

It is the end of all seeking. It is the end of all striving. It far transcends the purest and greatest of strategies and methodologies. It is beyond prayer. It is beyond meditation. It is the simplicity of the Truth.

Therefore, abide quietly. And for those of you that will, indeed, make the decision and will step across the edge, across the veil into the Kingdom, we indeed will abide together for yet one more year in The Way of Knowing–The Way of Perfect Knowing. And you will see the totality of your life radically transformed. For that must be the case when the seeker is no more, and it has been replaced by one who has found–and acknowledges it!

Miracles will lead the way. For the mind that is given to true devotion to the Holy Spirit is unlimited forever in all ways. And the whole of Creation shapes Itself to be of service to the One that is anointed and claims it, and lives only to give God to the world. Not one concern will arise before you that will not be taken care of and met before you run into it. The walls will dissolve.

You will be the miracle-minded. You will be the One who shines forth in perfect effortlessness, in perfect peace, and perfect joy. You will be Christ Incarnate. And that–that–is the purpose for which you were birthed in the Mind of God. And it is in That Mind that you are held–now and forevermore!

Be you, therefore, at peace–this day and always.

Be you, therefore, in the Perfect Knowledge that I am your brother and friend, and nothing but this. I am That One who loves you and sees only the Light of Truth in you, and looks forward to the day in which we create together as equals, in honor and devotion to the Great Mystery that the Love of the Creator Is.

Peace, then, be unto you always.


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