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Way of Transformation, Lesson Nine: Question Four

Can you talk about what the perception of the New Age movement is regarding ‘up and out,’ riding the ascending current and ignoring what we call the ‘shadow side,’ and how to balance the…not to be in denial of the shadow? Can you just discuss that–riding the ascending and descending currents (in less than ten minutes)?


Beloved friend, this would be a very good question to devote an entire hour to, or perhaps several hours. And yet, I will give the answer to you in two minutes. The only question will be, will you be able to realize that Truth in the seven or eight that are then left to you? [Laughter]

Here is the answer: The Seeker must become the Finder. The desire to ride the ascending current is a subtle aspect of seeking experience. The heart that is awake embraces all things, trusts all things, denies nothing. And if you are in this world, what you call the ‘shadow’ can be loved as easily as any ascending mystical experience. The desire to ride that current is nothing more than the desire to avoid something. If you know that you are Spirit, there is nowhere to go to. There is only the loving embrace of that which is, that it might be restored to a moment through which Love is extended.

Therefore, embrace all things, trust all things, allow all things, transcend all things. That should be sufficient for now. But within it, there is much to be contemplated.

Did I accomplish it within the two minutes?

Response: You did an excellent job.

Jeshua: Hmm! It is because I spent so much time riding the ascending current. [Laughter]. But more than this, it is because I spent time embracing the sinner, the sin, the illusion of suffering, and bringing Love to my brothers and sisters–by turning to look at what I thought was darkness, only to discover that within it was the Light of God, and that nothing could harm me in any way. I became free when I stopped seeking God, and allowed God to find me.

Therefore, the one who seeks to go somewhere is just playing the same egoic pattern. Only Love is Real. And in that moment [snaps fingers], Christ is present. The Atonement is completed. The Master has arisen in the twinkling of an eye.

So…But again, we want to suggest that you create a context in which that question can be given much deeper consideration.

So, to those of you present, know that nothing comes by accident. And you have chosen to set aside your time. You have chosen to set aside your time to be in this room, not by accident, but because, already, there is a place within you that knows how to listen to the guidance of your heart. Therefore, trust that guidance in all things. You are not alone. And the power of the Love of God is with you even now, and will be throughout all eternity.

Peace, then, be unto you always.


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