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Way of Transformation, Lesson Nine: Question Two

Jeshua, you have mentioned that all events are neutral — several times. Could you please take that and go deeper with that and explain it for us?


Beloved friend, I would be most pleased to do this for you, except that your question is a neutral event that has no interest! [Laughter] Hmm.

Now you have, indeed, heard it said to you many times, and I’m certainly not the first one to share this, that all events are neutral. What do we mean by this?

There is a moment, unknown by the world’s thinking. It goes unperceived, unnoticed by those who live their lives seduced by the shadows that make up the world, because they are run by fear, by judgment, by doubt, by guilt. This is like a turbulence in the mind that covers up the simplicity of the moment we’re referring to. There is a moment in each and every one of your experiences where an event begins to arise, a gap if you would say so, in which your mind is not interpreting the event. It is merely arising. This is its reality, its “suchness,” if you will. It simply arises. You don’t know where it came from. It arises from Mystery. For in Truth, no one–no one–can say why there is anything at all. It arises from Mystery–energy dancing in an endless shape of forms, beginning, passing by, and then ending.

The world in which you live, this world of energy called your physical dimension, is like a constant light show–energy dancing, cascading, changing. There is a moment of perfect peace, a moment that can be cultivated to be expanded, so that your mind notices the innocence of each event. But the perception of innocence requires the healing of fear.

I’ve shared with you many times that there are fundamentally only two emotions, if you will, only two worlds, or two realities: Love and fear. And between these two, only one is Real: Love. For God is Love and does not create unlike Herself. Fear, then, must be healed within the mind and the body, as long as the body lasts, in order that the mind can perceive this moment of innocence…watching a wave arise out of the Ocean of Mystery without a need to judge it, without a need to hold up a placard and say,

We’ll give it a five or a nine.

No, that’s a bad wave.

This is a good wave.

What will this wave do to me?

Oh, I don’t want this wave!

You know all of that kind of thinking.

There is a moment in which the perfect innocence of each event is undisturbed.

What, then, occurs to change a neutral event into one charged with meaning? Listen well, beloved friend, for here is the whole crux of the very problem, if you will, which requires you to awaken from it.

Perception takes place. Perception is like a coloring. Imagine that you had a pair of sunglasses, and as you walked outside, you had them in your hand, not on your eyes. And for a moment, you saw things just as they are. And then, in the next moment, you’re putting the blue-colored lenses over your eyes. Immediately, the world, that which you are experiencing, has been colored in a certain way.

Perception is much like this. The only difference being that the lenses are deep within your mind. The lenses are made up of all of the beliefs and perceptions and attitudes that you have taken on from others around you as you sought to adapt yourself to this world. It creates beliefs. And you will literally believe that what you see is ‘out there’–when, in fact, you’re merely looking through the lens, the prism, the lenses of your own mind. This is why I have often said there is nothing outside of you.

Therefore, when you experience any event, notice your responses. And then, if you truly desire peace, stop trying to justify your perceptions. And rather, go within and ask with the innocent wonder of a child,

I wonder why I’m choosing to see this event this way? I wonder if I could see it differently? Perhaps what looks like a trauma is offering me a treasure, if only I could become quiet and ask the Comforter for guidance.

The reality of your ‘world’ is this–listen carefully: It does not exist. That is, it is not occurring outside of your own mind. Mind is all there is. And freedom comes from the willingness to take responsibility for it, that the Mystery which brings forth all events can be seen the way you want to see it–from freedom, from power, from safety, from peace, from Love rather than fear.

Because you are made by your Creator to create, you are creating without ceasing. And until awakening comes (and that’s another subject) you literally are creating the world of your experience through the lenses of your own perceptions. You are free at any time to heal those perceptions and to learn to see differently–eventually to see through the Eyes of Christ. And Christ is just the reflection of the Love that God is.

Regardless of what the egoic part of the mind will say, this one thing never changes: All events remain perfectly neutral. What value and meaning, then, can they have? They will have the meaning and value that emerges from your decision about which voice to listen to–the voice of the ego, which is the voice of fear and judgment and unworthiness, or the Voice of Love, in which the Comforter translates the events of time and shows you how they can be utilized for your own awakening and healing; and, by extension, the awakening and healing of the world, itself. This is a Voice that the Christ within you listens to. It is the Voice that speaks of forgiveness, the Voice that speaks of fearlessness, the Voice that speaks of wisdom, and of patience. It is the Voice that serves only one purpose–that purpose which can bring each of God’s Children Home again, to uplift them to the peace that they seek, out of the suffering of guilt that they’ve been used to.

One who is fully awake, in the field of time, looks to be very ordinary. But in their mind, their consciousness, they’ve been given over to letting the Holy Spirit interpret every series of events for them. And the Holy Spirit will interpret events only in the way that serves the awakening process. Events no longer have any other purpose than the correction, deep in the mind, that allows Love to be remembered and restored, so that Creation can flow without obstacle.

You will know that you are listening to the voice of the ego when you argue for the correctness of your perception. Learn well, then, beloved friend, again by practicing innocently, to recognize that all events are neutral. You can do this in a way that I’ve explained many times through many channels. Merely give yourself five minutes a day in which you sit in a chair and observe the things around you. And each time your eyes fall upon an object or perhaps hear the phone ring, or what have you, you merely say,

I do not know what this is or is for. I don’t even know how it got here. I rest in innocence, and place no judgment upon it.

In this way, you begin to cultivate the mind to let the gap widen, in which, within your mind, the moment of innocence lingers long enough for you to be aware of it. Eventually, you could literally be crucified by beings who swear they hate you, and you would look upon it with equanimity and peace, saying simply,

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. This is simply a neutral event. And I remain One with God.

Practice well, beloved friend, and look. You’ll begin to discover what you are still valuing, where you’re still holding on to your need to be right about your perceptions. And merely invite the Comforter to change your mind for you.

That should be sufficient for now.

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