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Way of Transformation, Lesson Seven: Question One

Jeshua states that He has never enlightened anyone. Yet the Sufi and Hindu traditions, including a number of gurus, state that they do most of the work for one person. They say that once someone surrenders to them, through their own God Consciousness, they can bring that being to Oneness. There are also traditions which state that one must look into the eyes of a true guru to become enlightened. Let’s face it, it does sound quicker and easier. Is this a different state of awareness? Was this tradition meant for a different era?


Beloved friend, we are, indeed, quite pleased that you have asked this question. And by way of background, I will begin by again sharing with you that when I walked upon this world as a man, and entered into that pathway that took me finally into the abode of my Father, into perfect enlightenment or peace, perfect transcendence of the illusion of the maker and doer, I, too, went through a process of learning how to manipulate subtle energies, and therefore, created the perception that I had the power to change another.

I have already shared with you, in other ways, that often this would bring about what would be perceived as physical healings. Yet, in those documents that came to be known as your scriptures, the Holy Bible, there are, indeed, stories of healings, but not much follow-up was done. And in those cases where follow-up was done, those aspects have been deleted from your scriptures. For rest assured, I was able to manipulate subtle energies of the body-mind, in order to change an outpicturing. But often, within a matter of hours, days, or weeks, or at the very outset, a month or two, the old outpicturing or pattern would show up again. Except in a few. And what was the difference? The difference was that in the few, my interaction with them was recognized by them as being an outpicturing of the Truth of their own being. Therefore, correction occurred, not because of what I was doing, but because they chose in that moment to recognize and accept the Truth about themselves. They claimed complete responsibility for changing what they were outpicturing in their body.

I learned a humble lesson through that process, and went deeper into an understanding of what the world is and how mind works. I came to see, then, that because all mind, and all minds therefore, are made in God’s image, free will cannot be usurped! Therefore, even one such as myself, who had studied long and trained hard under many, many masters of subtle energies, I who had gone into the depths of my own being, and had faced my own shadows, and had surrendered so deeply into the Love of God— even I had no power over the free will of another mind.

This actually took me into deeper freedom. For I came to realize that what I was doing in my life was designed only to teach me. I became perfectly divinely selfish, wanting God fully for myself, recognizing that that required not that I try to do things in order to know God, but that I simply surrender into God. And if it be God’s Will, my cup would overflow.

When I returned from India to begin my ministry, that idea was not my own. My idea was to remain in a certain valley in what you call Kashmir, and simply abide in a deep state of prayer until the body dissolved. But in that state of surrender, the Voice of my Father spoke, saying,

Beloved Son, there are other minds that I would reach through you. Return to your homeland.

I arose from my prayer and began the journey.

Beloved friend, there is only one Guru—the Comforter, the Holy Spirit—one Teacher, one Ray of Light that corrects the mind. That Guru, that Ray of Light, has already been placed within you, from the very moment that you entertained the thought of separation. Love waits on your welcome is another way to say that the Teacher is sitting inside your heart, waiting for you to become quiet, to learn from the Christ Mind within yourself, to surrender that That Light might fill you and inform you.

Many traditions have, indeed, grown up as a result of unenlightened minds watching an event, such as was perceived with me. I was perceived as the Messiah, the Holy Son of God. And others seemed to awaken and heal in my presence. Therefore, the unenlightened mind says,

Well, I couldn’t possibly heal myself or awaken. Therefore, the Messiah must have done it to them.

Over a period of time, in many cultures, that perception becomes a theology, a belief, a ritual, a teaching. And it is passed on, unthinkingly, from generation to generation, even to the point where there are some teachers in your world who, much like me, are passing through their own stages of awakening, and merely believe that the power is in them. And why not? If a multitude give them that power, and say,

We cannot believe that we awaken ourselves. But we’ll come and sit at your feet and have enlightenment experiences, and then say you did it to us.

Do you see how that begins to operate in a mind that is not yet totally free? I say this unto you unequivocally: No one has the power to awaken you but YOU!

Now, if you’re perceiving yourself as unawake, that looks like quite a burden. But remember that this means that the opposite is also true. It means that in no situation does anyone have the power to prevent you from being awake. It is much easier, in your world, to use the opportunity of relationship with unenlightened minds to choose to be awake, than it is to search for the needle in the haystack, hoping to find one enlightened mind with the power to save you. Therefore, seek not for the guru outside of yourself, but begin to use time constructively. See that each moment of your experience is just another opportunity to recognize the Truth that is true always,

Oh, I can choose peace! I am One with God! I wonder how much fun it might be just to bring a little Love to this moment?

…by dropping the illusions, the clouds that pass through the sky of mind that seem to enter your field of awareness—the clouds of judgment, the clouds of reactivity, the clouds of the perception of the need to be right.

Beloved friend, whenever you hear again of one who says they have the power to awaken you, go somewhere else. Turn, shake their dust from your sandals. They’re not worth your time. When you hear of anyone who says,

I am merely a lover of God. I can do nothing for you but abide with you in the prayer that together we can be the Truth that sets all things free.

To that one, make haste! And come as an equal, for of such is the Sonship.

I believe that should be sufficient for now. So, it has been a short hour. And with that one question, there is enough.

Therefore, peace be unto you always.


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