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The Way of Mastery

Hang on a sec…

Now, we begin.

And indeed, as always, greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. As always, we come forth to join with you in this manner, through this voice. And yet, as always, we are not apart from where you are. And we are not inaccessible to any of God’s Children. In Truth, and for the several thousandth time, I would say unto you that separation does not exist in all of Creation. This can only mean that I am not apart from where you are. And where you are has nothing at all to do with the location of the body that you have learned to call your own.

In Truth, you are Pure Spirit. In Truth, you are as I am. In Truth, that which you are abides throughout all dimensions of consciousness. In Truth, that which you are has never tasted separation from God. There is an aspect of you, yes indeed, that has chosen to perceive yourself as identified with the physical body in this third-dimensional world of yours called space and time. This is a part of the experience you have created and thus called to your Self. But, when I speak of Self, I speak not of the self which is the dream of the body, the self which is that which you’ve identified yourself with, but rather the Self that transcends all limitation and exists in all dimensions.

Beloved friends, by way of greeting, and by way of introduction to that which we will be speaking unto in this, your new year, by way of addressing what we have chosen to entitle The Way of Transformation, rest with this simple Truth: At no time are you imprisoned within the body. At no time - at no time - are you limited to the appearance that you have come to believe is you - no matter how deep the pain, no matter how certain you have been, what you call your common sense, telling you that,

I am here. I am this body.
This moment is happening. This is all there is.

Regardless of all of that, the Truth is not shaken. You are not the mere appearance of the body-mind that you have called the “self.”

Now, with that simple point as a foundation, we can begin. Beloved friends, The Way of Transformation rests on exactly the same thing that all of your dreams rest upon – the decision concerning what you would be committed to. For you cannot dream a dream, that is, you cannot create an experience in the field of consciousness, without being one hundred percent committed to it. It may appear that this is not the case, but I assure you that it is.

This means that in each moment of your lived experience, what you are aware of is wholly uncaused by anything outside of yourself. For example, as we record these words, vibrated as thoughts through a physical body that you have come to have assigned to the one that you would call Jon Marc, as this process occurs there are a few present, currently hearing the vibrations created as these thoughts resonate through the mind, and then the brain, and then the vocal chords of a physical body, and it creates a sound pattern that resonates with the ears of certain other physical forms… Rest assured that if those beings, those fields of consciousness that are hearing these words, even as they are first recorded – if they limit themselves to being only that body, receiving certain frequencies of vibration touching their ears and creating a certain neurological stimulus within the brain and translating that vibration into certain words of your English language, that experience is not caused by anything outside themselves.

They are equally free, in this very moment (just as you are, as you listen to what is called the ‘re-cording’ of these words), they are infinitely free to experience this transmission of vibration in a wholly different way, beyond what you call your English language. They are free to perceive themselves from the realms of Pure Spirit. They are free to see me, and those who join with me, as we transmit this frequency which creates the vibration through the physical form – just as you are.

And therefore, by way of a simple exercise, for all of you hearing these words, take just a moment, and within your consciousness drop this simple pebble:

I am not what I have perceived myself to be. I am unlimited, Pure Spirit, and nothing is unavailable to me.

Therefore, in this moment, I choose to open access to other dimensions of experience so that I might call this moment to me in a different way.

And as the words are spoken, notice what images begin to come into your field of awareness as you perhaps imagine yourself to be far more than just the body, abiding in far greater dimensions than the physical dimension. Do you see fleeting images of other beings, colors of light, subtle feelings that perhaps you hadn’t been aware of while you are focusing on the English translation of the vibrations? What do you notice drifting through the field of your awareness? Pay attention to it, for you cannot imagine what you have not or are not experiencing.

You are the field of consciousness having that experience now. You create the capacity. You decide what will enter into the field of your awareness and how you will experience it. Beloved friends, learn to look beneath the scenes. Learn to feel beyond the body. Learn to allow yourself awareness of what steals across the metaphorical corner of your eye, that is, the outer edges of your field of awareness.

Come to realize that the experience you are most familiar with, that is, the one of being a body-mind, who listens to vibrations of sound, translates them into English and therefore perceives that you are having a conversation with one being who happens to be another body in space, sitting ten feet from you, or whose words are recorded upon a tape. Recognize that around the edges of that there is something far more vast, something which can be cultivated, that allows you to be aware at much more refined levels.

Eventually you will come to be able to perceive these dimensions of energy with your eyes open, as you look upon another body-mind who is currently having the experience of vibrating thoughts through it directed toward you – you call it a conversation. And you will see that other being, not as a body, but as a field of light. You’ll see colors. You’ll feel vibrations. And those colors and those vibrations will tell you much more than the words could ever say to you. The result, of course, is that you won’t be fooled by words nearly as often as you have been in the past.

Practice this little exercise as often as you choose, in any and all circumstances. It is not difficult. You simply use the field of your consciousness to decide to be aware of what’s around the edges of the third-dimensional experience you are having. For instance, when you pull in your automobile up to what you call the red light, as you sit next to another automobile with a driver, and you look over through the physical eyes – if you limit yourself you will see an automobile with another body sitting behind a wheel, similar to what your body is doing (or what you call your body).

What if you allowed yourself to play, by looking at that being and saying within the mind,

This is but one small expression of that being. I wonder what’s occurring around the edges?

You might surprise yourself when suddenly a thought comes into your consciousness. That thought, you know, is not quite yours. It could be the thought of the person in the car saying,

My God, I should have, why didn’t I, iron my husband’s shirt this morning? Oh, he’s going to be so angry!

How many times have thoughts like that entered your mind and you’ve dismissed them as imagination?

What we’re suggesting here, is that you use the most ordinary moments of your day to become aware of your own being, your own naturally expanded, unlimited Self. There is nothing hidden at any time, and in any moment you have full access to the totality of another soul. Does that sound like an invasion of privacy? Beloved friends, there is no such thing. Privacy is important only for those who believe they are cut off, and separate, and perhaps have something to hide. In reality, nothing is hidden. And as you come to trust that the deep nature of your own being is perfect wisdom, perfect compassion, and perfect Love — you will begin to release the fear that you have built up around the extraordinary skills that you already possess.

You will discover that you can trust your unlimited Spirit. And as you sit in your car, looking at the one behind the wheel of the automobile next to you, and you allow yourself to relax and notice what’s around the edges, as it touches your consciousness, you will realize that this means that minds are not separate, one from another. And if their mind is touching yours, yours is touching theirs, and you are free to send them Love. You are free to notice what you pick up from another and, without opening the physical mouth, you can send the answer of wisdom that they are seeking.

Imagine being able to go to your grocery store and push your little metal cart down the aisles so that you can fill it with the boxes of what appears to be fresh food, and notice the thought waves of those around you — beginning to pick up what’s going on in their drama, their story, their life — and actually be able to (what your word would be) telepathically communicate to them the answers to their dilemmas. Would that not feel like a greater degree of freedom than what you are accustomed to?

You see, The Way of Transformation absolutely requires that you be committed to living differently. For is not transformation a change from the status quo? How can you experience transformation if you do not use time to think and be differently? Crying out to me will not do it. Reading a thousand holy books will not do it. One thing, and one thing only, will bring you into the transformation that you have sought — the willingness to abide where you are, differently.

Begin again with the simple exercise of reminding yourself that, in Truth, you are unlimited Spirit, abiding in all dimensions and all extraordinary abilities are already inherent in your consciousness – for if they were not, it would mean that God creates with inequality.

Well, you are born with that gift, but I don’t have it.

No. God creates His beloved Son and the Sonship is made up of equals in Spirit. The only difference, in the field of time, is that it appears that some have accessed and cultivated their inherent abilities more so than have others.

You would then use this to perceive another as more special than you as a way of proving to yourself your lack of worth, your smallness, your weakness. Perhaps someday, if only you lived the next hundred lifetimes being a “good” person, then maybe these abilities will begin to spontaneously show up in you. But there are no accidents, and nothing you see being made manifest in the life of anyone has occurred by accident. Everything you see is deliberate – everything.

Therefore, if you would look upon my beloved brother, or the body that you have assigned to him, and say,

Oh, my goodness, he can talk with Jeshua, but I could never do that.

Stop lying to yourself! Rather, come to see that if this ability is being made manifest in your field of awareness, it is because you have called it to yourself as a reminder of what is already inherent within you.

If another lays the hand of the body on the forehead of one who is sick, and the one who is sick arises and the disease is no longer present, remember that you have called that experience, through that beloved brother or sister, into the field of your consciousness to remind you of the Truth of your beingness. And if you feel attracted to being a healer, then drop everything else you are committed to and begin healing.

As we enter into this year of transformation, you will discover that we begin to speak more directly to you, in the sense of — what you call this — the “not beating about of the bush.” Not placating your resistance, your fears, not stroking you for the dramas you have created that have seemed to separate you from the Truth of your divine nature. For as we move into The Way of Transformation, the call is being sent from us to you — to arise and assume complete responsibility for all that you see, all that you think, and all that you choose. And rest assured, if you hear this call it is because a deeper part of you has called it to you as a way by which you remember that these things are already contained within you.

The Way of Transformation is the way of assuming responsibility for time, for each and every moment of it. For time is not a prison for you. It is that which flows out of your very consciousness, and there is never a place or a time — never a place or a time — which is more conducive to The Way of Transformation than the place in which you are and the time that is now. There is no one without privilege. There is no one by their station in life, as the world would see it, who is limited from watering and cultivating and bringing forth the fruit that rests within their unlimited consciousness. There is no one who is a victim of the world they see. For the world they see truly occurs nowhere save within the field of their awareness, which we call consciousness or mind. The buildings, the automobiles you drive, the dollars in the bank — none of that is real. These are merely symbols of the quality of experience you have chosen to call to yourself, as a temporary learning experience.

Beloved friends, use time well. Ask yourself,

Am I fully committed to transforming my awareness from one who has been sleeping, and perceiving myself as limited to the space and time dimension, or am I committed to truly hearing my brother’s call to take up my cross and follow him?

That is, the cross of crucifixion, the heavy wooden cross that you’ve been carrying around that says,

Well, I’m really struggling and trying to get to Christed Consciousness, but … Oh, if, if I just, maybe if I got rid of my husband, that would do it. Or perhaps if I moved to another location, that would do it. Maybe there is a spiritual technique out there that I haven’t found yet in the smorgasbord available. Once I find it and start practicing it, then I can get on with it.

You are in the holiest of temples: your Self. You abide in the perfect moment for your transformation. Nothing limits you at all, or at any time. The power of the freedom of choice is the essence of Christ. And the very, very, very power that you have been using to try to convince yourself of your limitations is exactly the same power that I used to overcome death. There is no difference, except a wink of an eye, an intention, a commitment, a recognition — that is all. In reality, nothing is impossible to you and nothing unavailable to you.

So, what occurs, what occurs in the consciousness that seems to create the blockage, the obstacle to Love’s presence? As you create a temporary perceived limitation as a way to call to you a certain quality of experience, there is a tendency to fall into the trap of identifying yourself with the constraints that you have set up, from your unlimited freedom, in order to have a temporary learning experience. When in your consciousness you come to be identified with the boundaries or the constraints — the lines upon the canvas that you have freely chosen to draw — you create an imprisonment. That imprisonment is actually a complete illusion, and in reality your unlimited Self goes on experiencing anything it wants, throughout all dimensions of Creation.

Your belief that you are defined by the lines you have drawn in the field of consciousness, the pebbles you have dropped, the ripples you have created — your belief that that is only you creates a constriction, and a density, and a conflict that is occurring nowhere in your being except in that part of you that has extended itself like a sunbeam from the sun into what you call your space-time dimension.

Now, think about this. If you feel constrained in this dimension, it does not mean that you are constrained. It simply means that one tiny ray of your Light is temporarily having a certain kind of experience. And if you trace that ray of Light back to its source, you find something brighter than ten thousand of your suns, something far more vast than the sun that lights your physical universe, something so vast that out of it has come forth a multitude of universes! That Light of your soul, Pure Spirit, remains undefiled and unlimited. That tiny ray can become aware of the whole, and that is the process of awakening. It doesn’t really change anything at all, since you begin to become identified, not with the tiny little ray that’s having a temporary experience, but that field out of which the very power to experience the space-time dimension is coming forth.

Imagine shifting your identity so that you are the ocean from which a multitude of waves are coming forth, and continually coming forth, each one slightly different, each one a little larger or smaller, a little faster, each one with a little more foam on it than the other — the very temporary, dancing waves being emitted from a field or an ocean of waters that knows neither beginning nor end and whose far shores can not be discovered. That is your Self, not the tiny wave that has a name and a history of being born at a certain time and living in a certain house or a city. It is certainly never what you call yourself as a banker, or a teacher, or a channel, or a mother, or a father. None of these things is what you are.

The Way of Transformation is much simpler than you think. But again, it rests on your decision to use time to be wholly committed to awakening from the narrow constraints you have placed upon your vast field of consciousness for no other reason than that it might be rather entertaining to allow this tiny little ray to continue in space and time for a while, while being aware of the totality of your Self and actually operating from that totality.

Can you imagine living like that? Can you imagine your body-mind driving its little automobile down the road, but every time you pull up to your red light and you notice someone next to you, you don’t perceive — you will still see the automobile, you’ll still see the body, but what you’re feeling, what you are knowing, what you are seeing is that that is an infinite field of consciousness, just like you are, and that their mind field touches yours throughout all dimensions and that you are Christ, that you can transmit wisdom and Love to them.

You can learn to direct energies. You might see it as a certain color. You can touch their field, their auric field. You can send healing to the organs of the body that you can see are perhaps a little out of whack. You can be the embodiment in space and time of that Self that is so vast, so grand, so filled with extraordinary power, that all you can do is smile — perhaps unseen and unrecognized by those who, themselves, have become unwittingly identified with a little, tiny drop of foam which is part of the wave, which is part of the ocean of their Self.

But what they choose does not influence your choice. Listen very carefully again: What another chooses does not influence your choice at all, even when it seems like it. It isn’t even accurate to say,

Oh well, I fell under the influence of so-and-so and so-and-so; I went a little unconscious, that’s why it happened. I gave up myself.

No. No. No! In every moment of your experience, what you experience is coming from within you. It is not placed in you from a source outside of yourself. And in every moment, you remain free to observe and to notice whether you are having a good time being where you are — that is, being in your perception of life, and recognizing you have the power to think differently.

Oh, that’s right, I’m not in a traffic jam. There is no such thing as a traffic jam. Everything is perfect. There is just a giant weaving together of experiences of infinite souls. So while I sit here in this little car with this funny little body, I’m going to be Christ. And I’m going to tap in to what’s going on around the edges of my awareness. And I’ll feel the thoughts of anyone I choose to direct attention to. And from the depth of my being, I will direct Love to them. I can choose to be the Truth of who I am. The red light, the automobiles, all jangled together — these things do not create my experience. My experience is flowing from within. It is being extended outward.

Listen carefully. No one has the power to create your experience. No one has the power to limit your experience. And nowhere in the Laws of God has it ever been written that you must conform your experience to the choices of another. You remain free, to freely choose to be the embodiment of Christ. You are the one who can bless Creation. And it begins when you are willing to assume responsibility for what you want to use time for.

In Truth, you’re doing it anyway. You are always using time for exactly what you are choosing. You’re not surviving. You’re not trying to get things done that the world is requiring. Never is anything occurring except that you are having awareness of the effects of how you are choosing to use consciousness, and that’s all.

Here is where The Way of Transformation begins. Ultimately, it is also where it ends. But the difference will be that you will no longer even want to choose anything that speaks of limitation. Even though the body-mind, that you once identified as yourself, still seems to be moving about in space and time, you won’t even look at that body-mind and say ‘mine. ‘ You will simply say,

The body-mind — a temporary communication device brought forth from the ocean of my unlimited Self as I have done a multitude of times in a multitude of universes — what’s the big deal?

Your consciousness will literally shift. It will take a new perspective. And you will know that you are Pure Spirit, that you do not abide in time at all, that you can simply delight in utilizing the body-mind as a communication device.

When you get on your airplane and you travel to some distant shore to a place that you are enjoying being in, you are still using the body-mind as a communication device between you and the Earth, between you and other creations that have come forth from other minds, whether it be a beautiful building or a beautiful painting. All that you are ever experiencing is something that you have drawn to yourself through the medium of the body — an experience, and that is all. You are the unlimited one who’s in the driver’s seat.

The second stage, closely related to the first that we described to you earlier in The Way of Transformation, requires that you begin to bring awareness to the little squiggly lines that you have drawn on the white and unlimited and perfectly unblemished canvas of consciousness. Some would call this — your psychologists would call these personalities or masks. Come to be aware of the little selves you have created. Begin to ask yourself,

What am I defending? What am I continuing on a daily basis that no longer fulfills me? After all, I’ve been there. I have done that. How might I look upon these little selves, these little drops of foam on this temporary wave I’ve brought forth? How might I use them differently? I wonder if I could create a brand new one?

Why is this important? It is because the squiggles you have drawn — perhaps you would say to yourself,

Well, I am Mary Jane. I am a vice president at a bank. I was born in such and such a city. My parents are so-and-so and so-and-so, and I’d really be different except my sister used to beat me when I was young.

— the second you define yourself, you constrain yourself within the parameters that you have chosen to value. And you, [snaps fingers] that quickly, create exactly the experience of the vibrations that are the effect of the squiggles. Think of those squiggles, the parameters of a little self, as the effect of certain pebbles that have been dropped into the pond of your consciousness. Once you draw the lines, certain effects flow from it.

What if you were to decide to create a self that sees itself as perfectly unlimited? And instead of saying,

Well, I have to go see my sister. I know she used to beat me, but that’s the way it is. It’s just who I am,

you simply sat back and said,

You know, I’m a perfectly unlimited being, and I think I’ll create a self who is an expression of the unlimited Love of Christ. And I’m going to go see this human being (you might use their name but not to call them your sister) — I’m going to go see this being and I’m going to utilize time for beaming as much Love to them as I can, for no other reason than it will feel rather grand to do so. I am the embodiment of Christ, and this one may not know it, but that doesn’t matter. I can enjoy it anyway.

Do you see how that could begin to move you beyond an identification of a certain definition of yourself that has actually locked you in to a narrow parameter, or set of parameters, which can only have certain kinds of effects? What if you were to sit down with those you call your parents and deliberately chose to look at them as beings that you had called to your field of awareness, that they are infinite and free beings in perfect equality with you? And they simply chose to receive your cosmic telegram and took on a certain role in space and time to help you play out what you wanted to learn. Would that begin to shift your identification with them as merely parents? For if you look upon them and say,

Those are my parents,

you have defined yourself as only their child. Do you begin to see the significance?

‘Tis very, very important to bring awareness to the definitions you have given yourself, and keep insisting upon, each and every day. That is like dropping the same pebble into the same stream, creating the same effects — and nothing is transformed.

It also brings up some fear.

What would happen if I let go of the definitions that I’m familiar with?

And here’s the answer: Nothing will happen, because in reality those definitions have never truly limited your unlimited Self from going on creating and experiencing, throughout all dimensions. The only change that could be said to occur, is that that little tiny ray of your beingness that is currently dancing through the experience of being a mind-body in space and time, will begin to throw open the doors and actually access Cosmic Awareness.

If you want the experience of walking on this planet as an enlightened master, first come to understand the foundation upon which The Way of Transformation is based. Secondly, bring awareness to the definitions of your self that have become unconscious for you. And then deliberately redefine your self as you enter into the field of your experiences. Does that make sense for you?

And here is the nub: No one can make the decision for you.

I have never enlightened anyone. I have never even so much as lifted them an inch. I have merely chosen to demonstrate unlimitedness for myself, and part of that experience was taking on the crucifixion, just so that I could learn how to overcome death. That was my choice, my pathway, my calling forth of experience. I can tell you that it’s much more grand to be in the body while being completely aware of your Cosmic Self. And in the same moment, I must say to you, it’s perfectly okay for you to perceive yourself as a limited ray of consciousness. Yes, there are certain results that follow. But still, you are completely free to continue in that field of experience for as long as you wish.

Imagine one who goes to swim in the waters of what you call a pool, and there are certain parameters — each end may be forty of your feet in length and the sides might be two hundred feet in length; it doesn’t matter. There is still a certain volume of water, and that is the field in which you swim. That field of water is like the field of your consciousness. It is shaped by the boundaries that you choose to draw. The very same being could say,

I am much too grand to swim in a pool. I believe I’ll put the little body on an airplane and fly to the grand ocean — there to swim in the midst, unbounded by a box.

The experience of that swimming is much different.

Your consciousness is exactly like that. And all that you experience, from the moment you awaken in the morning until the moment you awaken in the morning again (because there is no downtime) — everything you see, everything you experience, is the direct result of where and how you have drawn the lines on the blank canvas of consciousness. And you are free at any time to erase them and draw differently.

Never say, then, that you have discovered something. Rather, learn to say,

I am experiencing the effects of certain lines I have drawn in the infinite field of my beingness. And you know something? They are perfectly okay.

That is, taking a walk in the rain — learn to enjoy it, from the place of unlimitedness within you, as a Christ would walk upon this Earth and say,

I choose to feel the rain upon the skin of this body. I feel the shiver of the flesh against the cold. What a delight it is! I am unlimited, forever! And this moment does not define me. It does not imprison me. I am free! I am free!

Tomorrow, I might move to some warmer climate where the sun shines and there are no clouds of rain. And if so, I will enjoy the rays of the sunlight upon my skin and the sweat upon the brow. And I will notice what it feels like as it trickles across the skin — not my skin, but the skin.

And when I meet a friend, I will remind myself that our fields of mind are meeting in many dimensions. What will I choose to bring to that moment? Will I see myself as limited to the boundaries of the skin of the body? Will I only tell them of all my laments? “My car had a flat tire, and then my mommy called and she’s unhappy because I forgot her birthday, and oh, my goodness, I don’t know how I’m going to get through.” Or, am I going to meet them as the unlimited Cosmic Being that I am?

Will I create the space in which I get to enjoy beaming Love to them? Will I enjoy seeing what’s occurring just around the edges of the third-dimensional experience that, of course, does go on? “Hello Fred, nice to see you.” But around the corners, “Oh, Fred, you had an argument with your wife. Let me talk to you about that,” without ever opening the physical mouth. “Here’s some Love for you. You know the wisdom. You know the answer.” Hmm … Oh, a little cancer beginning to form in the colon. I think I’ll send light to it. “Yes, yes, so how’s the wife, how are the children? Oh, very good.” Light beaming into the cancer, light beaming into the cancer.

Which experience do you prefer: the contracted awareness within two small squiggles on an infinite canvas of Radiant Light, or the Radiant Light Itself, operating through very temporary and freely chosen ‘squiggles’ called the body-mind?

The Way of Transformation begins with you deciding what you are most committed to. It requires bringing awareness to every set of definitions you have adopted about the self and placed as an overlay upon it. It culminates in the transparency of the body-mind self, the little ray of light that you think you are, so that even while that continues for a little while, it is permeated by an awareness of your Cosmic Being. And that becomes your identity.

And you are Christ, playing in the world — unlimited, unfettered, unvictimized by anything. And what arises, arises, and what passes away, passes away. And arising and passing away are exactly the same to you. Love comes; it is received. Love seems to be taken; so what? You bless the being that withdraws awareness from you and you simply open to whoever comes into your consciousness. For you decide how you will be in relationship with each moment. And you never discover something out there that’s right. You simply create the structure of your experience.

Whenever another says to you,

Well, I like to eat meat. I love it raw and bloody upon my plate,

and you’ve been eating nothing but fruits and vegetables, there is no reason to say anything at all. Just smile, decide that you can beam them Love — not because they’re doing something wrong and if you love them they might change — but because their decision doesn’t mean anything. It is just a description of how they are structuring their experience. If you identify with yourself as a ‘pure vegetarian,’ you will not be able to prevent yourself from judging your brother or sister. And where judgment abides, you have created separation, and for a moment you lose the presence of Love.

Can you become selfish enough to learn to truly recognize that you are not influenced by anyone else’s choices, and their choices do not say anything about your own? You are free to embrace your experience as being wholly Self-created out of perfect innocence, perfect playfulness, the free use of time to generate experience. Hmm.

Much has been given to you already in this time, what you call this recording. We would highly suggest for those committed to transformation, that they go back and be very clear about what is being shared. Begin this year to create your own personal transformation journal. Let it be used for no other purpose.

Take the journal and find a picture that represents for you the highest, the deepest, the most passionate, the most beautiful expression of Love that you can imagine. Don’t compare it to anybody else’s. Just put it on the front of the journal. Buy a pen that will be used for no other reason than this. Find a place to place this journal so that nothing else occupies that space, whether it be on your altar, in a drawer by your bed. Find a place, deliberately, out of the field of your Christedness, and say,

Ah, this is the place.

Then, each time you receive one of these tapes, go through it carefully and write down the key points that are being shared. And decide what they will mean for you. And decide what steps you will take to incorporate them into your lived, daily experience — even if that means that they are not going to be incorporated at all. Take one hundred percent responsibility for the decision and write down in your journal,

I don’t think I’m going to do that. I own it; I decide freely. That’s the way it is.

As you do this, by the time the year ends, you will be surprised at what you have written in your journal. As you go through it month by month, also keep track of some of the things that you experience as you play with the practices that we give you. How are things changing? What experiences are you beginning to have as you explore the space just beyond the corners of your normal awareness? When you do the exercise we suggested when we began, what images came, what thoughts did you notice, what colors did you see? Write them down, jot them down. Have fun with it.

For indeed, in each month we will be giving you very specific, though what may seem as very simple exercises. But they are designed to give you access to what is already occurring at all times, in a way that can foster and deepen your deliberate awareness of what is occurring all the time: your cosmic and unlimited Self.

The only transformation you can experience in space and time is the reaching down from the depth of the ocean into one tiny, temporary wave and re-adjusting the little foam drops on the tip of the wave you call the body-mind of the self, so that it begins to be a transparent conduit for an awareness of the ocean itself. That’s the game of awakening. It is actually the most delightful use of time you will ever find.

And as you choose to do that, trust me, it will carry you beyond this world — not from denial, but simply because you’ve outgrown it. And there are dimensions of experience awaiting you that are so much more grand than the dimension of the body-mind. But the way that you get to them is by bringing full awareness to what you are choosing to experience in each and every moment. Soap on the skin in the morning shower — wow, how amazing! Raindrop upon the cheek. Shiver against the cold. The sound of a cat meowing. The thoughts of a dog across the street. These things you call to yourself in this dimension.

Don’t you want to taste it all? Don’t you want to wrap yourself around it all? Don’t you want to remember that magic is around you? And that out of magic, the moment you are experiencing is being created from within your Holy Self. It’s never been, and it will never be again — Mystery of all mysteries, Dance of Creation, Reality of Love! There is no higher state in the mind-body than to live as one who’s been blown away and lives in that state perpetually. Then you are free and the world has no hold upon you.

So, here we will come to the end of this hour’s message. ‘Tis a beginning for anyone who chooses to wrap their unlimited hands around it. But alas, we cannot shape the use of it for you. And if you don’t like where you are, look no further than yourself.

We await you. We will reach out for you, in a million different ways, across space and time into the space between your thoughts — not just through the mechanism of this tape, but every time there is a little space open in your consciousness. Indeed, we will come and whisper,

Beloved friend, come and play at a vaster level. It is all within you. Come and play. Come and play with God’s Children!

You are free. In this moment, you are as free as you will ever be, right now.

How, then, will you use time?

What will you construct out of your infinite field of awareness? What world will you look upon? What thoughts will you think? What feelings will you evoke within the cells? Where will you direct the body to be plopped down on a daily basis? How will you observe, or how will you enter into, relationship with each moment — whether touching a dial, or touching a body? It really makes no difference. What will you bring to that experience? Is it Christ touching the shoulder of another, or is it just some limited, needy self?

Who will you say that you are to this world? For what you decree is, [snaps fingers] instantly. There’s no way out of this responsibility. Stop fighting it and birth Christ where once you thought something less than that has dwelt.

Beloved friends, peace be unto you always, and always I am with you. And I come to you not alone, but with many who have delighted in creating a resonance with me, and I with them, for no other reason than that power expands exponentially when minds join in Love from a foundation of wholeness and not neediness. I do not need the one that you call my Mother; she does not need me. But, oh, how we delight in creating together that which extends the holy, the good, and the beautiful — without end! Will you come and play with us?

Peace, then, be unto you always. And, as always,


Question One

Question One: Who are the other masters occasionally mentioned?

Question Two

Question Two: What is the difference between judging and discerning? And what guidelines can we observe to better practice discernment?

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