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The Way of Mastery

Hang on a sec…

It is August 8, 1990. Not far beyond a tiny town on the southwestern coast of the island of Hawaii, a narrow road winds down from the highway to a lovely little spot named Keokea. The coastline here is rugged. Battered cliffs of reds and browns plunge from treeline to sea. There is a jetty of sorts that runs from the end of the northernmost cliffs. A crude pile of boulders, it creates a shallow lagoon just right for small children to swim in. There is no white sand beach and, thank God, no throng of tourists baking in the delicious Hawaiian sun.

Near the center of the park a stream meanders through the dense foliage. Here I bathed yesterday, making my way far enough upstream to be out of sight. I dipped my body into the cool waters, then sat on a rock, allowing the warm caress of a gentle breeze to dry me, breathing deeply the sweet fragrance of plumeria.

Here, in this magical spot that evokes memories of Eden from some forgotten place of the soul, meditation comes easily. In no time at all, I feel that familiar place, as though I have come to the eye of the hurricane, “the stillpoint of the turning world.”

A familiar vibration; He is here. As though waiting for me to return Home from a journey, He knocks gently, assuredly, on the door of my heart. I answer, turning my attention to Him, and Him alone.

It is time for us to begin our second work together. For this did I suggest the notebook. (He refers to a small red binder that I impulsively threw into my shopping cart a few days ago.) Use this solely for our communications. The publication of The Jeshua Letters is now imminent. (A series of events, none of which I could have imagined, would begin within a month that did, indeed, lead to the book’s publication.)

Again, I suggest that you continue in your learning of trust. It is not important that you see how all things will be accomplished. Remember, to the world the awakened mind seems naive, but the opinions of those who believe what is Real, is not, and what is not Real, is, surely should not be heeded.

I am distracted. The mosquitoes have won. Sighing, I rise from the rock, dress, and return to camp…


One of the reasons I love Hawaii so much is this moment. The sun has long since set, replaced by a bright, full moon. It illuminates trees and rocks and ocean waves, while painting cloud edges in silver-white, and still it is warm! Warm enough to lay here undressed, drinking the energies of this place deep into every cell.

As, again, I feel His presence within me, a thought of amazement arises in my mind. He is continuing our conversation now as if there was no break in our communication. This simple fact is a gentle reminder that time is somehow not quite what I have learned it is. As He speaks, I see it, the title:

The Way of the Servant

Living the Light of Christ

“For the first shall be last, and the last, first.”

This teaching was not intended for the use it has been given by those who would find in me justification for the judgment of their brothers and sisters. That which is called the sacred book of your Bible does, in fact, contain many seeds of wisdom. However, these have often been separated from their original contexts and woven into stories designed to serve not the Holy Father, but the conception of God the mind in separation would long for.

I gave this teaching to those known as my disciples. Its meaning serves as the theme of this present work, for when the mind is truly awakened from the dream of separation and the soul is returned to its only Reality as the Son of God, there comes then a new beginning. No longer is there futile searching for what the world cannot offer or hope to contain.

Abiding in that peace which forever passes understanding, the soul is at rest. It neither desires the things of the world nor judges them. It learns the sublime art of what has been called “waiting on the Lord.” This merely means that the soul moves in accordance with the Father’s will, and can no longer consider doing otherwise. The soul dons the cloak of the servant.

The Way emerges for us: When the acknowledgment of your Reality as the only begotten Son of God is accomplished and the Armageddon between this Reality and the habit of useless dreams is ended, the journey to the Kingdom is completed and the journey within it begins. The whole of Creation is reclaimed as one’s own, and the soul’s only desire is that Creation be restored as a reflection of the holy thought of God, who is but Love.

Love is a radiant splendor forever shining beyond all appearance, a splendor held as a distant memory in the heart of all forms of Life, and it is this that Life strains to rediscover. When this is accomplished, the very purpose of Creation will be completed, and the things of Heaven and Earth shall pass away, as mist before the rising sun.

In this work, I shall address the meaning of servantship, for here is found the highest calling of the soul, as well as the final enactment possible in the field of manifestation.

True servantship is not in any way possible while yet there lingers hope for salvation in the things of the world, including those ideas of salvation which cleverly conceal the fear that is ego; the dream of the separate self that can gain, or lose.

I will clarify the true nature of the servant, as well as the qualities of genuine service. We will journey through the field of obstacles which keep the highest joy just beyond the grasp of the one who would join in union with God.

Know this: Nothing ever imagined by the mind of man can bring the soul such depth of peace, such breadth of fulfillment, such heights of unspeakable joy as can servantship. Enlightenment, when fully realized, gives birth to the servant as surely as does the flower burst forth from the seed well planted and nurtured.

Contemplate deeply what is here being spoken, again and yet again, in the quiet of solitude, for these words I have chosen deliberately. Taking them deep into your heart will hasten your consummate awakening.

This work is given to assist those who will soon touch the heart of a perfect Remembrance. It is a great truth that greater works than mine shall you who serve Love bring forth into the world in these Last Days.

Herein is the introduction completed…

After giving the introduction, He suggested I be patient because this work would come into form at the appropriate time. He also asked that I keep the little red notebook close at hand, and I agreed. I had no way of knowing then that three years would pass before He would finish it!

The process of writing was actually quite simple. I dragged the notebook with me wherever I went, lived my life, and waited. Sometimes, several months would go by without so much as a mention of this work from Him. At times He literally stopped in midsentence, only to pick it up later as if there had been no interruption. Waking me at two or three in the morning with that familiar little vibration in my heart continued to be one of his apparently favorite times. Finally, I grew accustomed to the fact that He might never finish it at all! I confess that my wife occasionally enjoys telling friends how I threw the notebook across the room when the words I was scribing pushed my buttons, or conveniently left it on a friend’s table, “forgetting” what I had done with it.

In fact, when He dictated the final few pages and said “Amen,” it failed to sink in that it was done. I got out of my chair to head to the kitchen, suddenly stopped in my tracks, and muttered, “It’s done. No more little red notebook!”

Alan Cohen, in his foreword to The Jeshua Letters, called Jeshua “a masterful teacher.” Looking back, this one simple fact becomes abundantly clear. The Way of the Servant is a link in an exquisite tapestry being woven by this loving master, always dedicated to awakening us all to the presence and reality of Love, beyond our fears and hurts and angers and doubts.

The Way of the Servant, like a good painting, reveals its treasures to you the longer you linger with it. It has pushed my deepest buttons, showing me where my own ego games continue, requiring my attention. It has become an everpresent reminder that He is with all of us always, overflowing with the Love we are choosing to remember on this planet. We offer it to you as it was offered to us. If you choose, it will become a blessing on your journey, a constant companion righting your course whenever, for a fleeting moment, you are tempted to be distracted by the voice of the world that seems to have made a home in your mind. As this gift from Jeshua has done for so many, may it also serve to turn your ear to the gentle Voice that yet lives within us all, the Voice which speaks only of Love, of what we are together, forever. Streams of joy!

Ubud, Bali
April 2006

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