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By Rev. Kay Hunter

At each junction in my unfolding it would appear I have been given exactly what I needed to see my God-self more clearly. The right teacher, that perfect book, that certain relationship, that catalystic event has appeared, each with but one single purpose: to assist me in seeing the Light within.

As I have surrendered more and more to the call to minister to others, I have given up my resistance to being ministered to in this life. An avid student of truth principles, as taught through the Science of Mind, and a devoted student/teacher of A Course in Miracles, I have always been open to the revelations of God’s wisdom. I love to teach, for it is through teaching that I have most definitely learned.

It was in a class setting that another level of personal awareness was opened to me through a book. As the class discussed unconditional love, and ways to live it daily, a student came forward and said to me: “Rev. Kay, I received this book from Washington state yesterday. I believe it answers some of our questions and I would like for you to read it.” The book had an intriguing title: The Jeshua Letters.

Having loved Jesus since I was five and felt He was indeed my friend, I felt an inner urge to open the book right then. As I flipped through the pages I began to read aloud the wonderful thoughts formed on the pages. The class’s response was immediate. “I want that book,” they said.

“Where can we get it?” As we looked in the back for ordering information, a message caught our attention. It read: “Jeshua is available to speak to your group. Also, private sessions with Jeshua are possible, either in person, or by mail/phone.” Addresses and names were quickly noted.

I want to do that, my inner self insisted. I set out to find the location and phone number of this author/channel, Jon Marc Hammer (now, Jayem), listed as living in the Tacoma, Washington area. Inside I knew that another step in my unfolding into the Light awaited me.

The student was kind enough to give me his book, and The Jeshua Letters became a very important teaching tool for me. Our church ordered case after case of the books for our Science of Mind and Course in Miracles students, who bought them as quickly as we received them. Eager minds had sought the truth, and the truth had found us – as truth always does when we are open to it.

One evening, as I was reading the book, I stopped to look at the foreword. It was written by Alan Cohen, another author who had crossed my path with a wonderful book: The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

Alan Cohen and Jayem… what a wonderful combination, my heart mused. Then I remembered, Alan Cohen was coming to my church to lecture in just a few weeks. I can find out from Alan how to get in touch with Jayem. Thank you, God, I thought, and I went on with my reading joyfully.

The weeks passed, and Alan Cohen arrived at Community Church in Dallas to present his lecture/workshop. As the day progressed I promised myself I would find the perfect time to ask him about Jayem and how to reach him. Then-as only the universe understands such things-the phone rang. I answered. The voice on the other end of the line said, “Hi, this is Jayem. I am trying to reach Alan Cohen. His Hawaii office told me I would find him here. May I speak to him please?” I found myself shouting excitedly into the phone: “I can’t believe it’s you! I have your book right here on my desk. I wanted to talk to you. I want a session with Jeshua. Your book is wonderful. I want to order more of them. We can’t keep them on the bookstore shelves. Wow, this is just great!”

As I look back on that conversation I feel certain that I must have startled that gentle channel with my excitement, but I just couldn’t contain myself. (I do want to say, by way of explanation, that I did put Jayem through to Alan, but not before I had scheduled an appointment with Jeshua and ordered another case of The Jeshua Letters.)

But the story was not yet complete. I began to receive copies of transcriptions of some of the Jeshua sessions in Washington. I couldn’t wait to get the message contained in them into the eager hands and minds of the students and discussion groups formed to go over each detail of the new material. What a joy!

Then came the gift of gifts. One of my students had gathered together a small group of people who wanted to go to Washington to attend a Jeshua session. “Would you like to join us, Rev. Kay?” he asked. “I would like you to be my guest if you can come.”

Could I join them! I was so filled with excitement I don’t think I really needed the plane to fly. The anticipation I felt at the thought of meeting Jayem, and his angel-like wife Anastasia, was just the tip of the iceberg of what I felt at the actual physical meeting. It was like coming home, greeting old friends, and just knowing I was in the right place at exactly the right time.

And when Jeshua came through Jayem, and that quiet, gentle essence filled the room, each heart there felt the presence of unconditional love. It was then I just knew that I had to find a way to bring this wonderful message and messenger to Dallas and the students of truth there.

A time was set, and the event became a reality. Over 400 people crowded the auditorium to be with this author and the essence of divine understanding that came through him.

Lives were touched! Lives were changed! And I knew I had moved into another phase of personal awareness.

Now another book comes through this same beautiful channel, a book that is just as touching and even more revealing. It walks us through our doubts, our fears, our inner struggles; it dissolves the illusions and leads us to the Light. The Way of the Servant has touched me even more deeply than Jayem’s first book, if that is possible. It shows our sensitivity to the intuitive, and our resistance to its guidance. It gives us the answers to questions long pondered in the deepest recesses of our mind. It inspires, comforts, and makes the truth more real than our long-believed illusions.

Thank you, Jayem, for your courage, your willingness, your allowing. Thank you for daring to walk your path with such clarity, that we-all of us-might walk our own in greater awareness.

Rev. Kay Hunter

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