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The Way of Mastery

Hang on a sec…


Self-mastery and servantship
are one.
For where one is, the other is found.

And where the other is,
the one is also known.

Mastery is that state
in which not one thing of the world
compels you in any direction,
yet not one thing of the world is judged.
This must naturally follow
for the mind to which peace is returned.

To lack mastery
in any aspect of life
is to lack it in all.

is the foundation from which
the servant enacts
the movement of Love
proceeding from the Father
through the Son,
serving the one goal of Atonement
by demonstrating its completion
in you.

This is given
as a clear sign unto you:
Mastery is completed when not one habit
learned of the world remains;
not one “love”
you have miscreated for yourself
is justified of you.

Look well, then,
at the whole of your life,
and behold with innocent honesty
the “loves” you would keep for yourself,
for what can you carry forth
from death to Life?
Even the body will be outshined.

And if you love the Father
above the world,
what would you leave untransformed
by the radiance of your union?

You can give
only what you possess,
and what you possess exists for you
only because you value it.

What treasure
will you lay at your brother’s feet?
For where your treasure is,
there shall your heart be also,
and your heart is all that can be given.

I have said before
that the world is but a symbol.
Choose wisely what your world
will symbolize for you,
for it is the symbols you choose
which your sister will see.
Thus is your heart revealed,
and you have “spoken” your judgment
of the Father.

She who knows me
walks with me,
and she who walks with me
makes straight her path,
and all things are given
to the praise of what God is:

Love embraces all things,
heals all things,
transforms all things,
celebrates all things,
and, above all,
mirrors what God is in all things.

Give no thought, then,
for tomorrow,
neither for the things you shall eat,
nor for the things you shall wear,
for the Father knows you have need
of these things,
and He will not leave you comfortless.

When I once asked you
to “take no thought”
you unwittingly failed to hear me,
deciding you can direct the choice
of what you would eat,
and what you would wear,
and thus cleverly cherish
the “loves” you would desire to keep.
To decide for yourself
is precisely to take thought.
That is,
because you failed
to let the Comforter choose for you,
right-mindedness was cast aside,
and the real world abandoned.

But she
who praises God in all things
keeps no decision for herself,
listening only to the Voice for God,
and the servant knows
the Voice speaks only
with perfect reason.
To cling to but one “love”
you have miscreated
is surely to be unreasonable,
for you have learned
that the symbols of the world
can be but the symbols of death.
Death is no longer your will,
but Life.

I am come again unto you
that you might have Life,
and this more abundantly.
Learn well, then,
to ask before each choice:
“Does this value the symbols of death,
or of Life?”

Abiding in innocent honesty,
you will realize
that the Comforter’s guidance
is immediate,
and uncompromising.

Herein will be revealed to you
the final meaning of my teaching:

Take no thought,
for the Father knows
you have need of these things.

In this,
the next step has been taken.

Released from the insane belief in sacrifice
and loss,
not a single “love”
does the servant keep for himself.

with a certainty beyond question
who walks with him
in the way that he chooses to go,
he steps with gentle authority
on the path set before him.

Caring not for what she will wear
nor for what she shall eat,
she listens for the Voice
of the Holy One.

Because her prayer is only
for that which can reflect
the Father’s perfect Love through her,
her joy is forever complete.
And the Comforter’s guidance
is without reproach,
revealing the gifts
that are brought to serve
the one desire that alone arises
in the holy mind of the servant:

That all I do
and all I say,
that all I think
and all I share,
that all I be, do, and have,
reflect the radiance,
the joy,
the grace,
the laughter,
the compassion,
the power,
the vision,
and the mastery
of my Father’s one creation:
Christ, I AM!

And the things that she wears
and the things that she eats
whisper to the world
of the Love with which the Father
has restored his precious child
to her rightful place.


Whenever you are not wholly joyous,
it is because you have chosen wrongly.
For from choice there follows action,
and from action always experience.

For those with ears to hear,
let them hear:
He who has learned that death is unreal
gladly releases the symbols of death
even within the illusions of time,
down to the least jot and tittle.

The awakened servant,
having truly chosen
to teach only Love
because Love alone is desired,
moves from the silent foundation of union
unto Life everlasting,
teaching only the symbols of Life,
for by teaching he learns
and by giving he receives.

The Way, then,
is easy,
and without effort.

From the thoughts
you would choose to think,
to what you would eat
and what you would wear,
take no thought of yourself,
but receive the guidance
of the One sent unto you of the Father,
because He has loved you
from before the foundation of all worlds.

while time seems to last for you,
are all things translated
into that which reflects
the holy of holies,
and what was hidden is now revealed.

I gave even the body
that it might be glorified
in glad tribute to my Father.
For she who gives all,
receives all.

Remember then,
what I say unto you now:
If your brother is hungry,
you are without nourishment,
and if your sister is alone,
you are separated from the feast.
Because there is
nothing outside you;
you are the good shepherd.
And l ask only for you
to accept the truth
that because you have chosen
to awaken to your own call,
the time is at hand
for embracing with me
all that is given you,
that the world
might be restored in us,
the holy, unlimited,
and only begotten child of God.

If you will do this with me,
all things will be embraced,
and Love will light all things.

Be you, therefore, of good courage.
Love one another
as I love you, always.
and celebrate with one another often,
for if there are two or more
gathered together to embrace the world,
I am in the midst of them.

We walk now with certainty,
holding not one “love”
back from the teacher
who would heal all wounds,
and translate even the body –
the symbol of ego –
into that which reflects only Light
to a world redeemed
from the dream of separation.

The final lesson has been learned,
and now will be gladly lived:

There is nothing outside me.

Now, it is finished.

He who understands these words,
lives them,
and his life is a dance of devotion
without ceasing,
unlimited forever,
for he knows what comes to pass.

The happy dream dawns now,
having been placed safely within you
by God himself
even as you were –
for but one brief moment –
distracted by a tiny, mad idea.

My peace
I give unto you.
Not as the world gives,
do I give unto you.
Because you have received me,
you give me to the world.
Because you give me,
do you eternally receive me,
and ever.

Peace be unto you,
and ancient


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