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Now, we begin.

And indeed, once again, greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. Understand well, then, my delight in creating communication devices that allow me to be with you. Feel and understand my delight as I seek to look upon the world in which you abide and allow myself to receive the guidance of my Father in how I can best create communication devices that can touch as many hearts and minds as possible.

There is a great advantage to living outside of the realm of the body. I need not spend “time” on the body. And I can see that that strikes some chords among you. The body is not right, and the body is not wrong. The body simply is. And in Reality, as you have fallen under the spell of the world that you have created — for no other reason than you wanted to — you have come to perceive the body in a certain way. First of all, you think it is quite solid when, in fact, it is not. You think that the body separates you from others since, as your scientists well know, no two solid objects can occupy the same point of space and time. They’re quite right about that.

As you look out, then, through the eyes of the body, you would actually believe that you dwell within it, and therefore, have a private domain that is all yours. This leads you to the great delusion that you can have private thoughts. Like one who comes home after a day of work and closes the front door behind them and then rants and raves about their boss or their co-workers, thinking that the walls of the house are around them and that, therefore, they have something called “privacy.” Rest assured that this is quite a delusion!

In reality, the body does not contain you. Rather, you contain the body. Mind is vast, eternal, and unlimited. Mind is what every being that you know participates in, like waves participating in the ocean. This means that anytime you think a thought about anyone, that thought is communicated to them. Now, it’s quite true that unless they’ve done enough work to become sensitive to the subtle levels of Creation, they won’t necessarily be aware consciously that you are thinking a certain thought about them. They may only be aware that suddenly they’ve had a thought of you, and a rather funny feeling is going through their body. And they’ll pass it off and give it not a second thought. Likewise, if you think a loving thought, ten thousand miles away someone may suddenly think of you and feel good in their body and not even know why, and just let it go by. Why? Because the belief system says that they must be doing that inside themselves, and it has no connection to you.

In reality, thought is the substance of all things. Thought is an impulse of pure energy. It is more subtle than anything in the physical domain. Thought travels far faster than the speed of light. In fact, light is actually a physical occurrence that emerges long after the birthing of the dream of separation. So while a light year can seem to be quite a vast thing in your world of physics, rest assured that thought travels instantaneously. In fact, thought is immediately present everywhere. As you are a conscious mind, a body-mind, abiding in the Ocean of Pure Mind, you literally receive the impressions of all thought being thought anywhere. It comes into your auric field. And your auric field is really nothing more than the trough that seems to separate one wave from another — but in fact, the trough of those waves joins them one to another.

All fields of thought, then, in a sense, wash up to the shoreline of your being. You elect what influences will enter into your sphere. Some of those will pass through, and some you will begin to become identified with. You’ll take them on as your thought. You’ll form an agreement with the nature of that thought. You will value that thought, and therefore create experiences that flow from your agreement, your valuation.

For virtually all beings born within the human sphere, one such agreement is:

I am just the body, and therefore I am separate from all others.

That is merely an agreement, a decision to create experience. You are equally free to say within yourself:

I am more than a body. My mind is vast and unlimited. And that is the deeper essence of my identity and my existence. I am in perfect communication with all forms of life at all times. I need only withdraw my attention from my perception of my body to access communication with anyone at any time.

I said once in A Course in Miracles that,

You have never forgotten the body, even for a moment. And yet, a moment is all it takes to realize that you are not the body.

I did not mean by this that you should deny the body, but rather, that you be willing to surrender your perception of what the body is, that it is not a device that separates you at all. And why is this so? You see, you once decided to dream the impossible dream: the dream of separation. The body is the result of that thought — the attempt to create something that succeeds in separating you from the Mind of God. But you have never succeeded. For in the moment that that began to emerge, the Holy Spirit already translated it into something that is not a separation device, but a communication device. You failed. The Holy Spirit did not!

This means that the body, itself, is constantly receiving input in the form of subtle energy vibration from everything and everyone around it. You are like a giant radio station that is picking up and transmitting signals constantly. If you would like proof of this, and especially if you would like proof of how powerful thought is as it expresses vibration through the body, simply create what you call in your world, I believe, the dowsing rods. Take two pieces of metal. It could be two parts of a coat hanger. Bend them so that you can gently hold one end, and hold them in your hands about six inches from your body. And then have a friend stand about twenty feet away and have them think thoughts of negativity:

I am unworthy. I am not worthy of being loved. I have no energy. I’m not worth anything.

And as they’re doing that, walk toward them and see how close you get before your dowsing rods of metal begin to move around. Then, back up and find just the edge where their energy field is influencing the rods.

Then go back again, twenty or thirty feet, and have them change their mind. Have them begin to think loving thoughts:

I am One with God. Love flows through me perfectly. I am so glad to be alive!

They need not say it out loud. They need not move a muscle. They need only think differently. Then again walk toward them, and see when you find the point where the rods in your hands begin to move about. You’ll find that their energy field is much larger with the positive thought than with the negative.

Now, your body is like a divining rod. And so is everyone else’s. Therefore, those with confidence, those who love themselves, those who are not concerned with the good opinions of the world, who just go forward in the direction of what they love, are the ones that seem to gain the greatest support in the Universe. Why? Because when such a one walks into a bank to get a business loan, already knowing that this is a great idea and they’re going to bring the fullness of their being to it, and they couldn’t possibly fail, just walking in the door, they are bringing an energy field that influences and touches the loan officer.

Those that walk in going:

God, I wish I could get this business loan, but I just don’t know. I don’t have any experience in this. They’re going to look at me like I’m a schmuck.

That person walks in with a much condensed energy field; it’s very weak. The quality of vibration of the thought is emanating out and touching the energy field of the loan officer. If you were the loan officer, who would you rather do business with?

Therefore, Love … when Love leads the way, when Love is the Field of Energy that you are abiding within, everywhere you go, you are touching the Universe in a way much more subtle than the conscious mind. And that Universe will respond to you, because Love responds to Itself like a flower that opens to sunlight.

Now, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. But you haven’t stopped to consider how profoundly important it is in the nature of your own life. You know that you respond to a happy person, to a kind person, to a loving person more than you would to a person who’s being wicked. It’s simple common sense. You know that you love to be around beings that talk about unlimitedness, that talk about great vision. Why? Because they’re reminding you that you, too, are a great visionary, that unlimitedness is the natural state of the Kingdom of Heaven. The problem is that you’ve unwittingly taught yourself to live from fear, to think negative thoughts, to believe that the opinions of the world mean something. You have literally created a world in which people are negatively-minded, don’t want to support you, don’t think you’re worth anything. And yet, you are the one that’s projecting that belief about yourself, and you, therefore, will attract a like vibration. For like attracts like.

If you, therefore, want to attract beings who will support you and love you, decide to be a being who supports and loves yourself. Decide to open your arms wide, as we spoke of in last month’s tape, to receive the Love, the presence, the pleasure of God’s Presence. Think only loving thoughts. Learn to master forgiveness. Dare to follow your heart! Celebrate life! Do what brings you joy! Walk as one confident in the Light of Christ! Dare to look out upon the world and say:

My Father has set the table before me, and every being and blade of grass is here to support my enjoyment of God!

And as you cultivate that kind of discipline, your life will change — as it must. For the Universe responds to the vibrational quality that you are emitting from the radio station of your own mind.

Beloved friends, you are, indeed, Love. But when you decide — as you get up in your day — that you must fear the attitude of the boss, that you must safeguard the feelings of the spouse, that you must sacrifice in order to be conformed to the opinions of the world, you shrink your energy field. And the only thing that leaks out is something like the statement:

I choose to live in fear. I’m not willing to be bold and big and happy. I don’t want to laugh too much today because somebody might be offended. I won’t tell you my truth because it might disrupt your energy field.

All of that is delusion. You are free. You are here to celebrate. You are here to be outrageous. You are here to extend Love, and Love cannot be extended through a contracted energy field. Therefore, teach yourself to notice each fearful thought. Teach yourself to notice when your energy field is contracted and do the opposite: choose to receive Love! And if you start to go through a single day, and you notice that by five o’clock your energy field isn’t feeling very good, ask yourself where have you been waiting for Love to show up as a gift of something or someone else to you. Stop what you’re doing and be the one who gives Love to yourself — simply so that you can enjoy it.

The essence of this hour’s sharing is this: You, and you alone, are completely responsible for the quality of your experience of each moment. No one is doing anything to you. The world is not an unsafe place. And what you experience in life is the direct result of what flows from the inside out. For there can be no flow from the outside in, except that which you receive and make your own. Is there any point, then, to be fearful of something? Of course not! If you are fearful, at least accept that you have decreed it to be so:

I choose to be fearful of being a millionaire, and therefore I will not take this opportunity and run with it.

I am fearful of the opinions of others, therefore I will not give speeches in public.

At least say:

I choose to have the experience of being a contracted and fearful human being.

At least take ownership and recognize the simple Truth that as the world shows up to reflect that fear to you, it is doing so only out of loving service to you.

You see, the Universe is only Love. And beings will respond to you according to what you want to call into your being, that’s all. Nothing else is even possible. It is quite true that you may be calling a calamity to yourself because you, as a soul, are ready to discover a greater depth of Love and forgiveness in yourself. Life might bring you challenges, but only because you’ve asked it to bring you challenges so that you can grow your capacity to maturely direct Love in this world. Nothing can occur that you have not called to yourself.

I could not begin to tell you how many times I have conspired to create opportunities for many, many beings to step into the fullness of their Christed Consciousness with full power and glory in the shortest possible time, only to have them say,

No, no. I can’t do that. That’s just not who I am. I have to go do something else.

And the something else is always something based on fear, something the egoic part of the mind thinks that they can be comfortable with, and something that will take them many more lifetimes to reach the same result.

The Holy Spirit always knows the shortest route to God. It will, when presented to you, bring up for you your deepest fears, since it is fear that obstructs the Light of Truth. How, then, do you dissolve the power of fear? By recognizing it, by feeling it, and by owning the simple fact that fear is not your master and continuing to walk on. The “ring of fear” of which I speak quite deeply in A Course in Miracles, is simply that. The ring of fear is something constructed from the inside out. In Reality, all power under Heaven and Earth is given unto the Holy Son of God. And when you are presented with an opportunity, you are not presented something in which you are asked to walk alone. And if you accept the Holy Spirit’s function as your own, every obstacle is removed before you reach it.

Many would look at this, my beloved brother, and say:

Gee, you must really be abiding in Christ Consciousness. Either that, or the Universe has made you special because, no matter what, things always seem to work out and miracles lead the way.

And yet it is not specialness at all. It is merely his recognition that the Holy Spirit’s function is the only right-minded function. And that function can look any way it wants to look. He has learned that his delight comes from taking in more of God by surrendering into God.

Shanti Christo is a pebble dropped into the pond of his mind, and into the mind of his friend and, shall we say, cosmic mate, simply because the place was prepared through the cultivation of trust and the decision to follow only that pathway set forth by the Holy Spirit.

Therefore indeed, beloved friends, where in your life are you resisting the opportunities that have been presented to you? Where have you resisted and said,

Well, that’s just not me. I’m not that way. I really can’t do that,

when, in fact, you’re merely afraid of the world? Fear has defeated you. And in The Way of Knowing, fear has no power. One simply abides and does, gives it back to God, and goes on.

In the day when your body-mind returns to the dust of the ground, which is an old way of saying that the energy that is holding the subtle forms of matter (what you call your molecules and atoms) together to create an appearance of something solid . . . When that energy is gone, called the intention and will, the mind is shifted somewhere else and the body dissolves, you will remain as you’ve always been: pure intelligence, pure potentiality, pure perception. You will still be creating, and you will merely generate energy fields that will create experiences in worlds around you.

You abide, then — now — in the perfect opportunity to walk through your rings of fear. Therefore, look well. Where do you feel a contraction, a fear, a hesitancy? Is it in something that needs to be said to a friend? The more transparent you become, the more you merely speak when you feel moved to speak, do when you feel moved to do, go where you feel moved to go, laugh as you feel moved to laugh, and cry as you feel moved to cry, the less resistance you have to the flow and movement of life emanating from your own heart and soul — recognizing your perfect innocence and the perfection of all things. The more you do that, the more you will create for yourself a mindset, a state of being, so that when the body dissolves and you are in your infinite magnificence, fear will not contract you. You will simply say,

Oh! Well! What can I create now? I seem not to have a physical body any more. Hmm… How interesting!

Where you choose to resist moving through your rings of fear, as you know they exist in your current life, you are building a prison for God’s Son — pure and simple. The world will tell you,

Do not trust the impulse of the heart.

Not the impulse of the ego or the mind, but the impulse of the heart. And yet, it is in the heart that the guidance of the Holy Spirit speaks.

Indeed, beloved friends, in The Way of Knowing, there is a certainty of Knowing that it is the places in which fear seems to be cropping up that is the actual doorway to greater God Consciousness. If there is something that you feel fearful of sharing with another, there is your doorway. Go and share your truth, for no other reason — not to persuade, not to be right — but just to do the sharing so that you get through the ring of fear. That’s all. If you feel your heart constantly calling you to live as a penniless mendicant on the streets of London, and it’s been calling to you for thirty years, go and sell all that you have and follow your heart.

Now, I know that the world has not taught you to live in such a way. But the world is the opposite of the Truth of the Kingdom. Love all. Become the one that serves all, by loving first yourself. Learn to quiet the roar and the din of the world, which is nothing more than your decision to place a value on how the rest of the world is thinking. Serve only that Voice of Truth within yourself. And that Voice of Truth within yourself is the Voice that says:

Boy, go start a garden today! Oh, yes! I don’t know how to garden. How am I going to figure this one out? But I really want to start a garden.

Go start a garden!

Some would say this is living from your authenticity. I do not speak of what is authentic as being what the mind thinks, that is, its social image. That is not authentic at all. That’s a mask, a persona. What is authentic is what you feel in the core and the depth of your being — in innocence. And what do I mean by that? The innocent heart is not needy. It doesn’t require selected individuals to agree with it. It doesn’t wait until the Universe nods its head in approval. It merely knows it is innocent and acts from it, and is not attached to the opinions of the world. Authenticity is the core through which Christ Mind grows. And any time you look and see that you’ve not been living authentically, and decide to take a deep breath and let your illusions be shattered by becoming transparent and telling the truth, and allowing whatever changes that need to occur to occur — then indeed, you are growing your Christ Mind.

In The Way of Knowing, then, you are asked constantly:

Where am I being inauthentic?

Where am I just showing up the way I think Harry down the street needs me to show up?

Where am I being a vegetarian so that I can feel superior to those that are not?

Where am I controlling my diet because I am afraid that this substance will make me less spiritual?

Where am I denying my humanity in order to present an image to another?

Where am I getting up and going to the same job every day, when I know in the secret of my own depth of my beingness, that I just don’t want to be there any more?

To live authentically, in some sense, is to live alone. To live alone simply means that you no longer are run by needing to look a certain way, succeed in a certain way, so that the judgment of the world will nod its head and give you a “10” instead of a “1.”

In The Way of Knowing, the mind comes to grasp the simple metaphysical Truth that:

I, and I alone, am creating my tomorrows. And if I create inauthenticity now, I can rest assured, I will experience it tomorrow. If I create imprisonment for my soul now, I will experience it tomorrow.

And because Creation is eternal, it is impossible not to have a tomorrow — whether in this world or another.

Beloved friends, you were created to create. You were created out of an overflow of Joy and Love. Therefore, live joyously, live lovingly of yourself. Dare to consider that your Self is so important that you have an obligation never to settle for less than your own authenticity. Sometimes that requires beginning the process of discovering what is authentically yours and not merely the influence of others.

Where, beloved friends, are you still being inauthentic? Where are you responding with a smile when you’re actually feeling anger? Where are you responding with an “OK,” when inwardly the answer is, “No”? Where are you responding in fear to a substance you would put in your body?

I can’t eat that because that’s a very bad substance, and I want to be healthy.

It is the very fear that is creating a tomorrow of unhealthiness.

Love heals all things. Love transmutes all things. Love embraces all things, and thereby, transcends all things. Where are you not allowing Love to be your Reality?

And so, beloved friends, already in this very short hour, we have spoken to a certain theme, yet again. We ask you to consider it well. Do not be in a hurry to merely put this tape aside. Listen to it a few times. And wherever you suddenly hear a question instead of a statement, pause the tape and spend some time considering it — quietly, as though you were allowing the answer to emerge from your innocence. And then ask yourself:

What changes can I make so that I’m truly showing up in a more authentic way?

And with that, we’re going to let that be enough for now.

For those of you that truly choose to, you’ll find that if you abide with the message of this hour, engage the simple quiet questions that are asked, and contemplate certain key thoughts that were, in a sense, repeated, much movement can occur, much liberation can occur.

You are Christ. And you are free in the world of space and time to know it as deeply as possible.

And with that, peace be unto you always.


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Question One: Jeshua, in A Course in Miracles you say something about the “Great Rays of Light.” What is that about?

Question Two

Question Two: You say that everyone is Christ, yet even among highly enlightened beings, there seems to be some difference. Does everyone have their own unique soul essence?

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