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Hang on a sec…

Now, we begin.

And indeed, again, greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. We come forth to abide with you — we come forth to abide with you through this, our beloved brother — in order to enjoin you, yet again, in this year of The Way of Knowing.

Remember always that Knowledge is perfectly certain. Knowledge is that which is unchanging, unchangeable, and unchanged forever. Knowledge is Reality, and Reality is Love. Knowledge is the essence of your being — Knowledge, the essence of your soul.

If anyone says unto you,

I do not know,

they are a liar and a hypocrite, though I would not suggest that you use those terms in your communication with them. But rather, whether in your own life or in relationship with a friend, wherever doubt seems to arise in the mind, remember only this: this mind is not currently choosing Reality. It must, therefore, be choosing something else. And the something else can only be that experience, that world, of the ego. For we use the term “ego” to differentiate that state of awareness that is characterized by confusion wearing the mask of certainty. When anyone says unto you,

I don’t know,

whenever the thought arises in your own mind,

I don’t know,

rest assured, that in that moment, that mind — your mind — is choosing to be other than what it is.

And what is it, then, that you know?

I and my Father are One. I am intimately connected with that very Source from which has sprung forth all things.

Because this is the Truth, because it is the Truth of your being, this means that for any situation that requires a decision, you have within yourself access to Perfect Knowledge. And Perfect Knowledge seeks to extend Itself. And extension requires the realm of manifestation, the realm of form, the realm of individuation. Therefore, you — as a body and as a mind, abiding in space and time on a tiny planet — you are Reality’s decision to manifest Itself in form, for no other reason than to extend Its own nature. The happiness of the soul depends on its decision to extend only that which is Loving.

Because you are the manifestation of Reality Itself, of Knowledge Itself, of Love Itself, it must mean that in any given moment, there is within you a part of the mind that yet remains free from the ego’s authority — that part in which there already abides perfect peace; that part of the mind in which there already abides perfect certainty; that part of the mind in which there already abides the willingness to extend Love without attachment. There is already within you that part of the mind that can deliver up to you the answer for each decision, the answer that helps to extend Love, first into your own beingness, and then through it. For you can only give what you first receive. And in your giving, your receiving is completed.

Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, if you would look to see what the purpose of your life is, it is quite simple. Being only Love, you can have no other purpose than to extend the treasure of your very Self. Christ is God’s only creation. Christ is that medium, if you will, through which the unfathomable, mysterious, beyond-comprehension Source that I have called Abba (and goes by many names), extends Itself into the creation of temporary forms to reflect, throughout the Universe, that which the Universe Itself is made of — where it comes from, what it is enveloped within, and that to which it eternally returns.

Because you, like a wave unto the ocean, have been birthed from that Reality, emerging from that Reality, you are one with it. Therefore, you are Christ Eternal. That is unchanging and unchangeable forever. Within you, then, even in this very moment, there abides a part of the mind that already knows the Truth that sets all things free. That part of the mind can be accessed at any time by any one under any condition. It does not require years of cultivation, although in the field of time it can appear that you’re getting better and better at it, simply because you’re enjoying it more and more and giving value to the fear-based egoic ways of arriving at decisions less and less.

That part of the mind is like an empty and open channel. Nothing can obscure its purity — nothing. Nothing you have ever done, nothing you have ever thought, nothing you’ve ever miscreated obscures the perfect silence, the utter purity, of your connection with the Source of your being. For Love is always connected to Itself.

What does this mean, then? First, anyone who truly enjoins The Way of Knowing must make a decision to accept the Atonement for themselves:

I am One with my Creator — now. I choose to fulfill my purpose by extending only the reflection of my Self, and I am but Love.

Secondly, anyone who would enjoin The Way of Knowing must also look and embrace the very fact that their attention is involved in the world of space and time, the world of the body itself. But in The Way of Knowing, the world of space and time is seen differently. Rather than as something that exists external to the mind itself — something which has a power over the mind itself, something that is therefore to be feared, something that one must be conformed to — the things of space and time are seen and embraced as that which is given of the Creator to the Son, to the Daughter, in order to be utilized as devices for assisting Christ to extend Love . . . whether it be a pencil or a computer or a trip to your grocery store or a party in which you invite your friends to come and play. All things finally come to be seen as having only one purpose: the extension of Love.

Imagine a business person sitting down to negotiate the closing of a deal, who goes to that part of the mind that is sane and says,

What price should I place upon this land that I am about to sell to this other corporation?

And while his accountants and realtors have been telling him that the property is worth one million dollars, he goes within. And the answer comes,

Ask only $250,000 and ask that another $300,000 be donated to such-and-such a charity.

In your world, which is the world of insanity, the business man would say,

Oh no, I can’t do that. I cannot listen to that voice.

But in The Way of Knowing, in the way of enlightenment, the businessman smiles and says exactly what was received. When the shock on the other person’s face settles down, they will be quite happy to know that they’ve saved a lot of money, for in their world, they think that the only way to have is to possess. But in The Way of Knowing, and in the way of Reality, the only way to have is to give.

Now, you are like that businessman. You abide in the world in which the business of your Reality is to extend only Love. Be you, therefore, not afraid of the world. For the world of space and time, when seen through the eyes of the enlightened soul that accepts its oneness with God, the world of space and time is perfectly benign and has no purpose whatsoever except to serve Christ in the extension of Love. And this is why anyone who comes to answer only the Voice for Love miraculously finds that the Universe comes to support that one in ways that the egoic mind can never understand. Miracles do occur as Creation flows from a mind unencumbered with the pressures of trying to make life go the way it thinks it needs it to go.

And here we begin to touch upon the essence of my teaching,

I need do nothing.

This is not a passive state, by the way, of just accepting the fact that:

I need to do nothing, and I’ll just show up, and follow my impulses and not think too deeply or wonder what I’m doing. I really don’t need to do anything, since none of it matters.

That’s not it at all. It means quite actively to learn and master the art you do need to do nothing; to find that spaciousness within you in which you are willing to allow that channel within you that is eternally connected to your Source to be the vehicle through which you receive your guidance, in the pure recognition that you have no purpose — save the extension of Love.

It is not your purpose to survive as a body-mind. It is not your purpose to keep the same house you’ve had for the last twenty years. It is not your purpose to be in relationship with this person or that person for the entirety of the life of the body-mind. It is not your purpose to accomplish great things. It is not your purpose to be wealthy. It is not your purpose to do anything except be that conduit through which Love extends Itself.

As you come, truly, to allow Love to be your greatest Beloved, as you set aside all other idols — the need to hold onto the house, the need to have certain dollars in the bank, the need to have certain people in your life — as you come to see that all of that is part of the world of illusion, as you come to love Love, you will have come to love yourself. For you are Love, and only this. And as you come to love Love as your Beloved, more and more, you will discover that you are guided on a path of miracles in which more power, if you will, seems to be getting extended through you. You’ll begin to witness that the Universe seems to support you, more and more, in ways that you could have never imagined.

Out of that you might, indeed, see the life of the body-mind changing — the car you drive, the home you live in, the quality of the beings that come into your life. And yet, you will be unattached to these things, for you will not see them as ends in themselves, but merely as the proof that the great Wisdom of Love that underlies all things is connecting you to new forms, new contexts, because It knows that now It can flow through you more powerfully, more certainly, more maturely, more wisely.

Therefore, seek not to improve your life by adding even one cubit unto your stature, but rather, seek to improve your life by realizing your nature as Love. How do you do that? By recognizing that in each moment you are in the right place at the right time. And this is the moment in which Love can be remembered, can be restored, and can be extended. This is the moment in which you can decide to listen only to the voice within you that knows how to extend Love.

Beloved friends, in The Way of Knowing, the illusion that there is something to seek vanishes. In The Way of Knowing, the mind is liberated from the misperception that there’s something wrong going on in the world. The mind is so liberated that it knows as long as it chooses Love, as long as it follows the mysterious, quiet voice within its own heart, that the choices it makes, the decisions it embraces, the actions it takes, the thoughts that it thinks, cannot help but serve in the further awakening of every one and every thing, so perfect is the Love that embraces the whole of Creation — God!

You have heard me say to you, therefore, many times, that wherever you know a fearful thought, it can only mean that you are not thinking “rightly,” that is, you are not thinking with the Mind of God. And God is but Love. If a million dollars were to come to you one of your days, as Christ, you would say:

This must be the perfect experience for me now. How can I extend Love in this moment?

And if, in the next day, your wallet is perfectly empty, the enlightened Mind of Christ says:

This must be the perfect event for me to be experiencing now. How can I extend Love in this moment?

The changing can never be the source of peace. The world of form — whether dollars in a bank, houses, cars, people, friends, lovers, pets, plants, and all of the rest — the world of form, in itself, can never be the source of perfect freedom. These things arise and pass away and are like ephemeral shadows, wisps of foam dancing in an ocean. When the mind becomes identified with the form, that mind suffers. When the mind is liberated from attachment to form, it is free, for it is identified only with content, or simply the Reality of Love.

In any given moment, you have the power within you to experience the Reality of Love, unobstructed, unmediated — now — without need of magical means, without need for the Universe to arrange itself in any certain way, whatsoever. In any given condition, you have within yourself the power to decide to, literally, feel and experience Love. Love, then, or the experience of it, is a decision. It is not something earned, and it is not something created. It is that which is eternally present now as the very identity of your being, the very Life of your being, the existence of your being.

Once, I said to this, my beloved brother:

Merely stand, with arms outstretched and palms up. Open the heart deeply, and ask whatsoever you will. And it shall be given you. But ask as the Awakened Christ, asking from that place that knows only Love is Real.

Therefore, take just a moment, right now! Stand from wherever you are, and take your arms outstretched with palms turned Heavenward. Think about your own heart for just a moment, and simply ask to feel and know the Reality of Love’s presence. Breathe it into your heart. Open the cells of the body. Open the mind and simply receive what is available.

Good! And now you can allow yourself to sit down again, if you wish, or continue to stand. If you think you “didn’t get it,” you’re simply fooling yourself. It requires only this. And perhaps we should then give you this as a meditation to do in The Way of Knowing. Arise from your chairs, and at least once a day, stand with your arms outstretched and the palms up and say simply:

I open and receive the Reality of Love for my Self — now!

You see, Self-love is the pathway to perfect peace. Self-love opens all the doors. Self-love dissolves every illusion. I’m not speaking of love for the illusions of the egoic mind with which you have become identified. I am not saying that you should say:

I love my self because I now have x amount of dollars in the bank. I love my self because I have a wonderful husband or wife. I love my self because I have a great dog.


I love my Self.

The Self that is beyond time is that Self from which even the body has emerged.

Whenever you are in doubt, whenever your energy seems to have dropped, try a dose of celebrating. A simple dose of celebrating that you are in a perfect Universe, you abide as Love, and the very fact that you have a body that has emerged out of consciousness in order to be used to extend only Love is pretty miraculous. And you are free to celebrate that simple, essential Truth in any moment. Then ask:

Great! Who can I extend Love to now? How can I experience Love now?

It’s all much simpler than you think.

In The Way of Knowing, there is Knowing. If that statement seems puzzling to you, contemplate it as a meditation:

In ‘The Way of Knowing’, there is Knowing.

There is no more powerful state of consciousness to act from than the state of Knowing. For indeed, beloved friends, if you truly accepted yourself as Christ, you would know that you cannot fail. And if you cannot fail, what would you do with your time? If you knew you could not possibly fail, that the Universe will support you completely at all times, as you choose only to act, to do, to think in a way that extends Love, would you be living where you’re currently living? Would you be doing with your time what you’re currently doing? . . . many of you because you think you must survive first, in order to find a way to teach only Love.

In The Way of Knowing, the Christ Mind recognizes it has no purpose, whatsoever, except to extend Love. The body-mind need not survive more than the next moment, if in that next moment you have extended Love and your guidance is,

Time to be beamed up.

Those that know that only Love is Real are not concerned with what they eat and what they drink. For these things come into the body and leave through the body. They are concerned only with whether or not that which they consume for the sake of the body was consumed in Love. For Love is what allows the transmutation of anything that comes into the physical system and allows it to be turned to that which supports the energetic wholeness of the physical system itself.

It is far greater, by the way, to have what you call a bottle of Scotch for breakfast in a state of total Christed Love, than it is to have nine thousand vitamins spread before you with one tiny little fearful thought. So, that’s just an aside and something for you to think about.

For you see, it is fear that causes you to be unable to digest what you place in the body — the body of the emotions, or the body of the mind. It is what causes stress in the subtle system of the body: the emotional body, the mental body, the causal body — the subtle nonphysical bodies. What causes the greatest problem is your refusal to digest what you’ve taken in. And just as food is a physical substance taken into the body, an experience of any kind is a “food” that has been called to the soul. Anything that arises that cannot pass through you, through your willingness to embrace it with Love, to feel it completely, will cause “indigestion” of the physical, emotional, mental, and causal beings or bodies.

Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, learn to digest all things in Love. Learn to digest the traffic jam in Love. Learn to digest the dying of a pet in Love. Learn to digest an apple in Love. Learn to digest a hurtful thought in Love. Learn to digest a misperception that there’s something wrong with the world around you with Love. Transform all things by the power of your only Reality.

And now, we would shift ever so slightly and ask you to join with us. For I want to ask of you: What is it that you have refused to digest in this one incarnation? Was it an unfairness bestowed upon you by your mother or father? Was it the “bad break” at the office in which you got passed up for a promotion? What is it in your life that remains undigested?

There! Something has come into the mind. Trust it. Stay with that one thought, that one picture, that one memory. For it has arisen in the conscious mind to be healed and transformed now. Bring your attention to it in this very moment. Look upon it, breathe with the body, and say simply within the mind:

I choose now to fully digest this by bringing Love to it, by actually loving the event just as it was — loving the picture, the memory, the thought, just as it is.

If you wish, you can stand with your arms out wide and your palms turned Heavenward and receive the Love that transmutes all things. Breathe that Love! Feel that Love in and through that picture, that memory, that feeling — whatever it is that’s occurring for you, until it literally dissolves. And if you don’t feel that happening, even in your body, there’s a part of you that’s resisting letting go of what has been undigested. And if that is the case, you need to ask yourself:

Why do I need to uphold my illusory perception about this event? What in me is committed to withholding my Love?

If you wish, we would highly suggest that you spend some time each day asking the same question:

What is it that I’ve not been willing to digest about this life and about this world? Where am I refusing to bring my Love?

Is it to your government? Is it to your Internal Revenue Service? Hmm? Is it to the mate? Is it to the children? To the pet? To the school system? What is it that you have refused to bring your Love to?

For you see, the greatest joy in life is to be the Lover of Life. For as you love, you experience Love. Therefore, do unto others what you would have done unto yourself. And is that not to be loved? And when you choose to love in any given moment, you are the one who gets to receive the benefits of Love first. It is an immediate experience, and it cannot be taken from you. You are free to “juice yourself” any time you want by choosing only to Love. In any given condition, you are the presence of that one to whom all power under Heaven and earth has been given, not just to extend Love as a duty, for it is not a duty, it is a pleasure. It is the supreme pleasure that can be experienced in the depth of any mind, whether you happen to be in the world of space and time or, like me, out of it.

You are the one that can experience Love and let your cup overflow. You are the one who can enjoy each and every moment, regardless of the conditions. For the conditions are only the interpretations of the egoic mind. All events are neutral. They are there for you to love, that you might experience Love! That’s really how simple it is. It has always been that way, and it will never change. You are the Lover. The world can be the reflection of your Beloved.

Let each moment, then, find you in the simple, quiet, inner enjoyment that comes from the decision to love. To love the taking out of the garbage. To love the rain that hits the windows. To love the crying of the child .To love, to love, to love! Love embraces all things, allows all things, trusts all things, and therefore transcends all things. And that is the power that abides within you when you finally choose to be That One who Knows.

Look well, then, this day and seize this day. Beloved friends, where can you simply change your mind and bring Love to something that you’ve been withdrawing Love from?

Well, I’ve got to go to the office.

No, you don’t! You are choosing to go to the office. You might as well love it!

Where, O beloved friends, are you being presented with opportunities to experience Love coursing through every cell of your being this day? What can prevent you from experiencing Love if it is not but your own decision? For in The Way of Knowing, the liberated Mind of Christ knows,

There is nothing outside me.

And with that, peace be unto you always, O Holy Child of God.


Question One

Question One: How do I not keep one love for myself and yet continue loving myself?

Question Two

Question Two: Since we do not know what our brother or sister needs, is it possible that the Holy Spirit would guide us to say and do things that others would react vehemently to, such as You did when You yelled and got angry at the moneychangers? Is it true that we can’t put a lid on how the guidance of the Holy Spirit would sound or look?

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