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Now, we begin.

And indeed, once again, greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. As always, it is with great joy that we come forth to abide with you in this hour and in this manner. For the forms of communication are virtually unlimited. Communication requires only the willingness of any two minds to join in communion. Communion requires the willingness to rescind one’s investment in being right. Rescinding one’s investment in being right requires recognition that either mind does not know what a single thing is or is for.

For in that journey, which began in The Way of the Heart, and continued with The Way of Transformation, and begins to culminate in The Way of Knowing, surely, you have heard me say to you, countless times and in countless ways, to awaken in remembrance absolutely requires that you choose to want - above all things - to think with the Mind of God. And to think with the Mind of God requires that you be taught anew. To be taught implies a willingness to learn. And a willingness to learn implies that one is willing to create a space of emptiness within that can be filled with a new substance, a new elixir, a new alchemical substance, if you will.

Therefore, that pathway that brings the soul into perfect remembrance requires the cultivation of the Keys to the Kingdom: Desire, Intention, Allowance, Surrender. The most essential of those Keys, again, is Allowance. For there is no one listening to these words who has not already cultivated at least a sufficient Desire. It may not be one hundred percent perfected, but the Desire has been there. For no one would come into my presence, no one would come into communication with that group of beings - masters, teachers, friends … By the way, we choose as a group to be known as simply “The Lineage,” for which I remain the primary spokesman through this, my beloved brother, but there are many forms of our communication with mankind … No one would come into this presence who has not already desired healing, awakening, and remembrance.

Intention is the only place that you can begin to correctly use the will that was originally your Creator’s Gift to you. For the correct use of will, or clear Intention, is to bring forth the good, the holy, and the beautiful. And any mind that reflects upon its experience and has come to see that, often, fear has been in the driver’s seat more than Love, will rightfully use Intention to ask for help in gaining correction of the mind, that itself, that mind, that soul, might again come into alignment with the Will of God.

Coming into alignment with the Will of God is not an act of subservience, although it feels as such to the insane ego. But to the pure of heart, to the meek who shall inherit the Earth, to those who recognize their insanity and want a transformation to perfect sanity, aligning with the Will of God through clear Intention is to seek for that which is one’s greatest good. It is not a loss at all. It is perfect remembrance. Coming into that alignment, then, is like one who gives up one of your golden coins to receive ten million golden coins. It is as though one would give up a rag doll in order to step into a true love relationship of flesh and bone and emotion and passion. It is as one who would give up the hope or wish for a drink of water and go to the faucet, if you will, and fill the cup with living fluids.

Understand, then, that Intention, when it is focused wholly on wanting only God, can never take anything from you that you truly want. And it will come to replace for you that which you’ve always wanted, have known in the ancient past, and are calling back to you now.

Desire, Intention, Allowance … Allowance. Oh, indeed, beloved friends, and there are many of you that have come to taste the Truth of what I am to say. Allowance is the greatest of Keys to the Kingdom. For Allowance requires a rescinding - slowly, patiently at times, painfully at times - a rescinding of every perception you have ever held of everyone and everything. It is the descent into complete recognition of your ignorance, a complete recognition of your joy-filled dependence on the corrective power of the Holy Spirit.

Allowance is the greatest of Keys to the Kingdom. This requires cultivation in time. And when there has been the Desire for healing and awakening, rest assured, that already your Father, through the Holy Spirit, is working to reshape every moment of your experience - every single moment - so that the correct teachers, the correct lessons, the correct books, [laughs] even the correct weather, can come to force you to look at your edges of unhappiness, your edges of judgment, your edges of insecurity, your edges of fear-based definitions of what Love is, what it should look like, and what its effects should be. In other words, the entire world that you have made in error must be brought to the surface of the mind for correction.

Allowance is sweet above the taste of honey. For Allowance is that realm in which miracles can finally begin to occur. And what is a miracle? It is not really a change at all. It is merely the recognition of what has always been - that there is a Love, a Power, that would live through you, that would guide you in all things; that you need not be the captain of the ship, you need only be willing to take the cruise.

These three Keys, which are active in a sense, that is, they are experienced in time, they bring up questionings, they require some resolve and commitment and faith, culminate in Surrender. But this culmination is not something that you do for yourself. Rather, when the seed has been well planted, when the ground has been tilled and cultivated, when the wise farmer has made sure that the weather conditions, the watering conditions, and everything, are just right so that the seed can be well nurtured, Surrender is much like the petals which emerge in their own time. Here the farmer can do nothing but wait for Grace to descend.

He may not see that the petals are emerging as the result of all things that have gone forth before: in the selection of the seeds, in the waiting for the perfect time to plant, in each day’s cultivation and weeding of the garden. Choosing to enter times of prayer, in other words. Choosing to see where fear has made a home in the mind and surrendering it to the Holy Spirit. Cultivating turning over each decision, day by day, moment by moment. He may not see the causal connection. He will only see and witness the emerging of the petals. That emerging has been called, in some cultures, “extraordinary” gifts, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, the ability to leave the body, the experience of communicating with discarnate beings, such as myself, the ability to see and read the soul of another.

But more important than all of these is Peace. Peace is the culmination of the spiritual journey. It becomes the field in which one has entered the Kingdom and now journeys within it in perfect freedom - a freedom that cannot be understood by the minds of mankind that still live in fear, doubt, separation, and even the most subtle traces of egoism. Peace is the goal. But Peace is not a passivity. It is really the seat of creative power. For you were created to create the good, the holy, and the beautiful.

For a while, you learn to create something else. And yet, that creation has occurred nowhere, save within the mind. It is merely a chimera or an illusion. But as you cultivated the power to create illusion, so, too, does the journey to God require purification - that process whereby you surrender your will, the egoic mind, over to correction by the Holy Spirit.

This journey will take you into what this, my beloved brother, calls “the essence of what you do not know you do not know.” That is what makes it unconscious. For you have used the power of the mind to push down out of yourself your fears, where they actually gain power but you do not need to confront them directly. Denial or suppression, as they speak of it in your psychological language, is the very root of the creation of the ego. And that which has been hidden must be made known. And in its being made known, purification can occur.

Rest assured, then, as I’ve shared with you many times: Give thanks unto the saviors that are sent unto you. They come in many guises and forms. Some of you would look upon me as your savior. And in the sense that I am sent unto you as a teacher, I am. But it is only the teaching that saves you, not me. Your saviors will often, and more often, show up unto you as those who evoke within you your deepest reactions, your vehement judgment, your certainty that you are right! When these things occur and your peace is disturbed, your greatest reactivity has been triggered, your greatest emotionality is triggered, there is the edge that calls for your attention! For remember always, that nothing can come to you unless you have called it from within yourself in order to grow more deeply in forgiveness, in wisdom, in Love, and in the Power of Christ.

As purification begins to touch most fundamental or most radical levels, the sweetness of Peace begins to be remembered - faintly at first, and then more and more, and more and more. One has a realization. Remember the whole journey is merely one with no distance to it at all to a goal that’s never changed - it is just a change of mind, a remembrance. Realization, then, may be the recognition that,

Oh, I used to think this way, but now I see the emptiness of such silly things.

That quickly [snaps fingers], that fast - it’s over, it’s gone. Where did the illusion go? It got erased by the cosmic eraser on the end of the pencil held by the Holy Spirit, because of your Desire, your Intention, your Allowance, and your cultivation of all of those tools that support you to choose again, to want only Love.

Grace purifies the mind. And Grace is a direct gift of your Father. It is that energy or Power of Love that descends into a mind and heart that prepares a place for it. You could say that your greatest preparation is to admit that you do not know what anything is for. That if you’re feeling emotions, if you’re feeling like you want to run, if you feel like you want to avoid taking responsibility for something that’s been dropped in your lap, rest assured, right there is your edge. There is the place you need to turn back and embrace.

And in the end, once the journey has begun, the end is perfectly certain. Peace is the perfect goal. But there are few, still, who truly understand what Peace is. It is not the avoidance of pain. It is not the avoidance of responsibility. It is the doorway to the greatest of responsibilities in which the mind, the heart, the soul, and even the body, while it lasts, has been so purified of dissonance, it has become so aligned with the Will of God, that it looks upon all things with the Compassion of Christ. Such a one walks this world of yours unknown by those around him or her. That one serves only the Voice of the Holy Spirit. It is not the least bit concerned with others’ reactivity. For the only goal of the Awakened Christ - and Peace and Christ Consciousness are one and the same - is to be an agent through which the Power of Grace works to transform illusion. That Mind serves the Atonement. That Mind may not be understood by others, but how can the insane understand the sane?

Indeed, beloved friends, Surrender is like the petals of the flower. They emerge in their own time. And one cannot necessarily see the causal connection of all that has gone before with the sweet nectar of perfect remembrance: the flowering of the soul that is no longer fearful and abides in the world awake, in peace, open - that through which the flow of Grace descends to touch the world. Surrender flowers from the only three things you can do: Desire, Intend, Allow. Allow purification to occur. Be willing to visit every dark corner of the mind. For, in Truth, it is not necessary to seek for Love, for Love already embraces you. But it is necessary to seek for what is false:

Where am I fooling myself?

Where am I committed to my image in the world?

Where am I committed to thinking for myself because underneath I don’t truly trust that God loves me?

Where am I lying to myself or to others?

Where am I in denial?

Where do I need to understand what projection is?

Where do I need to understand more deeply how the viciousness of the ego works within my own mind?

Where am I pointing a finger outside of myself?

Where am I denying my fear?

Where am I demanding that the world show up as I would have it, instead of surrendering to the structuring of the world in the Hands of the Holy Spirit that serves entirely my healing, my growth, my maturing into true responsibility?

Indeed, beloved friends, in The Way of Knowing it is absolutely required that you pause often and look around you and say:

I abide in the perfection of a loving universe. Nothing can occur by accident. And where I am in this moment must be the perfect place for me to be. How can I find the doorway to stillness within, now?

Where within me can I rest, in peace, and ask the Holy Spirit’s guidance?

Where, in this moment, am I clinging to another or to a thing?

Where am I looking upon another person or another thing in this universe, claiming it is my possession?

For what you do not give to be shared that you say you have loved, rest assured, beloved friend, in that moment, you are in the viciousness of specialness. The egoic mind believes that if it shares what it has, it loses. Therefore, in your world, when you perceive that someone or something has brought you a great source of comfort and love, and even security, to see that being shared elsewhere activates the fear of loss within the ego. Much like many of you might remember when you were teenagers, and you began “going” with a certain boy or certain girl in the seventh grade, and then two weeks later, they decided to “go” with someone else. Oh, how crushing it was, for the source of your love has been stripped from you! Never will you enjoy the smell of a flower again. Never will food taste good. There could surely be no one else in this universe that could provide you this great source of love and attention! Such is the immaturity of the child. Such the immaturity of many “children” who live in fifty-year-old bodies!

For, beloved friends, there is no one and no created thing - and the body-mind is just a created thing - that can be your source for Love. Relationship was never meant to be a device for finding sources for Love. Relationships were designed to be holy. And in holy relationship, two have come together - not to get, but to create out of loving devotion to the Grace that has awakened and purified their mind and hearts to the realization that only Love is Real, that there is no such thing as loss, and only Love is worthy to be celebrated. In Perfect Love, there is no possessiveness. In Perfect Love, there is perfect allowing. In Perfect Love - guess what? There isn’t even you! There is only God loving through you!

Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, look around your very home. Is there an object that you could not see yourself giving up? If you truly want to hasten your awakening, go and give it away. For in the end, all that you believe you possess must be given away. And what you believe you possess is the right to possessiveness, the right to be right. When all things created as a substitute for the Reality of God have been rescinded or surrendered, then indeed, the flower has emerged and the sweet fragrance blesses everyone.

The Awakened Mind, then, the Mind that rests in Perfect Knowledge, looks upon all things that It has previously loved and sees that their form is not what is essential. It is the essence or the content that they express that matters. A beautiful painting, in and of itself, means nothing. Hit it with a hammer, light a match to it, throw dirt and mud on it, it’s not the same. It is not the structure that matters. It is that in a timeless moment, you looked upon it, entered into relationship, and experienced the essence of beauty flowing through it. That essence or content is timeless. That essence or content is all around you! It sustains you! It breathes you! It is the Heart of your heart, the Soul of your soul, and the Mind of your mind!

Whenever you see any object, whether it be a body, a person, a mind, a thing, a flower, a pencil - it doesn’t matter - when you feel what you call “being Love” evoked within you, it is because in that moment you’ve slipped between the cracks of the world, of the egoic mind, and you are experiencing the essential content of Reality: Love. You are experiencing your own living true Reality, for only Love is Real. When you come to see that that Love can be experienced at any moment, in any situation, with anyone, with any flower …

Well, I like roses but I don’t like plummeria.

What nonsense! Love is what you should love! Love is what you should assume responsibility for detecting as it flows through each living thing. And a rock, in this sense, is a living thing. If it exists, within it is the good, the holy, and the beautiful. For only that which contains these things, which is the presence of God, can ever take form in the first place. Nothing can be without the essence of what you are seeking!

When you understand that it is the content that matters and not the form, suffering begins to finally be alleviated. You can begin to embrace the comings and goings of this transitory realm of the dream, as a dream. People enter your life and you embrace them and see the good, the holy, and the beautiful. They flow through their ever-changing changes, and then they die.

Now death can occur not just at the death of the body. Death occurs at any moment in relationship when another changes their mind. They may decide to leave you. They may decide to awaken, which means that the being that you were relating to is dead. A death has occurred, whether they leave you physically or not. That’s really rather irrelevant. But when you come to attune yourself to the essential thread of Love that flows through all things, you are abiding in a deeper sense of Knowing. And whether an object, person, place, or thing enters your life and stays, or whether it flows through in a moment, or whether it flows through over the course of a lifetime, begins to be less and less relevant to you - less and less do you grasp at it.

Indeed, the Mind that is truly Awakened and rests in the eternality of Love that is all things, can lay the head of a loved one down, watch them take their last breath, feel a little wave of emotion pass through – all that is, is the disengagement of the auric fields at a physical level, that’s all it is. So you let the little shudder of tears come through, you smile and go:

Oh, how sweet it was. How sweet it is, for Love is eternal. And wherever two minds have joined in Love, separation is absolutely impossible! So what’s the big deal?

And you allow something your world calls “death” to occur. And yet, death is unreal to the Mind that rests in the Perfect Peace of Knowing.

Beloved friends, you who have journeyed with me for longer than you would care to remember, it is always a journey of remembering and forgetting. That’s what makes it your journey. You get a little glimpse or a taste of God, you tell the world that’s what you want, but then, right away, you decide to forget it again so that you can experience the sweetness of seeking. You’ve become addicted to being a seeker. And to seek, you must first cleverly push away what is always yours anyway, in order to embark on yet another journey of seeking.

Finding - which is the same as resting in Knowledge, the same as Christ Consciousness, the same as Perfect Peace - finding requires giving up the game of seeking. Such a one cannot be known by the minds of the world. Such a one walks the world but inwardly is empty. Such a one is merely a conduit through which there are no longer any obstructions to the offering of God’s Grace.

Indeed, beloved friends, you have journeyed with me for so long. Many of you have journeyed with me for so long that you’ve taught yourself the only way to be in relationship with me is to be dependent upon me. You have journeyed with me so long that you can’t imagine, or won’t let yourself imagine, being my equal. You won’t let yourself imagine letting go of me. And yet, I say unto you, stepping into the fullness of Love requires letting go of everything you have possessed, even if that possession is me. For Love requires, finally, that you step through the door into the Kingdom and declare:

I am That One sent of the Father, created before all things. I am only Love. I am not my mind. I am not my body. I am not my personality. I’m not my history. I do not belong to the world. I am that vibration, that note of Love. I am the Christ, and as such do I abide. I love equally. I love without reservation. I love without possessiveness. I love only to extend the presence of God, that another might touch that place within themselves and be set free.

Love cannot possess. Wherever there is a trace of conditionality, rest assured, the viciousness of fear is in the ascendancy. Therefore, if you cannot surrender your pet, if you cannot surrender the object that sits upon your counter in your kitchen, if you cannot surrender a beloved into death, if you cannot surrender a beloved who changes their mind and decides to move to Antarctica, with celebration - rest assured, there is yet a place within you that requires correction. Correction requires willingness, Intention. And Intention requires your Desire that you dissolve even more deeply into the Love which is God.

Listen very carefully. Indeed, listen very, very carefully

If you would know the Love of God, you must BE that Love. You can’t know about it. You must literally be the presence of that Love. Only then do you know God.

This, then, is the essence of The Way of Knowing: knowing by BEING that which you would have knowledge of - direct experience, direct apprehension, by choosing to be only that. This is why Knowledge is a mystical experience. This is why True Knowing has an immediacy. It is not mediated through a theology, a religion, a philosophy, or any words. Words are just symbols of symbols. They are symbols of ideas, and ideas are a step still away from reality. One who knows Love knows it because every cell of their being is the presence of Love. The Way of Knowing culminates with your perfect resolve to BE the presence of the Love that God Is.

Now, if you would truly know Love, look upon the things that you fear. Discover them. Dig them up and out of yourself. Rest assured, any time you must look at another and analyze them, there is something you fear. Anything that pushes your buttons is a sign that something is still requiring your Love.

The Way of Knowing, beloved friends, can culminate only in the transformation of your mind to such a level of completion that you sit in your rocking chair and say:

There is only God. There has never been a separate me. There never could have been. There is only this moment in which Love can dance, can be celebrated, and can be extended. Father, what can we create this day that offers to the world the Grace of the good, the holy, and the beautiful?

I once described the highest state of consciousness, highest state of purification, as one in which the Son has awakened, and looks around him and sees to infinity. He sees not where He begins and the Father ends. For such is Their union, such Their marriage, such Their dance - the Unformed and the Formed, the Source and the Created, the Creator and the Creating - such this alchemical marriage that one cannot look and see where the soul ends and the Creator begins. And yet, the Awakened Mind knows that It is still the Created and It surrenders in perfect joy each moment,

Father, what would you have me do? What is Your Will for me?

Not in subservience, but because sanity has returned. It recognizes that It has never been the tiny gnat, whining and complaining and trying to make Life work the way it thinks it ought to work. It surrenders each moment. It dissolves in each moment. It abides in each moment. It knows that only the Love of God is Real,

Father, what would you have me do?

And It opens Itself and It receives the pebbles being dropped into Its pond, now not by Its own hand, but by the Hand of Grace, the perfect Hand of Mystery that I have called Abba - that Love, that creative Source, that Power, that Joy, that sublime, sweet, sweet Mystery that is constantly creating, for Love must extend Itself!

No longer is there concern or worry over the body. No longer is there concern or worry over the state of the world. No longer is there concern or worry over anything. There is only the eternal dance of Creation. The Awakened Mind knows that It is a participant in Perfect Mystery, and there are no longer any blocks or fears, whatsoever. And wherever you find yourself, if you’re asked to be crucified, dead, and buried so you shock the world into realizing that there’s something else besides “surviving,” you do it! If it comes and it is given unto you to write books, you write them. So what? You’re not attached. The flow of creativity is moving through you. If you’re asked to take a simple picture that I placed in the mind of a certain artist and distribute it to fifteen million people, you simply do it, because you’re no longer attached to your ego. If I ask you - if Love asks you through me or through another - to move to the far ends of the Earth to build a hut and to chant, you go and do it. What’s the problem? There isn’t any!

You are free as the wind. And only those born of the Spirit know the Spirit. The Spirit comes and goes where It does. You don’t know where It came from. You don’t know where It’s going. You totally confuse the minds of mankind. You are free! For you listen to no other voice but the Voice for Love! What would you hold onto in a world of illusion?

Learn to discover the content that pervades all form, and you will taste the perfect freedom, the alleviation of pain that comes with attachment to the form - even your own. Even your very thoughts that yesterday you thought were true - today you’ve been taken even more deeply into Love, and what is in the past is allowed to pass away:

Yesterday I thought I knew God. Ha! Today I know God even more deeply because I’ve rescinded my need to be right about what I once thought I knew to be true. Father, give me even more of You! Father, give me even more of You! I want more! I desire more! You are infinite! You are my Beloved! I want only to die in You - ever more, ever deeper! Give me more of You - to taste You, to devour You, to die in You! More and more!

And “more and more” becomes an eternal journey without end to a goal that has never changed - a journey with no distance, only the sublime experience of tasting God and then surrendering that taste in order to taste even more. Love comes to supplant fear. And learning to jump in order to receive the parachute becomes a delightful game to play.

When I decided to allow the crucifixion, I jumped.

Can I find my Father even more deeply here?

For me, it was the culmination of a life in which I developed trust that my Father would always catch me. That journey, by the way, has never ended. And those of you that would come to where I am, rest assured, you best not waste a single moment. For I am continually dying more and more into God.

Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, we will end this short hour with this suggestion:

Where is fear still abiding in my mind? Is there anything that I still fear? Is it the death of a husband or a wife? Is it the growing up of a child? Is it the loss of a job? Is it being without shelter?

Where is the edge of your fear?

Can I imagine abiding without a man in my life? Can I abide without a woman in my life?

Hmm? This is nothing more than unhealed, what you call, mother and father issues. It is an authority problem.

The Awakened abide only with God. They cannot any longer comprehend possessing or being possessed. They allow all things, trust all things. They love without reservation the one who stands before them as the embodiment of their very Beloved - the content or essence which is the presence of God. For when you look upon your brother or sister and see only Christ, you have seen with the Eyes of Christ. And Christ simply loves.

Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, be at peace.


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Question Two: Over the years we have seen many people who appear to get right to the crux of their blocks, and then they stop. After, they will pull away. And sometimes there can be projection, the forming of “glee clubs,” and even outright attack. Could you speak to what’s occurring there, as well as the best way to deal with it?

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